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  1. I think of CCs as another company/portfolio of brands on the market. I’m mostly a NC smoker, but I am buying boxes of CCs To put in the daily rotation. Which for me, means about $12 and below. Partys, Bolivar, and RA should be smoked often. Also the $6> CC “cheap and cheerfuls” are better than NCs in that range. Right now is a golden age in cigars worldwide. The availability, creativity, and quality is the best in history. A person can skip (trade away?) the stuff they merely like, and smoke the stuff the love. And there has to be a NC out there to match any cigar lover. I can see where some of the NC brands and fads (pepper and ligero bombs) would be less beloved to those used to the smoothness of aged CCs. With so much out there, i can also see where it would be more difficult to find the NC that checks all the preference boxes. As noted in Bmbroads post, the allure factor, the psychological part of the experience, is huge. Hard to account for that. Probably why there is so much marketing BS with NCs. Also in the scenario, the cigars are gone. I’m imagining that means the land is available to be farmed by NC companies and farmers. People like the Padrons, Davidoff (again), Fuente, Drew Estate, My Father/Tatuaje, Oliva, Plasencia, Eiroa, etc. would grow In Cuba. If blenders had had Cuban tobacco to make puros as well as to use with blends involving tobaccos worldwide, I think we’d have the best stuff ever.
  2. Here are some pics of what I do in Michigan, USA. The locking tupperware with the rubber gaskets costs $3-9 USD. Top one will hold about 50 sticks, bottom 20. The cheap igloo cooler about $35. With the coolers, I use 65% beads. I recharge them with distilled water about once per month. Because humidity can settle toward the bottom a bit, the bottom layer I put empty boxes. Also, notice the hygrometer. Another option is the armored, Pelican style case. The picture is a 10 count (they go past 40). It is my main to-go humidor. A mini Boveda pack lasts 3 months+. Notice the green foam disc in the lid? These are often included in a variety of humidors. NEVER use these. All they do is pump out 75%+ humidity until they dry out. They will ruin cigars pretty quickly. All of this stuff I wash with high quality dish soap and hot water. The goal is to wash off any mold-release agent, just like any food container. I also throw the cedar sheets that come in a lot of cigar boxes in with the singles in the tupperware. I’m dubious they do much, but I’m not throwing them away. I keep non-Cubans to smoke at 67-69%. I age non-Cubans and store/age Cubans at 63-65%. I can pull any cigar out and it almost always smokes fine. If it doesn’t, I blame the cigar.
  3. Hi Danny, fellow newbie to the forum. Just to throw a couple more thoughts around: if the Montecristo was a bit overwhelming, I would recommend a Hoya de Monterrey Epicure Especial, or a Romeo y Julieta short churchill. If the Montecristo felt like a 7, these will probably be more like a 5. Cigar opinions are as varied as human beings are. There are a zillion factors that influence the enjoyment of the experience. Pay attention to those. Also helpful is to look for those (reviewers, cigar makers) who seem to have a common palate. Their recommendations weigh more with me. Don’t know where you are in the UK, but if possible, go to a shop/club and have a cigar. Maybe look at some youtube videos are on how to get the most out of the experience. If you do any of that and find the cigar that really excites you, don’t be surprised if once every couple months turns into once per week. Enjoy!
  4. Hi everyone! I’m from Michigan, USA and have been smoking cigars for about 10 years. I usually smoke about 10 per week. The vast majority have been non-Cubans, thus I’m looking forward to learning about them. I like virtual herfs and am looking forward to giving those a go. I’m experienced with Bourbon, Tequila, and coffee (the best flavor pairing with most cigars, imo) varieties. Also knowledgeable of Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars. Hopefully I can be helpful and contribute in those areas. Cheers!

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