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  1. If I were you, I would completely forget about cigarettes because this is the most harmful thing that I have met in my life. Besides, it's stupid to waste money and ruin your health. I smoked myself for two years and it caused serious harm to my health. I tried to quit smoking several times, but all my attempts were unsuccessful and against this background I was already very stressed. Everything was so terrible that I decided to quit smoking no matter what, and then, due to stress, my teeth began to hurt regularly and even fall out and it was a very difficult period for me. I even started havi
  2. Wow, thanks for the great list. It is a pity that I did not know that food affects a person's life so much. I ate fast food for a very long time and it was delicious but very harmful. Over time, I ran into the fact that I simply could not get up from the chair normally.I say overweight. It happened very quickly. Because of this, I also started having problems with testesterone and potency. I decided to stop it and started taking hormones, exercising. I decided to completely change my life and I did it. It was problematic to track changes in testosterone levels, but very high quality and accura
  3. If before I tried not to miss the chance and tried to get a job in every job, now I have found an excellent high-paying job. It was difficult but I managed it and I forgot what unemployment is. I found a job at Linkedin and I have a great resume and recommendation. Recommendations for me were made by a friend of mine who used to be my colleague. He used examples and did everything for me to get this job and we did it!
  4. I used to play poker a lot when I was a teenager. It's always been a big passion in me to gambling because I think poker is a game for smart people. You need to know how to find your away around this game. It's extremely addicting to me. I never wanted to go to casinos because I knew that I will get stuck there. But recently I discovered online casinos which I found amazing. So can play from the comfort of your own home. That is amazing. I am a big fan of this casino ( It's got a huge variety of games for any taste.
  5. Maybe you will laugh at me, but I'm sure we won’t see anything better than the old games on the gameboy. I played two new versions of the Pokemon game and it’s just awful. Seriously, did you play this shit? This is the most terrible mechanics game. Now it's just remember how you played a platinum version of Pokémon for a gameboy 24/7 in your childhood and what emotions you received. Today, most games are made only to get money from players and this is the only goal of the developers. I don’t play almost any modern game and the reason is very simple. By the way, I found old Pokemon and play on

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