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  1. Here you go looks good to me. Only part in question is the white boxers row touching the gold border.
  2. Left is the medio siglo and right is a siglo IV bought in 3 and 5 packs from reputable online source. Serial number on the label is scratched off on the MS but not the sig IV. the only suspect thing I could see is the last row of white squares underneath the head is touching the gold border whereas the one on the right is not. Does this make it a fake? Black light shows all white squares and the black light code is there but not as bright and bold as a robusto from a LCDH.
  3. Quick update. I smoked one with the ugliest wrapper. White ash (dry boxed for 2 days) and on the last third the wrapper started to unravel. Since the smoke was uneventful I ended it and unraveled the wrapper completely to see what was inside. It was not inside out, but to my surprise there was another darker wrapper underneath, seems it was doubled wrapped. Binder was good and all long fillers.
  4. What credibility am I trying to convince? By asking these questions is why I am trying to educate myself... Haven’t seen any topics regarding the clear vein lines that appear to be inside out perhaps you can appoint me to them. Stretched might be the proper term, but they appeared more inside out than stretched to me. I have 20 boxes in the past month of different marcas and vitolas and only the Trinidad wrappers look this way. It might be a Trinidad thing, but no one has said they have seen this before and not typical of their production quality. You contributed to my thread and
  5. This is a great topic, and aficionados know not to purchase in person outside of a LCDH. Even at a LCDH singles are questionable! Taking this discussion to online sales though where most of us shop I now wonder how many of these “vouched” for gray market sites are really legit? Especially when factoring in free shipping at $30-40 per package their margins are next to nothing not to mention satisfaction guarantees on covering returns. Hard to find In stock items where they are not available anywhere such as Behike 52, Sir Winston, Esplendidos and Fundies - red flag warning yet people sti
  6. May those Cuban souls Rest In Peace. Many double bands, if only she knew she ruined thousands of dollars in product she could have sold it!
  7. I would have put my money the left was LCDH, but it was a bit confusing since the boxes below switched. The left stick and right box are LCDH. I can’t tell from the photo, but is the right stick’s wrapper inside out with the visible vein side facing inside?
  8. Is it me or is the one on the left lengthier than the one on the right? The one on the right looks to have the wrapper rolled inside out, see my Reyes post. Which cigar is from the LCDH?
  9. Where is the original posting? Could not find on Bond Roberts.
  10. Everything checks out, but all of the packaging can be replicated. The only way we would know for sure if there were a database storing how many hits the box code gets searched on then we would know how many have search the code. Looks like someone went to town on these sticks gross!
  11. On the fence, Gray market vendor. Everything checks out, but the quality of the cigars themselves have been very suspect. I also have a box of fundies from them and they smell superb, darker wrapper but no sheen nor oil so who knows. The two Boxes of Reyes smell like ammonia. I now exclusively buy from FoH 24:24.
  12. Here’s a color edited version for easier comparison. The top stick is the inside out and the bottom three have the proper wrapper with veins in the outside. Just look at the veins and you can definitely see what’s what, this is from the same box.
  13. Packaging is legit but I will here are some pics of the box anyway. There are actually quite a bit of sticks rolled inside out, here are two boxes with same factory and date code. Box on the right has a darker shade and box on the left had a lighter shade that is not as uniform across the sticks. I put the cigars with wrappers rolled inside out resting on the lid and the rest inside with visible colored veins running on the wrapper for comparison. Notice the vein lines that are inside out look like stitch lines. Picture doesn’t do it justice, but you can’t see any colored veins on
  14. Definitely inside out. I compared it to a Macanudo cafe mini I have pictured below, which are rolled with the veins facing inside and the bottom of the leaf on the outside. Is this Reyes a fakey or Cuba being Cuba? Anyone else have sticks in a box with the wrapper leaf vein side flipped over and rolled towards the inside?
  15. Trini Reyes, can’t see any usual visible veins, dull, and it appears the wrapper leaf was rolled inside out. Have several in the box rolled this way. The veins are like raised stitches. This is my first box of Trini Reyes. Thoughts? Smoked one ROTT a few weeks ago, worst thing I ever tasted. Tossed it after only an inch of smoking. Opened it up and it was wet. Going to dry box this one after 3 weeks of rest.

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