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  1. @Fugu When was the last time you didn't see them like this?
  2. If I find Mardi Gras Mustard in my smokes, I'll definitely let you know!
  3. Boli Libertador - TUA ENE '20 Beauty of a smoke tonight. Went outside of my comfort zone with a bullet punch and it delivered for over 2 hrs. Caps win to boot!
  4. Very nice! An ice cold Bud heavy is hard to beat! 🍻
  5. Day game today so spent a bit of time outside ⚾️ SP Belicoso - RAT NOV '20 - Draw, construction and earthy notes were fantastic. Nice med-full bodied smoke. Party Maduro No.2 - TUA JUL '20 - Full 90 days down has made a huge difference and a full flavored cocoa blast. JL Seleccion No.2 - FoH single (last one and it was stellar) Trini Esmerelda - TLU MAR '20 - Disappointed as the pigtail twist worked but it was an absolute wind tunnel 😏 Cohiba Secretos - AMO MAR '17 - Perfect nightcap with lots of cocoa notes and some punch to it.
  6. Party 898 (ROTT) - TLE AGO '20 Little cigar glue for a wrapper issue and all was right.
  7. Party 898 - TLE AGO '20 Will test for box code research tonight compared to the MTS SEP '20 of last week. The ribbon was on a tad tight and tore the wrapper a bit so there's my rationalization. Def some shade variation however we'll see how they look after 90 days down.
  8. Partagas Serie P No.2 - UTL OCT '19 That weather app was full of sheeeitt man. 7 mph winds was more like 15 mph. Full of spice, lasted about 1.5 hrs and the TV didn't blow over.
  9. I received my HdM DC box (EGT DIC '19) back in mid-September and tried one pretty soon thereafter and thought the same thing about it being bland. Since then I've had about four more and have had a pleasant experience with only a couple. I'm going to give them some significant time down as the last one was a construction hot mess and hopefully they'll come around. I could just have one of those boxes...🤷‍♂️

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