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  1. If you’re interested in well-oaked PA wine try Va La in Avondale near Kennett Square, could give you an idea of possibilities. It’s the best PA wine IME.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a “dented” cigar like the one on the bottom row…
  3. My only question(s): how are we already at "No. 2" in a "B series" that's never had another release in ERDM, in a size that isn't a No.2 in any other line in any other marca (because it's actually an Edmundo)?
  4. According to Simon Chase, Dunhill sold at least one cabinet containing 30,000 cigars. I don’t know if Dunhill sold to retailers for resale, if not I’d love to know who bought that. If it somehow survived and made it to BR I think it’d probably break the internet 🙃
  5. True, though we can at least give thanks there remain retailers like Fox and Davidoff in London to carry on the tradition of Havana cigars. And IIRC Fox sold many a cigar to Sir Winston, though we'd have to get @Ryan's word on whether he stored cigars there too.
  6. Agreed - the amount of tobacco isn’t a good measure for much of anything related to value - flavor, smoking time, etc, even though the margins are smaller on the thick cigars
  7. Interesting how the article references the importance of “value perception” to customers. in that more tobacco=better cigar. I would think more flavor=better cigar but I hate fat cigars so I guess I would!
  8. @Elpresidente, are the Lanceros blended to have the same flavor profile as the Carlotta?
  9. Rob, if you had to compare the N1’s flavor to a current/discontinued vitola would it be the same as the Carlotta?
  10. You’re a good son Bijan! I really had never heard of anyone doing it for long-term storage.

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