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  1. Hi everyone This review will be about the Upmann Magnum 54 Pre light : mostly sweet aroma (chocolate) and wood 1st third : The savour is mostly sweet and there is on the retro olfaction some chocolate’s and nuts’ flavour of nuts also very present. 2nd third : not much evolution with still chocolate’s and nut’s flavor. I also sense the apparition of pepper 3rd third : the cigar tends more on the bitterness. The pepper aroma is more present with still the nuts. The combustion was OK but the draw not that excellent. Anyway, I had a good time with that cigar : I really think it enables a good relaxing moment with its sweet aromas (mainly anyway) What I liked : pleasant and sweet aromas good balance What I didn’t like : the draw maybe a little lack of varieties So general rating will be 7/10 for me
  2. Hi everyone My review will be this week about the Montecristo Open Eagle with which I had a great time. Type : Robusto Pre lightning : sweet savours 1st third : the very sweet savours remain and on the retrohaling it’s woody and I can sense chocolate. 2nd third : still very woody with the chocolate and also the apparition of roasted coffee. Very pleasant indeed 3rd third : still the woody aroma and the roasted coffee but there is also earthy flavours with maybe some leather too at the end. The draw was OK as the consumption What I liked : Very pleasant aromas Good construction What I didn’t like : Maybe a little lack of variety in aromas The cigar was very well balanced. The evolution was not very important and as I said, maybe there was a little lack of variety but anyway I had a great time General rating is 7.5/10
  3. Hi everyone Last weekend, I tried the CAO Session Garage a cigar from Dominican Republic. It was the 1st time with this cigar and I had a good time. Wrapper color : Oscuro Type : Robusto (even Double Robusto) Pre light : mostly earthy and maybe a little barnyard 1st third : the aromas are very close to the prelight with the « earthy » softened by sweet savours (honey). I also sense chocolate’s notes. Eveyrhting is well balanced so a very good start ! 2nd third : still earthy aromas softened by sweet aromas and the pepper is clearly coming. It’s becoming stronger and stronger during the smoke 3rd third : a little more bitterness can be perceived and the pepper is strong. Earthy aromas are still there but the sweet savours are almost gone. The cigar is a little more harsh but remains pleasant. The draw and smoke production were good but the burn required multiple touch ups along the way to keep things burning evenly. The ash were holding well but didn’t really layer evenly. What I liked : pleasant aromas good balance good density of the smoke What I didn’t like : a certain lack of variety in aromas uneven burning It wasn’t perfect for sure but I had a great time (and for a pretty much long time because it lasted around 2 hours) ! My rating will be 7/10.
  4. Hi everyone After a Cohiba Siglo II I found a little disappointing, I tried another Cohiba but this one is the Robusto and let’s say straightaway it was a great moment !! Wrapper color : Colorado Pre light : mostly sweet aroma (honey) ; and cedar (probably from my cave too) 1st third : flavours are really sweet and the smoke very creamy. On the retrohaling, aromas are on the chocolate (but no bitter), honey and a little vegetal I think. 2nd third : flavours remain very sweet with still the chocolate and apparition of caramel (toffee) and wood 3rd third : the cigar tends a little more on bitterness but remains sweet (especially for a last third). I sense cocoa aromas and earth. After around 1H30 of pleasure, the cigar is finished but what a great moment ! What I liked : fantastic aromas (from my point of view) very well balanced good density of smoke (very creamy) What I didn’t like : nothing indeed : maybe just the consumption which was not perfect but I think it was because of the humidity of my cave (a little too high : around 74% and I « dryboxed » it just 4 hours before) My rating will be 9/10
  5. Hi everyone The cigar of the week is the Cohiba Siglo 2 Wrapper color : Colorado Type : small Corona Pre lightning : mainly barnyard with some leather 1st third : A pretty much fast beginning with a salted flavour. On the retrohaling, I sense some vegetal and earthy (moss) aromas with maybe some leather. 2nd third : not many changes with still a salted flavour. The aromas remains very vegetal and earthy and maybe some cocoa. 3rd third : still no changes with the same salted flavour (and some bitterness is coming) and vegetal – earthy aromas. Generally speaking, I must admit that it was a little disappointing. I was expecting something more intense and richer with this brand. Finally, the cigar didn’t evolve and I didn’t feel much excitement while smoking. Small consolation : the drawing was excellent and the combustion also great. What I liked the drawing the burning What I didn’t like limited aromas linear aromas To conclude, I’ll say that the cigar is not that bad but I was expecting something richer and more intense (with aromas) especially considering the price. My rating will be 6/10.
