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  1. Yeah man, go for it. I think if it’s a quality piece of clothing you’ll get more curiosity than ridicule. But, that’s fashion. Have fun! And don’t get arrested on a windy day...
  2. I met a guy on a trail who uses one for hiking. He loves it. It’s made of synthetic materials and quick drying and fully modern. I would certainly consider it myself for a long distance hike or if I hiked more. Sorry, not much more than that. Just an idea that a search for a hiking kilt may turn up an option you like.
  3. Medical supplies aren’t embargoed. Anything more suspicious than seeking $100,000 to aid a foreign government? Cuba can’t come up with $100,000? This organization is headquartered on Broadway in New York City? Is there a more expensive place to rent an office in the US?
  4. What I find interesting also is how little China imports from Cuba. Cubans shouldn’t worry though. They’re using the time-tested method of problem solving, blaming others. Some independence they have.
  5. Most rum is made from molasses, which is a byproduct of refining sugarcane into white sugar.
  6. Can you please reveal another letter? I enjoy learning about British (or anywhere really) culture and language. And perhaps a consonant rather than a vowel. They tend to be more useful. As for the Foulkes, I wouldn’t mind if they were seated at my table at a cigar event. But I doubt I would invite them on the road trip and to share the hotel room.
  7. Agreed. Hard to find ≠ Impossible to find. Those type of shops are the same way in Michigan. Best is subjective and often what criteria is used is debatable. I was just offering my 2 cents for the NC world on the question of exclusivity. I don’t know enough on the matter for CC world to offer an informed opinion. I agree that best cigar and best experience are 2 different things. I recall a wine critic I used to read back when newspapers were around. He was asked what the best bottle of wine was. His answer was some $30 bottle from his youth that he shared on a picnic wit
  8. How about a Toscano? Thanks for the tip. Just ordered a stainless one.
  9. Closest thing I can think of: In the US (so this is about NCs), a lot of shops have memberships. With this you usually get a storage locker and maybe some swag. Also one may get first dibs on annual and limited cigars. Example: in late fall Fuente releases their Añejo line. The most desired vitola is the shark. Kind of a box-pressed torpedo the opens even more at the foot. Really nice cigar. Let’s say a shop is allotted 10 boxes. The preferred members/customers get them before they ever appear on a shelf.
  10. You quoted me but I’m not sure how you interacted with any of my points. I summarize them as: The embargo was/is a reaction to stolen property and threatening rhetoric. It solidified with the nuclear threat. It is because of actions, NOT because of the form of government. The Cuban government regards the US as enemies. Nothing has changed with Cuban foreign policy toward the US. New points: Just as nobody likes a foreigner to tell them what government they should have, nor do they like to be told who they have to trade with. It is not the responsibility of the US
  11. I don’t really get a cigar experience with any panatela. Haven’t had a Cohiba one that I can recall, but fewer leaves usually means less complexity. I just go with the minis or shorts when I have only 15 minutes to smoke. Usually, for me, this is live poker tournaments that have 15 minute breaks every 1.5 hours. I like to go outside and hang with the cigarette smokers. I prefer a tiny “cigar” than to keep extinguishing and relighting a robusto kept in a tube. I’m talking so I’m not paying that close attention. I guess the COPA would probably be ok, but at $10 USD+ each, I’ll stick
  12. This read like a cold war spy writing in some sort of code. 😂
  13. As for the embargo, the same people who stole (stealing is evil) American (and others) property and invited nuclear missiles to be pointed at Florida are still the ones in power. They sent their prisoners to the US. They still maintain the same rhetoric. They still enrich themselves with that stolen property. Sure, Batista was pretty bad. But the Cuban people were much, much better off with that government than the current one. It’s a question like, would you rather have identity thieves steal $5k or $25k from your savings account? Would you rather have 1 of your children murdered,
  14. The Cuban government hasn’t failed. It’s purpose is the prosperity of the communist party. That is being accomplished. Like all communist countries, the wealthiest 90%+ are the communist elites. All the Cuban government needs is enough internal peace to maintain power/enrichment. They will say and censor anything to that end. If Cuba were free, production and quality of cigars would increase. And they would go down in price. The better producers world-wide would import the tobacco. Cubans would farm more tobacco because the competition for it would increase the price of it.

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