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  1. Hello! I am new to cigars and previously settled on a 70qt coolidor with kitty litter to store my CCs (500+, I know I got the CC FOH bug). It was the cheapest and best option for me, however, I thought to myself why not get a humidor and put it on display! Such a waste to hide them in a coolidor. Especially since I have the space for it. I am now considering 3 options with a budget of no more than $1,000 and would like your input: 1. Newair CC-300H (300-400 capacity) with kitty litter for humidity control and a coolidor for overflow storage. I would put this on top of a sideboard/dining room server table. Not very elegant, but functional for temp and circulation. 2. Small cabinet (1000 cigar capacity), a beautiful piece of furniture. I would also put this on top of sideboard furniture (245 pounds not sure if that’s the brightest idea) so I don’t have to bend down or crouch to access it. I would put an oasis and kitty litter, but no temp control may be a deal breaker. Indoor temp ranges from 58 -90 degrees Fahrenheit in NorCal. 3. Tower cabinet (3000 capacity). Simple design and ai would have a tower for cigar display! I don’t think I will have more than 1,000 at any given time, but who knows! What option would you choose and why? Thanks!
  2. Noob here, but I could not agree with this more. Unless everyone who voted tried all of these then it is not a realistic poll. This forum is responsible for quite a bit of sales and Habanos should be paying the owners of this site for making valuable information available on their product! I like to see what the consumers think vs the “experts” over at C.A. Rate each one out of 10 points and scoring should be only taste and scored to the tenth and then tally up the scores.

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