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  1. I'd like to apologize for my conduct, I neglected that this was not only a forum but also a business. I'll be showing myself out.
  2. COVID isnt nearly as lethal as any of the plagues. It's pretty much the flu except we have no resistance and we didnt have vaccines ready. As for why this is politically divisive, is this disease major enough to warrant what are pretty extreme and unprecedented measures? Perhaps it is, perhaps it's not. With a mortality rate of 2%, which doesnt actually represent the average person's chance of death, that's quite a bit lower than the plague wiping out over half of Europe's population. The average person if they're healthy has only a fraction of a percent chance of dying, really the group which
  3. If you want everyone to be vaxxed that's your right, but then dont only allow vaccinated to go out. When your "rights" infringe on my rights we have a problem. I'm being cheeky here but the point is that this is hypocritical, it's a problem when my rights infringe on yours but not when yours infringe on mine? You cant allow people certain rights only if they do what you, the government, or "the people" want, otherwise those would not be rights but privileges.
  4. I've opted to avoid the vaccine for now. I'm not an essential worker nor am I an at risk individual so there is less impetus for me to get one. Frankly I don't have much confidence in these vaccines. Everyone I know who's gotten one has complained about the side effects. These things were rushed out in response to covid so while I doubt they'll kill anyone, or even really do anything major, it seems apparent that the covid vaccines are far less tested than anything that any of these companies or governments would ever think of regularly putting out. For that reason, I'm out.
  5. Honestly I'm pretty sure they can be told apart without even smoking them. I reckon the difference in leaf and roll quality would be enough.
  6. On top of the multiple billions they've already lost right? ?
  7. I sure will once I'm out of this position, not sure which broker to switch to for now. I guess fidelity
  8. Absolutely, it's incredibly expensive to cover the options trades on these stocks. With that said the company which handles robinhood's transactions also just bailed out one of the hedge funds with a short position in gamestop. They have a vested interest in the stock tanking. Besides, as a market maker they have a duty to maintain the market, they aren't allowed to do this kind of thing. Especially not before monthly options expire. They cant take action to protect their bottom line, atleast not like this...
  9. Not sure how interested you all are in the stock market This is a tale of an outdated mall based retailer. Stock speculation, blatant market manipulation from large firms, an activist investor, and one borderline insane online trading forum. What are your thoughts? Edit: Right, I should probably disclose that I currently am holding gme. I do have an interest in the stock.
  10. Finally got a cutter, cigars are much better this way ?. Iirc this was a 2017 box. The second to last example from this box, this cigar was mostly well constructed, while a touch loose in a couple areas, the draw was not tight, which tends to be a problem for this vitola. The wrapper was average, no patches on it, but little oil. The cigar starts out plain, toasted tobacco with sweet wood notes. It stays this way for the first third. Burn is clean requiring no touchups, and the draw is clear. Going into the second third, the sweet notes transform into a mild caramel. The cigar is mil
  11. I've been using a kitchen knife to cut off the wrapper ?. Not sure what the box date is, but yes this one was about the same
  12. Got these as a sixer courtesy of our hosts here. This one is the last of the batch, and as looks would have it, probably the finest of the batch. A dark wrapper with plenty of sheen, and some fine bunching around the foot The draw was perfect, no knots or anything. Flavor wise the cigar provides coffee notes with slight pepper and an underlying bread sweetness. It reminds me of a partagas without the bell pepper or slight sourness. Little evolution occurs from the first to second third. The notes are perfectly fine, but I don't particularly like this cigar, it's a little borin
  13. If you get a chance maybe a fuller bodied regional or limited edition, just to make it extra special. You'd need to ask someone with a helluva lot more cigars under their belt than I do if you go this route.
  14. And look what our politicians did with that unity. Our leadership failed us in the 2000s decade, it's no wonder we've wound up where we're at.

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