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  1. Hi everyone, Been lurking on the forum for a long time, like the atmosphere and decided to get an account a little while ago. I have learned a lot from here, and hopefully I'll be able to contribute with something of value myself once in a while. I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden but enjoy frequent travelling, (or did, pre-Covid). Regular visitor to the US (mostly IL & FL) and Hong Kong. I got introduced to cigars by my girlfriend a few years back, now enjoy about 30-50 sticks a year, most of them during our summer season, Up to now I've mostly been exploring the different marcas, storage conditions, and just recently took the step from buying singles to getting boxes for aging. (For some reason buying cabs seems very addictive once you start... ) FoH has been immensely helpful during this process. Looking forward to participating a bit more actively. Cheers!

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