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  1. Apropos Montecristo specifically, I agree it tends to have more uneven quality than most marca’s, extending not just to the construction but the wrappers and flavor. If there’s anywhere to pay the premium for HQ/PSP, it’s Monte. I smoke more Trinidad than any marca besides Montecristo, at least I used to, so I’m a big fan. That said, I am not sure Trinidad is notably ahead of Cohiba in the same way it and others are ahead of Monte. I’ve had boxes of Reyes with beautiful wrappers that were 50% super-tight and 50% irreparably plugged. My first box of Esmerelda were mostly disappointments, with some serious construction issues. At least half the Trini I smoke are Coloniales and over the past few years the plug rate has been fairly low but I still get at least one or two plugs per box that a PD can’t fully rectify. I will allow the plug rate outside Reyes is slightly lower than Cohiba IME, and there is a little less variation in blend integrity (though I suspect that’s a function of their flavor profiles as much as anything). But then again, I smoked through a 2019 MUP box two years ago that was absolutely terrible - most of the cigars had a strong, unpleasant earthiness and the issue was so common with that code there was a thread on it IIRC. In short, I don’t buy Trinidad with any more confidence than I do (did) Cohiba. I bought it because I really enjoy the profile. The biggest challenge for HSA re Trinidad will be establishing it as a luxury brand on the same level as Cohiba. The price hike will probably help with that, but I think it’s still up for debate whether there’s enough room at the top for two when Cohiba is clearly the king.
  2. I was speaking more generally about the tone that platform is known for.
  3. Please reserve that kind of disrespect for Reddit. We don’t impugn other members here or laugh at them if they offer a reasonable opinion.
  4. Love gin - on vacation and found a bottle of Nolet’s a favorite that’s not really available in PA anymore. Gin is a wonderful canvas for the artistry of great spirits. Great read Ken, thank you.
  5. “This machine turns out HAND-MADE cigars.” Love it 🙂. Thank you @Puros Y Vino!
  6. You don’t have to be a connoisseur (or connossieur) to tell a cigar is plugged. Are most sales in HK through divans? I know most fine cigar merchants will replace a plugged cigar purchased for on premise smoking.
  7. Thank you for sharing, sounds like the BR event did not disappoint!
  8. I’m not sure there’s many people who expect the prices to go down. I also don’t think it’s fair to assume posts skeptical of the move are motivated by hope and not reason. There is a logical case for skepticism they can sustain sales at the new prices if they reach pre-COVID production capacity (a big if), but in that event I think they’ll just limit production accordingly and make more of other cigars. We are used to Cuba making as much as it can and scarcity being natural, but artificial scarcity is part and parcel of many luxury goods and happens in NC cigars too. If they start sending distributors more cigars than they can sell, grey market discounting is inevitable. But even “discounting” on the new prices will be higher than today, and even if production recovered tomorrow wouldn’t occur until distributors had rebuilt their stocks (ie years)
  9. Perusing this old thread and realizing it may have new significance now that we’re seeing better availability in petacas and because 3/5 packs will become the only size many smokers will be able to afford in Cohiba. The only Trini in packs that I know of are Vigia. Regarding the above, I keep all tubed cigars in their tubes. I think tubos are, depending on the cigar, more an advantage than a problem. They do age a little slower and naturally gain a little more cedar over time. If you don’t like cedar it can be partly dissipated by removing the tubo a day before smoking. Cardboard sleeves, on the other hand, are the pits and I immediately put the cigars into a singles tray with their marca or an SLB if possible. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how, when, or even which ones go bland. Case in point: a few years ago I bought two 5-packs of Siglo III with 3 years of age, same exact box code, same storage conditions (lightly “plume” covered). One pack was stellar - while they smoked older than 3 years they had plenty of flavor. Cigars from the second pack are the blandest Cohiba I’ve ever smoked.
  10. Late 2019 1’s had a rash of total plugs, so far haven’t seen anything like that in 2020-2021, but YMMV.
  11. This is what I think some people are missing in this: most rich people didn’t get that way throwing their money away. Are there fools? Absolutely. Are there enough who smoke lots of cigars to support this nonsense? I guess we’ll find out. I suspect artificial scarcity is the most likely outcome of all this, if Cuba is able to get production anywhere close to pre-COVID levels If anyone is willing to pay that price on BR I’ll gladly sell them all my Reyes without a moment’s regret!!
  12. By dead do you mean out of production entirely or repositioned within the market? I agree that, absent artificial scarcity, they can’t support these prices long term. But I doubt they’d delete the entire marca anytime soon.
  13. Davidoff have been in short supply lately. They already make a $100 and a $500 cigar, and both are consistently available online at discounts. They’ve announced price increases in line with inflation for this year.
  14. As we’ve discussed on this forum before (and before the prices went into the stratosphere) there is no meaningful difference in quality between those two brands and the other premium marcas like Montecristo or Partagas. The flavors of Cohiba and Trinidad are different - they’re blends, and so it’s unsurprising many find them undesirable or just “meh.” While I smoke more Trini right now than Cohiba, it’s also less of a distinct blend and thus even less justifiable from a price perspective now. Davidoff Grand Cru No 2 and a Coloniales are my two favorite morning smokes. Now the Davidoff will not only be much cheaper, it is - price aside - a better cigar. Yes, some Coloniales exceed it, but most don’t. And there’s no struggling with draw or burn ever.
  15. Exactly how I feel. I wouldn’t exactly say I was raised conservatively, but I was raised to be humble and eschew frequently wasting money on extravagances, especially if I’m not sharing them with others (which I can’t because none of my friends or family smoke cigars; in fact they all hate it). Being able to “afford” Cohiba doesn’t mean I have a limitless budget - extra money spent on cigars is money that comes out of wine or other pleasures than I CAN and do regularly get to share with others. Spending $60-$80 on a cigar feels selfish, especially when I don’t think it’s worth anywhere near that much. So this price hike makes those cigars less enjoyable for me, even if I acquired them at much lower prices. I’ve taken this entire situation to reassess my spending on cigars in general, and spend more of my discretionary budget on building out my wine cellar.
  16. Jeez. At least 26 confirmed dead. Horrible for the Cubans who’ve endured the past few years to meet such an end on the job. Also children and a pregnant woman among the dead, according to state media via AP. Let’s hope they didn’t suffer. Rest In Peace. I have to imagine this will raise concerns amongst tourists, and with the ongoing Russian sanctions they need every one they can get. A reminder that things can always get worse.
  17. They must be referring to how it’s the only “super luxury” product I’ve ever bought where 15-20% are defective.
  18. They’ve been excellent, though like @NSXCIGAR I prefer the fuller flavor of the 3, 4, and 5. Still one of my go-to’s, though.
  19. I wasn’t suggesting that wasn’t the case - in fact it’s what I was implying. Except you get called a racist in this country for saying it too directly 🥶

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