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  1. Por Larranaga Petit Corona LGR MAR 18 Dry Review This is the second cigar I have smoked out of the cab, and it's the second PLPC I have ever smoked. The construction looked good and held up throughout the smoke. The draw was unremarkable, not too tight not, not too loose. Overall the flavor was consistent and enjoyable. I picked out some subtle twang flavor at times. The twang reminded me of a Newcastle Brown Ale that had been left in the back of the fridge for months. I also picked up brief moments of sweetness and creaminess. As you would expect I noticed some spicy kick near the end of the cigar. The cab I pulled this from has been in my humidor for 50 days after about a month in transit. The flavors were nice, but the complexity was fleeting. I give this cigar an 85. I'll wet one down tomorrow and see what happens. Por Larranaga Petit Corona LGR MAR 18 Wet Review I didn't want this one to be better than the dry cigar. In my mind a wet cigar shouldn't be better than one straight out of the humidor. My prejudice against the wet cigar should be known. I wanted my presumptions about how cigars work to remain in tact. Unfortunately doubt has been introduced. The first third of this wet cigar was better than the first third of the dry cigar. All the nice flavors I enjoyed on Saturday were more evident today. Luckily the second third was a push. And then the dry cigar won the battle of the final third, but it was close. I enjoyed both of these cigars very much. Today's was better though. Today I would rate my cigar an 85. Can we chalk up the improvement to random variations in a handmade product? Or do I have to go through life wondering if I should dunk my cigars?
  2. Looks like I took week 3 outright. My team name, Buddy's 46, is a tribute to the late Buddy Ryan and his famed 46 zone defense. I am a lifelong Chicago Bears fan and Carolina Panthers fan ever since 2003. I am more optimistic about the Panthers than the Bears. I think a lack of preseason games hurt the Panthers. On the other hand, the Bears are pretenders. I still can't believe they drafted Trubisky over Deshaun.
  3. This was my first Montecristo and my first Cuban cigar. I was gifted this cigar along with three No. 2s sometime between 2008-2010. The four montes have limped along in my humidor. Over that time my interest in cigars has waxed and waned, and so went the upkeep of my humidor. Over the past 5 years I have been on top of things, my humidor dialed in and the memorable cigar experiences plentiful. This Montecristo No. 3 was everything I had hoped for and more. The burn was even, the smoke was light and flavorful, and the essence of Cuban tobacco was ever present in my mind. Even though this was my first proper Cuban cigar, I can tell that this what its supposed to be. I smoked the No 3. immediately after reading Ken's recent blog post. I was thinking about Ernesto. I was thinking about the renowned Montecristo brand that has long been a symbol of cigar quality, and how Ernesto wasn't even aware they even existed. Ken's piece put me in the right state of mind for this smoke. I can't wait for the next one.
  4. I got a sixer from a 24:24 in the middle of June. I didnt take note of the date unfortunately, so I dont know how old they are. Went back into my browser history and the URL was 145111-2424-today-and-weekend-in-the-carts. I'm going to give them 60-90 days rest before I sample.
  5. Just got my first order from you know who. Let the waiting game begin. Thank you to everyone who makes this forum possible. I'm enjoying cigars more than ever thanks to the discussions on this forum.

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