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  1. I suggest El Septimo Sacred Arts Collection. The Michaelangelo is an awesome cigar.
  2. This Tat Black PC is a very nice perlas, one that might rival a Cohiba. This is starting off more earthy than the RGP.
  3. He can hear the cutter from anywhere in the house. Nothing better than guarding the porch on a crisp spring night.
  4. I have only had one long filler Cohiba, a Siglo I. I enjoyed it, but for my money I am more likely to purchase a perlas from RG. This box has treated me so well. Each cigar has had lovely construction and a pleasant toasted tobacco flavor from start to finish. This cigar was no different. I washed it down with a nice glass of rum. Ill go with 92 points. How does it stack up to a cigar more than 3x in price? TBD for me. At this point I'm really enjoying the RGP.
  5. Filthy dirty, loved him with the White Sox. His no-no last April was unreal. I hope he wins the NL Cy and keeps silencing his critics.
  6. The Chiefs won the coin toss and were feeling really confident on offense. Since the Chiefs won the toss they spot the ball. I guess they would pick a spot backed up against the end zone at the 3 yard line (offense would need a 97 yard drive). The Bills would have to choose to play offense or defense from the three, Sudden death rules apply. I love the strategy here. Do the Bills have the guts to take the ball backed up deep? Does Andy Reid go even deeper and put the ball on the 1 yard line?
  7. The current overtime rules place too much emphasis on the coin toss and must be changed. Have you guys seen the "spot and choose" proposal? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/24/look-for-spot-and-choose-overtime-to-be-proposed-again/
  8. @JoshD I think the Fume D'Amour is worth trying. I like Epernay and FDA equally.
  9. Mr. Scott brought down that lovely Hemingway whole hog goodness to my neck of the woods, and I couldn't be happier.
  10. This El Principe 2017 came out of my 58rh container. In September I started keeping a random assortment of cigars at 58rh. I'm impressed so far.
  11. Ah, the Pee Dee, yes, the Lowcountry's underrated coastal brethren. I could have guessed your location based on your username.
  12. Welcome to the forum Nate. It's cool seeing SC check in.

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