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    Cigars, Competitive BBQ, and Bourbon, my 3 passions besides by family.

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  1. Yes, what a great song. Heard it from the 3rd row. Great concert.
  2. Interesting reading all the viewpoints on here. I think there will still be a full season of some sorts. Like someone else mentioned, they have plenty of backup players they can rotate in. I watched the first episode of Hard Knocks Life on the LA Rams & LA Chargers and they mentioned this exactly. Players that are already getting cut early on, have a good chance of rotating back in, so they need to keep up with their training. This season will be much different than the past, and will make my Fantasy Football Leagues that much more interesting.
  3. Smoked this brisket for my wifes birthday, it was juicy.
  4. Received a box today from 24:24 clearance. 24 PLPC 2 quarter packs, quarter pack of CoRos, and Punch 898. The Punch and Coros look and smell outstanding, night have to get a box of each now.
  5. Congratulations, i enjoyed all the reviews on this one as i have not smoked any of them.
  6. That sticker on the top is probably to cover up a crack in the plastic....thats high quality. 🤔
  7. Yes, me too, but I downloaded the audio book. I like to listen to these during my 1 hr commute to work. This one looks to be very good.
  8. Congrats, i enjoyed reading all the reviews, made me want to try out a few more Cohiba's.

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