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    Cigars, Competitive BBQ, and Bourbon, my 3 passions besides by family.

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  1. He is running behind. Going on 16 months for me and still waiting. But he did send me a picture a couple weeks ago with most of the cabinet finished.
  2. Just read through this thread again. It reminded me why it convinced me to order an Avallo myself the last time i read it. This week is a year since i put down my 1/3 deposit on a cooled DDD. He had quoted 7-8 months but he was set back with covid and other illness. Hoping to hear from Matt soon that its ready to ship.
  3. I like this RG and been smoking several lately. My favorites are Esmeralda & Rico Sico. Short down time and their smoking great.
  4. Interesting reading all the viewpoints on here. I think there will still be a full season of some sorts. Like someone else mentioned, they have plenty of backup players they can rotate in. I watched the first episode of Hard Knocks Life on the LA Rams & LA Chargers and they mentioned this exactly. Players that are already getting cut early on, have a good chance of rotating back in, so they need to keep up with their training. This season will be much different than the past, and will make my Fantasy Football Leagues that much more interesting.
  5. Smoked this brisket for my wifes birthday, it was juicy.
  6. Received a box today from 24:24 clearance. 24 PLPC 2 quarter packs, quarter pack of CoRos, and Punch 898. The Punch and Coros look and smell outstanding, night have to get a box of each now.
  7. Congratulations, i enjoyed all the reviews on this one as i have not smoked any of them.

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