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  1. I'm a big fan of the tobacco genre in perfumes. TF Tobacco Vanille, Tobacco Oud, Parfum De Marley Herrod, but my favorite is Slumberhouse Baque. It has a boozy smell. Think of dried fruits soaked in rum. As for the tobacco, its not cigar tobacco but a sweeter pipe tobacco smell.
  2. My experiences with Montecristo has been very limited. I've had like 10 or so petite no 2 over the last 2 months, and I get the general flavors that many have talk about such as milk chocolate and some coffee. A month ago I tried a petite edmundo rott and pretty much get the same flavor. I stuck the box in my wineador at at 61% rh and been trying it once a week or so. Each one I smoke seem to get less of that rich dark coffee and chocolate flavor and the one I tried yesterday I can taste that citrus peel. I'm sitting there thinking to myself am i tasting things lol or is this citrus part
  3. I sent my broken lighter in on July 5th. After a few weeks of no updates, I sent in a few emails that never got answered. Yesterday I finally got a tracking number so it probably took around 2 months for turn around. I was a big fan of theirs back in the days when my turn around time is 2 weeks vs 2 months and 0 acknowledgement of my emails now.
  4. Hi I'm happy to join FOH and looking to learn from the community. I've been a cigar smoker for about 12 yrs on and off. Was heavily into it for the first 5 years and not as much the last 7. Having 3 kids, its hard sometimes to find the 1 or 2 hr it requires to smoke a cigar and the countless hours trying to search and find the next cigar I was mostly into non cubans and picking up a few boxes of cubans here and there when I traveled. My absolute favorite is the RASS!!! One thing Im reminded is how expensive this hobbie is !!! With the kids getting older and being quarantin

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