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  1. Trying to tune in and out of this hearing and it’s unbearable. Going on three hours of debate over whether the Immigration Minister really thought through his decision. Goodness.
  2. This. It’s really no different than the question of whether CC are better or NC are - ultimately it comes down to a matter of taste. I can’t get my sister’s boyfriend into Cubans because he loves his pepper bombs. I for one wholeheartedly embrace all Cohiba detractors and wish you success in converting millions to your cause. Because I love them, and I’ve watched the price of some increase by 200% over the past 18 months at other online retailers. It’s at the point where they’ve truly exceeded the point I am interested in paying the premium.
  3. I think it should be one entry per correct answer, if only because there will be such a strong temptation to cheat if you are only missing one and there are so few actual eligible entrants. Yeah, I know it's an FOH competition, but people are people and some of them are drinking when they're on the forum . But Moe knows what he's doing. I didn't even bother guessing on #6.
  4. I mean if ND can use some kind of Jedi mind-trick to purify sewage into drinking water, surely he can influence a judge to rule in his favor? Here he is about to heal his brain merely with the touch of his own hand. And you can't argue with the results.
  5. If you can find any H-Town lanceros still available, they are one of the 2-3 best NC cigars I've ever smoked. If you like salted roasted peanuts, you'll be in heaven. My understanding is that they are based on the Singular Phantom blend - never tried one though to confirm.
  6. Without the hint I would have bombed on 3 - was sure it was someone else before I realized his category wasn't included.
  7. Apparently this one is planning a hearing on Sunday. I’m surprised they even open up the courthouse on the weekend.
  8. Thank you for sharing @Nino, any comment on whether this has been a good growing season elsewhere too, or are these leaves more an index of their skills than the weather?
  9. The floral notes I get with a Coloniales often remind me of certain high-quality black teas or Darjeeling. I think tea goes well with almost any CC, but black tea and a Coloniales are for me a classic pairing.
  10. Very good description of the “three Montecristos.” I would put this cigar in the first group, in that the flavors were there but just not in the right balance. Not bad, enjoyable even, but not truly Montecristo either. I also agree on the IBTC cigar - I lucked out and got one of those shining-star Monte 4’s. But at the same time I have zero surprise that some tasters got examples which tasted nothing like one. My BBF was that way too, but with Monte you can almost count on every box to contain at least one or two examples like that, if not more.
  11. Biologists, later in article: “We would have found it sooner had we not started by asking male dolphins’ about its location.”
  12. 50 years ago the answer would have probably been yes, you can expect a good retailer to accommodate a repeat customer. But aside from changes to the medium in which you buy them, cigars have extraordinary duties which retailers must now eat for cigars they refund and cannot resell. The only cigars I have asked for a (partial) refund on were from an international retailer I also buy Cubans from, but that was due to damage and splitting around the feet of some perfectos, not taste.
  13. I have always wanted to know whether this policy still applied to the completely empty box of Monte 2 you once got…and if so, could you at least get your duties refunded? I can’t help but ask!

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