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  1. Lancero's seem pretty popular in the US Here's hoping for the return of long skinnies, but I doubt it
  2. So there seems to be a lot of interest in mugs and decals where ever I post these I'll make an official post if we decide to put these up for sales, currently were just working on getting cut files built for all the other marcas and the first batch is being offered to my discord group and a few local friends I'll make a follow up post if and when we decide to sell the to the broader public. -NW_Oregon
  3. HSA trying to come after some one in the US might actually be kind of hilarious. my response:
  4. Me and the Wife are thinking about making a batch for sure, right now she's mostly working on getting better at applying the decals and I'm looking into a ways to make them dishwasher safe, as the vinyl currently is hand wash only. I think were going to try some other marcas as well, the monte logo would work pretty easy, although something like this partagas logo might be a little over the top
  5. I had been bugging her for a frosted Habanos sticker for my wineador, but when she started doing mugs I knew what I had to do.
  6. Finally tried the HuHC, LOS NOV 19, ROTT. smoking great, with some wild flavor notes.
  7. So I decided to attack the problem head on and dry boxed the vegueros in a couple empty and dry SLB cabinets. hoping this will pull enough moisture out to get them down into the low 60s where they'll be stored for the foreseeable future.
  8. Smoked the first PSD4 out of my box of GEL NOV 19's Despite the young age and the paper sack wrapper, the cigar smoked superbly, with perfect construction all the way through and a wonderful Partagas profile of flavors (perhaps slightly mellower then expected). I can't wait to see what the future holds for this box.
  9. Mananitas are money, I'm just about finished with a Tin of oct 16's and they smoke like a much more expensive cigar. Lots of chocolate, coffee, and sweet spices. I did smoke that one with the string hanging out of it, and it smoked well, but it had a bit of a perfume component that I don't remember in the older sticks The Tapados, are pretty good, their a little young and I'd like to see how they are in a year or two, they have more a of leather component that I don't get in the Mananitas, little less sweet to. Mine also have a grittiness to the wrapper, like they got rolled around on the floor before packaging I also have some Centrofino's, they're very young, may 19, They've got some bright gingerbead sweetness with some tea and bit of grassiness. but they get a bit tannic at the end which I would attribute to their young age.
  10. I use the tupperware since my cooler isn't cigar specific, it has metal racks for bottles not cedar shelves. Also this way I don't have to humidify the whole unit, just each container. just working with what I had already really, bovedas and tupperware were already on hand when I got the unit.
  11. I've got quite a few, and have salt tested and used boveda kits. I run some cheapy ones from amazon and boveda butlers
  12. Luckily, not the problem for me, everything I have is kept in Tupperware inside the winecooler. I just use the winecooler to keep a stable temperature. I'm just wonfering if I should do anything more drastic then just burping my tups that have the vegueros in them to get the RH down.
  13. As the title says, I've developed some mold on some vegueros that I purchased recently (from a vendor that will remain un-named, but not from our host) upon arrival I didn't do a super thorough inspection, just a quick glance and fondle of the bundles in the cellophane and then I put them away. I've been storing them in individual Tupperware since arrival and they are kept cooled in my wine cooler at 65F and each has a 65% boveda, I did notice an increase in RH but none of my hygrometers read over 68% so I figured it would come down over time. I've removed the ones with larger spots and smoked those (single spots on 3 tapados about 1-1.5mm wide) and pitched one of my mananitas that had mold on the foot. Could any one advise if there is anything further that should be done to prevent further mold growth? I'm thinking of burping these tupperware daily for a few weeks to see if they just need more air exchange. Also bonus picture of cuban quality control from the same batch, once I pulled out the twine the cigar smoked and tasted pretty good. Construction on these mananitas from feb 18 is pretty shit over all.
  14. Probably no one, especially not this well, the box is perfect seals are perfect. just found it odd that no date or factory on it. It is a bummer that I'll never know their age, but I suspect some time early 2019, as they taste very similar to my may 17 box.
  15. Yeah, it's a reliable vendor. just odd, and no one in discord group had ever seen a box with out date and factory. chalk it up to Cuban QC

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