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  1. I picked these up online last year around December I think but not from there. They have been tasty for sure and a nice change of pace from CC. Still have a bunch of Cookie Monster lanceros when I was in the NC unicorn chasing game so let me know if you're interested.
  2. Smoking down my NCs so went with a Room 101 Death Bucket 2. Quite tasty and the construction is always on point. Also, found some lovely Crocs for @Lord Verulam so his feet stay toasty for these coming winter months! 🥶
  3. Boli Soberano - MSU DIC '18 - Under filled unfortunately so was a bit of a wind tunnel however not a total loss. BRC (PSP) - MSU NOV '18
  4. Yeah the past week and a half has been a real shit sandwich so I appreciate the love man.
  5. Partagas Lusi - OER JUN '20 Had a Lusi tonight in loving memory of our Scottie, Lucy, as she crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly at 14. RIP my little angel ♥️
  6. SLR Regios (ROTT) - MEP AGO '20 - Awesome smoke that kicks right from the start. Can't wait to see how these progress. HU Connie B - GEM MAR '20 - This cigar pisses excellence. #RickyBobby
  7. Brochambeau, why haven't you switched to your Halloween Crocs yet? Surprised you haven't upgraded to these...
  8. No doubt Daniel Simpson Day aka "D-Day" had one in his ride. 😎
  9. Not my favorite and I'll go Lusi every single day. Way too tight and I had McD's milkshake head afterwards. (FOH singles store so no codes)

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