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  1. Happy birthday, Di! Thanks for everything that you do for us. 🙂
  2. Oh, and I share two coolidor with friends and we just got another 120qt thanks to 24:24 and Black Friday deals ?
  3. Variation on Parkinson's Law: cigar collection expands to fill the space that you have available.
  4. Happy to let others who need it more get it first, but sign me up.
  5. If we make the labels bigger, maybe people won't buy the cigars!
  6. Those Siglos look amazing! This thread has me wanting to stock up on 2020 sticks...
  7. Love the 50s, looking forward to trying the 54 from the sampler!
  8. I've had the same dilemma. Tried and loved the Secretos, balked at the price of the Genios, figured the Maduro 1s would be a good value alternative so went in on a 24:24 box.
  9. Thanks for the review! Wondering if I should hold off on the QdO54 from the sampler for a few months. I've always found the 50s better with a few years on them.
  10. Nice review! Regret not picking up a box of the CoRos in Cuba last year, especially seeing how much they've gone up in price outside of Cuba since then.
  11. Helpful review! Got a box of these on 24:24 and waiting for better weather to dip in, but as a fan of Montes and the Cohiba Maduro 5 line I'm excited to try these.
  12. Nice review. M4's are one of my go-to, and only get better with age. Hope your box smooths out!
  13. Great review and happy birthday! Looking forward to trying my Supremo.
  14. Haven't you heard? Bond Roberts now selling partial boxes ?

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