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  1. JL2 TPO, Sep 19 These arrived just last week. So picked cigar with the wrapper that looked like Orphan Annie to try...and it smoked like Annie Warbucks! Very excited about rest of box.
  2. Resurrecting this thread as I googled "sandpaper cigar wrappers" and this was a top result haha. I recently got a box of HQ Hoyo Epi 2s and the wrappers are thick and rough. The first few I smoked the wrapper would not stay lit and eventually completely split apart. So my question is there a best approach to try and save these? Dry boxing, aging, praying, all of above? Thanks!
  3. Interesting. I don’t remember the play. But if the refs thought the runner’s forward progress was stopped before he went out of bounds then they could deem the player “down in bounds” 🤷‍♂️
  4. The clock does stop anytime a player runs out of bounds. But unless there’s two min or less in the 1st half or 5 min or less in the 2nd half - the clock will start to run again once the ref spots the ball.
  5. Finally won my 1st tournament! Had a really fun heads up match at the end. Was pretty lucky - the last two hands I had pocket queens both times 👸
  6. I did reach out and they had no problem issuing a credit 👍
  7. BSM May 20.. will smoke the cracked one (another vendor) right away for science purposes

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