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  1. They must have something to do with it, because I hadn't realized they used them at Davidoff until watching this. Even when a Davidoff is as hard as a broomstick it draws near perfectly.
  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on this bizarre story for years, and it does increasingly appear to be legit and happening in multiple countries. It remains bizarre. I suppose it’s a clever way to disable foreign agents without a clear evidence trail on their person. If I had to guess? Russia. They’re not worried about a serious international response to overtly poisoning their own nationals, but foreign diplomats are another story. And this seems like their MO - but that’s my personal (and circumstantial) conjecture.
  3. I thought tonight was supposed to be group therapy on popular cigars you just can't get into - I had a D4 dryboxed to go!
  4. Can anyone confirm whether MTS is Partagas (I had thought it was Upmann)?
  5. Siglo V LTO ABR 20 — LTO has IME been a superstar code in 2020; I’d probably take it blind over even MAR. Like most LTO 2020 Cohiba I’ve gotten, the wrappers are on the dark side but construction and aroma are right on point. These are one of those instances where the wrappers feel much oilier to the touch than they look. Looking forward to breaking one of these out in a couple months.
  6. Yeah it’s only downside is currently I can only access on my laptop. I have been meaning to try converting it to a Google sheet, if I get a chance and it works I’ll let you know.
  7. I had to make liberal use of the help section myself I like excel because it’s fully customizable though. My sheets are: 1) Shipments (Dates, boxes or singles shipped, and hyperlinked tracking numbers where available). I originally started just with this to make it easier to track multiple shipments. 2) Boxes (Sorted alphabetically and by age); box code/date; tasting or aging notes; date received, and “days until rested” (default is 90). I just put in the date received and the sheet automatically populates the “rested on” field and the “days until rested” columns. Until the latter
  8. I used an excel file with pages for shipments, old and current boxes, dates, and what is ready to smoke. Took me a while to hone it down but it suits my needs well.
  9. As an American, I also think it’s a legitimate topic of interest. Certainly the inquiry could veer into the gratuitous or bullying, but I believe the OP was careful not to cross that line. And I think it’s a question of perennial interest, at least in America. British accents continue to have associations with “refinement”, though even here I sense the public discriminates between “toff“ accents (Received Pronunciation) and the more “rustic” varieties. It’s part of the reason period dramas like HBO’s Rome use actors (or at least accents) from the UK. The obverse of that “refinement”
  10. It’s lovely, but I think I’d rather get $20,000 in actual Cohiba.
  11. Got a ‘19 Punch 898 and ‘17 Siglo III in the lineup already, probably throw a ‘16 Monte 4 in and maybe a Short de Punch if time allows.
  12. From someone actively engaged with local to Congressional politics, this is truth. My rule of thumb for PA and most American politics: if you think something is bad, it’s usually worse. What’s aggravated the situation is that social media and the nationalization of news media has fueled a celebritization of politics. This phenomenon transcends party and ideology - both news media and social media are a market for your attention. Clicks=profit. And the people who drive clicks are the most outrageous or extreme. Politics was never really noble, but over the past 15 years or so it’s
  13. If the cold aroma wasn’t so perfect, I might have sent them the a doctor for a full STD panel Doctor: Do you have a burning sensation at the head?

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