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  1. Interesting. Thanks for this. Are cigar beetles still a common problem in current times? I read that manufacturers freeze the tobacco or cigars. At the moment I'm storing cigars at room temperature of about 73.5f (22.7 C), do you think this is a cause for concern?
  2. @PigFish That was a great video! I will definitely be sharing this. Is PMC the main factor that affects cigars? I read that for long term cigar storage people tend to store cigars at cooler temperatures of about 55-65 degrees and 65%rH. According to video this means PMC would be about 14-16%. But I can also achieve 14-16% PMC using higher temperatures. So why do people tend to store cigars at lower temperatures? Doesn't a lower temperature increase risk of mould? Also at what temperature do cigar weevils / beetles grow? Thanks!
  3. Given what I read online, temperature + RH go hand in hand. In regards to flavours, I don't think I can pick up subtle flavour profiles but I can pick up the differences in flavour between different cigars. The only fear I have is that the cigars change in their flavour in a major way. Do you think this is possible?
  4. Hello Sirs! I am certain that you have read a post like this hundreds of times in the past. I am sorry for being so repetitive, I just can't seem to find a definitive answer to my problem. I recently purchased about 15 cigars which I am storing in a tupperdor (using 65% RH Boveda) in my wardrobe. I'm an infrequent cigar smoker, I smoke a cigar once every month, so some cigars may be sitting in my humidor for a year or more. My concern is that the internal readings of the tupperdor are 23.5 degrees celsius (74.3 degrees F) and 66% RH. I have read that cigars shouldn't be stored above 70 degrees Fahrenheit as it can bring out harsh flavours, change a cigar's flavour profile and make cigars wet. Also, reading other posts on here, I've found that most people prefer to store their cigars at 65% / 65f. I live in an apartment so I don't have a cool dry place I can store the cigars, they have to sit on my desk or in my wardrobe somewhere. Temperature is pretty stable throughout the year, internal it would almost always be between 21 - 24 degrees celsius. Since I can't regulate my temperature, I feel like I'm being counter productive... Should myself and others in my position give up on storing cigars at home? I'm starting to contemplate whether I'm doing the cigars any justice by storing them in suboptimal conditions. Should I just buy singles every time I want to smoke? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!
  5. Thanks for your reply! What does the bicarb and water mixture do? Also Do you coat all of your containers with this mixture, even tupperware? Thanks!
  6. I see! I purchased both a Sistema KLIP IT container and a Lock n Lock one. Do you think using tupperware is a viable long term solution or should I look to invest in a wooden humidor? Locally I've found that cigars go for about £20 a stick. Boxes are quite expensive, I think the average price of a box was about £700. I might buy a box once I've found a cigar I favour above others, but for now I'm buying 2-3 sticks of recommended brands. Have you ever had issues with temperature? I live in a flat so I don't have a basement, but I read that I should store the cigars in a cool place? Thanks for the help mate, appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response! Have you found that temperature of your home affects the cigars? My internal home temperature generally ranges from 65 - 75 degrees f.
  8. Thanks for your response! I noticed that you mentioned temperature fluctuations. I live in an apartment so I don't have a cool place to store the humidor. I guess it will just live in a drawer somewhere or a desk. Temperature can range between 65 - 75 degrees f. Thanks for your response! Do you always drybox cigars? Have you noticed a difference between drybox and non drybox? Thanks for your response! Would any plastic tupperware work for long term storage or is it a short term solution in your experience?
  9. Ah nice, thanks for the Lock n Lock recommendation! Does the humidor have to be Acrylic or does any old plastic work?
  10. Hello! I had my first cigar the other day, it was a Montecristo Edmundo Petit. It was a little heavy, but a delightful experience! I am an ex cigarette smoker so I don't want to get back into smoking regularly, but having a cigar on occasion shouldn't hurt. I found this lifesaver of a forum after searching for cigar advise and falling down the internet rabbit hole. I really need some advise on starting out and I would really appreciate any help! I intend to smoke on occasion or once every few months. I enjoy cigars but I don't want to make a habit out of it. So I will be storing cigars for months at a time. Humidor: I'm looking to get a low maintenance, under $100 humidor, I've been advised that the Acrylic Humidors are best for my situation. Has anyone tried these out? Cigars: Since I'll be storing cigars for months, I read that it is ideal to store Cuban and Non-Cuban cigars at different humidity levels. Something about how Cuban cigars smoke better and taste better at 65% RH while Non-Cuban cigars need 69% RH? Does this mean that I shouldn't store Cuban and Non-Cuban cigars in the same humidor? Is it ok to store both cigars at the same 65% or 69% RH? I live in the UK so it is generally cold and humidity is roughly 45% during winter. Thanks a million for all your help. This forum is a life saver. EDIT - I found many comments, thanks for all the help! Much appreciated!

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