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  1. Hibiki is exquisite, the Japanese are really putting out some exceptional whiskeys.
  2. Of course in the Vuelta Abajo it’s the westward facing leaves - naturally everything in Cuba is ass-backwards.
  3. I have it on good authority that the leaves which point eastward have the most flavor. But only in the northern hemisphere.
  4. I’ll second @djrey and add that you can always put in fresh cedar planks. But get it up to the proper RH before buying anything else.
  5. Two observations from my own experience: 1) Humidified cedar is definitely more aromatic than dried out. 2) Cedar’s aroma gradually weakens over a (very) long time depending on its thickness and quality. But at the end of the day that lovely smell comes from volatile compounds that won’t last forever. I’ve never had it disappear entirely, but older humidors don’t have quite the same intensity that had young (which is fine by me since too much cedar is not to my taste). How old do you estimate the cabinet is?
  6. One day they will be. But for now I can’t help but remember that when my computer breaks, it’s never a moving part 😉
  7. A recent thread addressed the fourth category - viso - which Davidoff uses frequently. They use very little ligero in any blend and seem to use viso instead as a kind of stronger seco.
  8. Land Rover Freelander was by far the worst car I ever owned. The engine literally tore itself apart after 25,000 miles. You do not want to be a broken down car on the Schuylkill Expressway where the breakdown lane is half a car wide.
  9. Monte 5’s are one of my go-to short smokes. When they’re on they’re as good as any small format/minuto.
  10. This is a defining trait of paranoid personality disorder, and let’s be honest: paranoia is the order of the day, especially on cable news. There’s always a villain, and it’s almost always one or more other Americans. Enemies in our midst! Be afraid! And of course, tune in tomorrow for more! It’s exhausting.
  11. That’s definitely true when it comes to cable news. But all news has to choose what to cover, and that is where things have started to get ridiculous even in print media.
  12. I wouldn’t even store NC’s at 72%. The one time I tried lead to split wrappers. Never again.
  13. At this point, I find foreign (and a handful of local) newspapers more reliable sources of news for my country - the national news organizations are all too polarized anymore in their coverage. And what’s sick is you actually don’t even get reality by watching/reading “both sides” - just double the nonsense.

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