  6. Hi everyone As you may have noticed with my reviews, I'm very interested in flavors and aromas. I'm wondering if it's possible to find the origins of the tobacco's leaves with the aromas. I read that some leaves had specific aromas and flavors depending on their country (ex : Tobacco from Nicaragua is said to be very peppery). Some people are making "blind degustation" and they even try to guess the origin of the tobacco and even the brand. I'm comparing this to wine and grape variety indeed. Can you help me on this subject and maybe recommend me a good book (or website) which will sum up some "basic trend"? I made some research but didn't find anything really helpful. Thx a lot for your help
  7. Hi everyone The review of the week will be about the Macanudo Maduro Presidente Wrapper : Maduro Type : Presidente Pre lightning : very sweet aromas with some chocolate. The construction of the cigar seems good 1st third : the sensations are pretty much the same with sweet aromas and a very creamy smoke. Aromas are on the chocolate and even pastry. A real « snack » ! 2nd third : not much difference with the 1st third with the apparition of woody aroma. It’s still sweet and creamy. 3rd third : not much evolution : still sweet flavours with nevertheless a little bitterness. From y point of view, there is a nutty and toasted aroma. What I liked Very sweet aromas A « softness » moment Very food drawing Nice combustion What I didn’t like A little limited (not very rich flavours or aromas) Not much evolution I had a really great time with this very sweet cigar. For sure, it was not complicated and maybe wont’ be good for someone who likes stronger cigar (ex : earthy…) but I enjoyed it. My rating will be 7/10
  8. thx a lot I think I'd like it a lot I definitively want to try it
  9. Hi everyone This week’s review will be about the « Petit Edmundo » Montecristo which wasn’t the best experience I’ve had with a cigar !… Wrapper : Colorado Type : Petit Edmundo Pre Lighting : mainly woody. The construction seems great. 1st third : very strong beginning (too much from my point of view…). The flavours are very spicy and the smoke’s consistency is great. On the retrohaling, aromas are woody, earthy with some pepper. 2nd third : not much evolution with mainly the same flavours The aromas are also close from the 1st third : very woody and earthy with a little leather 3rd third : the flavours are still similar but a little more salty and globally the same aromas I don’t have much experience but this is the 1st time I didn’t sense much evolution during the smoking. The drawing and combustion were anyway good. What I liked Good drawing Good consistency of the smoke What I didn't like : A limited palette of aromas Not much evolution Not very « delicate » This was globally an average experience : not catastrophic for sure but the flavours were from my point of view too limited and not really to my taste. I was expecting something better and more subtle. The cigar was anyway well constructed and well balanced but at the end I’ll say it was an average cigar so my note will match that feeling with a 5/10.
  10. thx for this nice review. I have one in my box and I think it'll be my next smoking
  11. Hi everyone This time I’ll be reviewing the Serie 2 Maduro Partagas that I liked a lot Wrapper : Maduro Type : Short Pyramid Pre lightning : sweet aromas : honey, chocolate and wood. The construction seems great. 1st third : sweet flavours like the prelightning. The smoke is very creamy and pleasant. On the retrohaling, we have very smooth aromas : honey, chocolate and light wood (cedar). Maybe we can find some leather ar the end of this 1st third (or at the beginning of the 2nd as we want !!) Anyway this start is very promising 2nd third : the flavours remain sweet but some bitterness is coming (but very light so it’s not bothering me at all). The aromas are still on the woody (but a little different than the 1st third more on the pencil) and the pepper is coming too with still the chocolate but a little more bitter so I’ll say cacao. 3rd third : a little dryer for the smoke and even a little astringent at the end. The aromas are now more on the toasted but the woody remains with something dryer like the oak. The pepper is still here too. Generally speaking, the drawing was good with nevertheless some « adjustments » to make on the combustion to have something even (just at the beginning of the cigar) so nothing serious What I liked : A pleasant drawing Very nice and pleasant aromas Good consistency of the smoke What I didn’t like The last third a little too bitter The combustion which could have been a little better (at least at the beginning) Anyway I had a really great time with the 1st 2 third which were really amazing from my point of view. I gave it a 8/10 (and not a 9 because of the last third I liked less).
