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  1. One of my own creations tonight, had these sitting for about 3 months since rolling and their starting to get over their sick period. CT broad leaf wrapper, Indonesian binder, with nica and Cameroon filller in a panetela.
  2. Saw a story that said the police stepped aside and allowed the protestors to march in Camaguey. https://marketresearchtelecast.com/the-cuban-regime-police-decide-to-move-away-and-allow-the-passage-of-a-demonstration-in-camaguey/101924/
  3. Ironically I just lit up a Connie A and it definitely very much H. Upmann; nuts, coffee,baking spices and sugar with a bit of leather in the background. Maybe I just haven't been smoking the right sticks for my palette lately 😅 It was a early 2018 CoRo so anything's possible, I have very few boxes of 2018 stuff that I would put in my favorites catagory, seem like over all an off year.
  4. Had a long day at work, decided to dip into my singles drawer. First time trying, and unknown box code. Edit: this might be one of the best cigars I've had this year and I'm only an inch in.
  5. might be the opposite, I've actually been smoking a lot less then my peak last year. covid, maybe but I haven't noticed any other changes in taste or smell. so still a mystery to me.
  6. I've been struggling with this a lot lately I used to take really detailed notes and could really pick out flavors in both pre-light and each third. the last 6 months though I've had some difficulty picking out distinct or identifiable flavors. I can taste whether a cigar is complex or not, and how strong the "flavors" are. but often times a partagas short will taste just like a Cohiba robusto, a Rafael Gonzalez, or an RYJ, and I'm finding that what I do taste isn't accurate at all to the classic flavor profiles of those cigars. no idea what's going on. my brain/imagination and my palete just aren't meshing up any more.
  7. If this all happens I'm worried the US may get involved. we've fought one war here before had and troops on the ground a couple times after that and had a US backed indigenous invasion. Wars are like herpes, they always break out in the same places. not looking forward to what's to come, wishing the Cuban government would just allow the protests to continue with out violence.
  8. this is kind of where I'm at, I wish i could wave a wand and turn it into 2019/2020 date codes 😂
  9. ahh, didn't mean nothing by it. with out news or a clear picture of what's happening in cuba at the moment, its about the only thing I can productively worry about.
  10. I'll also jump in and mention a bit of a selfish concern... It might be a good time to stock up on CC's incase this really boils over and production and distribution tanks.
  11. Looks like #SOSCuba is what you want to follow for updates through twitter https://twitter.com/hashtag/SOSCuba?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  12. Cuaba Divinos, early 2020 production. Still incredibly powerful, but the flavors are starting to come together.
  13. just enjoy cigars the way you like to enjoy them /s everything has a right way and a wrong way, stopping half way on a cigar you're enjoying, is definitely the wrong way.
  14. 2018 magnum 54 ( uncertain on factory and month) with ardbeg an oa
  15. There's some good cigars in the opus line up, and the regular production stuff isn't to expensive, the LE stuff like the BBMF, The Bull, ect ect. count me out. their just going to taste like a $100 dollar cigar. The biggest problem with opus is the up charge over MSRP, most would be an alright deal at MSRP but often are sold for 3-4 times what Fuente set out for them to cost.
  16. You know what I hate about party shorts?.... Trying to stay out of them long enough to even let them rest after couple weeks in transit, we'll see if my latest box even makes it 90 days 🤣
  17. Broadleaf wrapper Indonesian besuki binder Nica filler from ometepe and jalapa and some seco from cameroon. Bunching them ebtubado, but using a Dominican style double cap.
  18. Some of these would probably pass for a JLP as far as the look of the wrapper and cap go, but slowly been working on a blend that I'm happy with. Found that bands really improve the look of even the ugliest rolls. Thought this might get some interest on the site.
  19. some ones probably going to slap me upside the head for even bringing this up, but what's your favorite cheap and cheerful non-cuban? this is a deep topic due to clearance of non-cubans and such, but I think it's still very interesting! in current production, I really like Padron Delicia's, out of production, that I snagged many boxes on clearance, I like Ventura cigars Dream State Robusto made at Kelner's occidental factory.
  20. Coro - great Monte 2 - never had one. But I don't like montes. BBF - I get it but prefer BRC Mag 46 - I don't get it, I like corona gorda, A LOT. But the mag 54 is better, especially young. Monte 4 - one of the cigars that made me not like monte. To herbal/wood with coco and leather and not enough sweetness for my tastes.
  21. redbull while over priced is still drinkable. Gurkha's are barely smokeable IMO. wish they'd put just a bit of thought into their blends, seems like a waste of tobacco to just make shit cigars just for the marketing.
  22. Ahh Gurkha, the cigar with a million dollar msrp, but always on clearance for 59.99 a box 🤣 truly the best...

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