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  1. Who Said That comp and a poker tournament win. Thanks to the whole FOH team!
  2. Buffy was a juggernaut in its day
  3. Would have liked to seen Walter White as an option...probably would have still voted for “CantStandYa”
  4. I have 2020 SOR box of HUHC, Monte #2, and Esmeralda's. I've smoked a couple of the HUHC and Monte #2 and they've both been great. I haven't tried Esmeralda yet.
  5. Haiku..God Bless You. Forget Sir Winnie, you'll have better luck finding Pikachu.
  6. More like great whites staring at the clock, but I pray Di hits me with the "you got a box ;)"
  7. I never even seen a Winnie before, but I have high hopes for Tuesday's 24-24
  8. One line only plz keep it pithy, cause right now these raps are iffy!

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