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  1. I thought about this guy the other day when he asked me if It had N. Korean beef. That guy is a straight piece of shit. Kim, I would love to host you here in Philly.
  2. Ankle socks with the new sandals, I am at full chub right now. Nice cigar too! 😎
  3. You'll be very pleased with the D4 and they are smoking great young as well! The D4 is a tasty treat and try to get your hands on some E2s when you get a chance. De La Mano sounds like a swanky spot and everyone likes a speakeasy atmosphere with some jazz in the background! 🥃
  4. Sounds great and I'm sure the new lounge experience will be just as relaxing as before! Congrats on getting back up and running! 👏
  5. Gotta be quick for those 898s on 2424 and the Monte 1 is a classic! I need to pull one out soon and revisit it. Sounds dapper, Kim! Enjoy the reopening of your lounge! 😁
  6. If you enjoy the Lusi, the 898 is right up your alley as it's a bit more rustic. I'm in your camp as I prefer the long CCs as well! Looking forward to Kimfessions and hope your beard is looking sharp as usual! 😎
  7. Thanks Kim, they are a treat indeed! Hope things are well! 🤩
  8. Some from the past few days. Partagas 898 - MTS SEP '20 HU Noellas - GEM DIC '20 (ROTT) Partagas Lusi - EOL DIC '20
  9. Even if you did try to go by yourself, you know this would happen...😀
  10. Flavors were kinda muted and not as good as the one I had from the same box around a year ago. Gonna leave them alone for another year.
  11. Connie A - GEM ENE '20 N1 Lancero Maduro SP Beli - RAT NOV '20
  12. Sounds like a college Thursday special. 😛

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