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  1. Trinidad Fundadores (AARW) How it started How it ended
  2. Just received this box last week and figured I'd try one ROTT. And what better time to smoke it than during the weekly FOH poker tournament! I've never had a fundie before and this is starting off better than I hoped. Reminded me of the best of the Coloniales and Reyes I've had but even a little more sweet dough note. Trinidad's are very good and I think they become great if you retrohale them often. The flavors are spectacular. The pocket 10s aren't too bad either! Screw the cigar - daddy has himself some pocket rockets! The cigar and my poker performance are hitting on a
  3. It's a full box. The angle makes it look like a 6er
  4. I use my iPad. Download "PokerStars lite" and follow the instructions at the beginning of this thread
  5. Travelled via plane last weekend for the first time in a long time. My seat was in the emergency exit row and I immediately thought of this.

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