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  1. @Bijan and @NSXCIGAR got me thinking about Sports Largos on another thread. This one is a 2019 example with a lighter wrapper than my box of 2015s. This one is sweeter too.
  2. Robbie Ray was awesome and so were your seats! It was a great pitching matchup.
  3. I pull out. I have enough room to store the tubes and the cigars separately in the same corner of my humidor. If I need the space I can put them back in the tube. In my opinion a cigar will acclimate to your humidor quicker outside the tube.
  4. @Monocle - I might have to go the online route. Up until now I've been hoping to find it at a cigar lounge.
  5. This thread has high praise for La Colmena. I've been hoping to try, but it still hasn't happened. I hope you enjoy, those look attractive.
  6. I was relieved to learn it was a mashed potato icing.
  7. Lol, not likely. They still teach the youth about Dick Nixon. PS, after labor day you enter the best part of myrtle beach living. The tourists wane and the weather softens. Enjoy it!
  8. I choose to believe that all my cigars arrive to my house without any viable beetle. I buy NCs from a variety of US retailers and I buy CC from FoH and a couple other big names. It doesn't matter how hot my storage conditions get since I don't think I have viable eggs/larvae coming into the casa. I'm not lucky enough to bring in cigars directly from the island.
  9. @Ginseng that is a good point. Novel virus risk-math is pretty hard to calculate for a single person. Risk-math for the World's population is a little bit easier to compute. The medical experts concluded that for the good of all we should get the shots. For me that gives employers (not govts) the green light to mandate. Everybody has their choice. There are consequences for every decision.
  10. If I had to choose between the long term side effects of the vaccine or the long term side effects of COVID, I would choose the vaccine. Easy choice. Lets assume a vaccinated individual is less likely to transmit the disease to others. Employers have every right to require employees to be vaxed before coming into the office. I'll take it a step further. If we assume the vaccinated are less likely to burden the healthcare system, then hospitals should be able to require a vaccine for anyone wanting to utilize elective surgeries.
  11. Over the last five years skirt, flank, hanger, and flatiron have become more expensive. I blame Food Network and bloggers for bringing these previously overlooked cuts into the spotlight. Personally I call on the flank steak the most. It's the perfect protein course for a tailgate or campout. Marinate it. Slap on a HOT charcoal grill (Weber Smokey Joe). Slice it super thin. And your guests can eat it right off the cutting board. The grain is easy to recognize, which is a plus in low light conditions. I cant wait to get back to the tailgate this year. Hopefully I'll be in God

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