  12. Hi everyone This review will be about the « famous » Montecristo 4 Wrapper color : Colorado Type : Petit Corona Pre light : mostly caramel – toffee - nut. The construction of the cigar doesn’t seem great with many « veins » so it worries me a little before lighting it. 1st third : very spicy at the beginning for the flavour and it became softer after. On the retrohaling, the aromas are to my mind very earthy and woody. 2nd third : the flavour stays spicy and a little creamy. The aromas become a little more on the woody side with apparition of nuts and some pepper. 3rd third : No big change on the savour and the aromas came back on the « earthy side » with still the nutty tasty. It was very nice and pleasant BUT the fear I had concerning the burning was unfortunately real and the burning was really bad. The draw was also not excellent and the consumption very uneven. What I liked : Good variety of aromas Very pleasant aromas What I didn’t like : the drawing the consumption Globally speaking, I had a great time with this cigar and it’s only the construction that deceived me. Otherwise, it was really great So general rating will be 7/10 for me (with a better construction it would have been a 9)
  13. Thx a lot for this nice review. It makes me want to try it
  14. Hi everyone This review will be about the Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial Wrapper color : Colorado Type : Double robusto Pre light : mostly herbal and cedar. The construction seems good. 1st third : I was expecting something sweet and was a little surprised because the savour was a little bitter but not unpleasant. On the retrohaling, the aromas are from my point of view vegetal (herbal) and cacao. 2nd third : the flavour stays bitter and the aromas become a little more on the nuts (very pleasant) with also some wood (oak I’ll say). 3rd third : No big changes on the savour and the aromas tend now more toward the « toasted » with still the wood andnthe nuts even more pronounced (almonds maybe). I was a little disappointed with the burning with an uneven burning of the cigar I had to compensate twice (cf pictures). What I liked : Some nice aromas (nuts especially) good density of the smoke What I didn’t like : a limited panel sensorial a little bitter (to my mind) the burning I guess you’ll have understood but I’m a little « divided » : not a bad cigar at all but I was expecting something « more » or maybe I don’t have enough experience to really enjoy it. I guess I’ll try in a few months (and maybe with a cigar a little more aged »). So general rating will be 7/10 for me because if it wasn’t a « crush », I nevertheless had a good time with this cigar :).
  15. Hi everyone This is my 2nd review and it will be about a cigar I enjoyed a lot : Quay d'Orsay 50 Wrapper color : Colorado Type : Small Robusto Pre light : Sweet aromas and herbal. The construction seems great with no imperfections 1st third : The savour is mostly sweet and the sensation creamy. On the retrohaling, the aromas are on the pastry, chocolate and a little woody (cedar I think). It is so smooth and subtle : a great moment. 2nd third : There are no big changes : The savour stays sweet and the sensation creamy. Nevertheless, the aromas evolves a little with apparition of a nut flavor in addition to the pastry that remains. 3rd third : the sweet aromas tends to disappear replaced by something more vegetal (herbs…) but the nuts remain (chestnut I’d say). The sensation is now a little more sour. The end is a little harsher (normal) so I let it extinguish. Anyway I had a fantastic time with this cigar What I like : perfect construction and a very nice combustion good density of the smoke mild cigar with many sweet aromas smooth and very subtle cigar What I didn’t like : really nothing… oh yes just one thing indeed : too short . So general rating will be 9/10 for me. Just one precision : if you want to pair it with a drink,I recommend something not too hard because I think it will spoilt it. Thanks to all who read me till the end

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