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  1. Giants fan here, so the only question is whether we’ll draft Trevor Lawrence or try and get more protection for Danny Dimes. 🤔
  2. Welcome! From a fellow outside-of-NYCer.
  3. Looks like the Las Vegas Gamblers went a perfect 16 for 16 in week 2!
  4. Big fan of these. Didn't think I'd like them but they smoke so well.
  5. Just joined! Are there rules posted anywhere? Does clear winner mean most correct picks in a week or getting every pick correct in a week?
  6. Awesome, can’t wait! Just got them two weeks ago so will let them sit a little longer before trying again.
  7. Good to hear! Mine's MAR 19 so will put them away for a year and try again. The good thing about a 50 cab is that there's enough sticks to go around 😀
  8. Looks good when clean, but agree that if it's such a common issue that they would think to fix.
  9. For sure, lit one up just to try it out and it was harsh. Will be putting these away for a few years.
  10. I just got a box of PLPC with this same exact issue so glad to have found this thread!
  11. Picked up a box on a whim in Havana last year and looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the review!
  12. Agree that these are solid smokes with a bit of age!
  13. Picked up a box of these in Italy a few years back and have had one so far. Decent smoke at the time but curious to see how they fare now with a bit of age. Also curious at how it compares to the Leyendas/Maltas, but alas I only have the Dumas 🙃
  14. Great review! The Monte #4s were the first box of Cuban cigars I bought back in 2015 with a box code of OLE MAY 14. Down to two left from that box but have to say that it's infinitely better with age and a solid short-ish smoke. Fortunately was able to pick up an aged box from 5y16 last year so looking forward to enjoying these for years to come.

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