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  1. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I still don't get it. The packaging said, "Product of Cuba", so clearly the packaging was produced by the Cuban government. Does Cuba actually export dairy products to English speaking nations? If not, why would the government produce packaging in English?? Oops, didn't see that someone else had already responded with the same question...
  2. Does anyone produce an elegant, high quality, pocket case sized for 3 or 4 Monte no 4’s?
  3. That's a great drink. A touch of grapefruit juice can provide a subtle sparkle to a wide range of cocktails.
  4. There's no question in my mind that the vendor is legitimate and the cigars are genuine. The cigars have been segregated in their own humidor for about two weeks now. The smell is not as strong as it was right out of the packaging, but it is still quite noticeable.
  5. Do you happen to remember if those Trinis traveled during particularly hot weather?
  6. A couple of YEARS... well, damn.... these were supposed to be samples to see what I like.
  7. This is probably going to be a little lengthy, but since this will be my first real post on the forum, I feel like a little background will be beneficial. I have kept a small humidor for over 20 years. My yearning to acquire CC's via the internet began after my family and I spent Christmas in Old Quebec this past year. I was able to acquire a few CC's, which I brought home and dutifully rested for four months before I began to smoke them. Some were duds, including a couple of classics that I really expected to enjoy, like the Montecristo No 2's and Partagas Serie D No 4's (they weren't beautiful looking examples to begin with, but I really wanted them). The surprise stars of my little batch were the H. Upmann Connoisseur #1's, the RyJ Short Churchill's and the Trinidad Vegios (these all had beautiful wrappers, and fully lived up to their aesthetic promise). So in mid April I began searching for a source via the internet. I finally settled on a supplier in Europe and placed my order. Part of my choice of this particular supplier was based upon the fact that they offered many of the singles I wanted to try in tubed three packs, which I surmised might endure a long journey in a small box better than loose singles. My order ended up being a combination of mostly the tubed three packs and a few loose singles. Due to our lovely Covid situation, the package arrived at my door 11 weeks later. Upon opening the box, everything was vacuum packed and in good physical condition. Predictably, some of the cigars were beautiful and others... not so much. But one thing that struck me about all of the cigars, was their aroma. All of the cigars exuded the expected fine tobacco perfume, but also a sharp twang that I associate with vinegar. This smell was particularly strong in the tubed cigars; even more powerful than the tobacco scent. I have never encountered this smell in cigars before, and I really don't know what to make of it. I have to assume that the vast majority of the package's transit time was sitting in a warehouse somewhere, maybe climate controlled, maybe not. The last few weeks have been very hot here. The smell is very much like vinegar to me, not ammonia, but perhaps the heat during transit has caused the tobacco to release ammonia, and I interpret the combined tobacco and ammonia scents as vinegar? In any event, I have no idea what could, or should be done about this. Can y'all offer any guidance here?
  8. God bless your mom, you, and your family. I pray that you find strength in each other during this time.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to compose such an informative and well written post. It is much appreciated by those of us just beginning our journey of collecting CC’s via the internet. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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