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  1. Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, James Lofton, Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennet! We were loaded! But looking back - the Giants, Skins, Cowboys all had better teams and it showed. Crazy to think if we won all 4 we'd have to be considered the greatest team of all time. Ugh back to shoveling snow.
  2. My Bills are looking pretty good so far! Josh Allen looks like he turned a corner in year 3...and it doesn't lead to a cliff
  3. Really liked it. Burned well and enjoyed the flavors. May try the JL 2 tomorrow while this one is fresh in my mind
  4. JL #1 UTL ABR 19. Thanks @lovethehaze. And appropriately...It’s National IPA Day!
  5. R&J Petit Churchill from 24:24 GEL, DIC 19...and a juice carton 😏
  6. Favorite - Radiohead in Boston 2018, front row Regret missing the Rolling Stones in 2015 as I got sick tailgating and was...rolling in the stones in the parking lot during the concert. 🤦‍♂️
  7. First CC purchase. I'm a huge Michael Jordan homer haha
  8. Are boxes of 10 cigars often available? I'm pretty new on this site and so far have mostly seen boxes of 24/50 or quarter boxes. I'm also new to CC so looking to try varies ones without having to put a ring on it.

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