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  1. Siglo III (ROTT) - EOL SEP '20 If this cigar is any indication of how the box is going to smoke, it's gonna be a banger.
  2. I tend to notice Civic Man as the worst driver on the road with an aftermarket spoiler and a cherry bomb muffler going 100 mph while bobbing and weaving through traffic...
  3. Thanks for the love! Not too sure what factory but I do have some Lusi's and D4s procured from FOH that have the EOL code that have smoked very well!
  4. EOL SEP '20 These beauties arrived today with a bit of age on them too!
  5. Monte Double Edmundo - UBM OCT '17 Saw these pop up briefly recently and have heard mixed reviews so wanted to see what they were about. Already have four years on them (unexpected as I bought blind) so will torch up the ugly duckling on the left tonight!
  6. Go with the Seco @Lord Verulam first, then talk shit. #HoyofromyourBroyoinyournewhouseo
  7. Pretty sure your bro is equipped and means business like... Well, you said she wanted kids soon so you're halfway there! 🍸 😎
  8. HU Connie A - TUE NOV '19 Lovely smoke from @Shrimpchips to end a long day! Thanks again man and this keeps my love of HU growing!
  9. I just ordered mine a few minutes ago so thought I'd pass this along! https://jamesfox.ie/products/bond-roberts-cutter
  10. Just a fantastic cigar! Touch of sweetness with the classic lemon, hay grassy notes. Have a box on the way so should be interesting to see what code/date I end up with...

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