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  1. I think the simplest answer is each team gets the opportunity to possess the ball. If both teams score a touchdown on their first possession then it’s sudden death from there on.
  2. Bills should have played their cornerbacks right on the Kansas City receivers and tackle/hold them as soon as the ball is hiked. That would have taken off 5ish seconds each time and the penalty for defensive holding is only 5 yards. Wide Right Music City Miracle 13 Seconds
  3. I’m liking the Raiders -4 hosting the Jacoby Brissett led dolphins
  4. OER JUN 20. Very good PLMC and a fruited sour from Mortalis. Interesting combo, but it works!
  5. Miss this one and you’ll be locked out of this thread 🤓 Bills -3.5 Lock
  6. When I was in Pittsburgh for a weekend last year I stopped at BURN right by the Steelers/Pirates stadiums. It was really spacious and comfortable.

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