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  1. You have 120 boxes, each stored in a ziplock bag? Then stacked up on a bookshelf or industrial style shelving?
  2. Definitely went my way. Won the coin flips, which is usually what it takes. Well played!
  3. I recommend cooking it directly on the coals. Alton Brown claims skirt steak is his very favorite cut from the animal. Nice to learn from someone who is so passionate about it. Googling “alton brown skirt steak” will fetch some worthy recipes and videos, including cooking directly on coals. Not many “reasonable” wrong ways, but Alton’s is my favorite. Btw, Alton is a cigar lover.
  4. On a serious note: the soil is important. Starting with pests and/or their eggs can be a cause for a lot of frustration. I recommend you source some good, clean soil meant for the application you intend. Pretty common frustration for many an indoor gardener.
  5. Just follow the instructions in the first post of this thread and you should be golden. Once registered for the game, if the app is open, the game and table will automatically pop up.
  6. The embargo is because of the Cuban government stealing of US property in Cuba. (late 50s, early 60s). Just like if the US government were to confiscate all airplanes and hangars currently in US airports that are owned by foreign companies. It has nothing to do with the government/economic system Cuba claims to have. The US and Cuba are enemies. Just ask the Cuban leaders. Over 100 countries in the world embargo the sale of arms to Cuba (and many other places as well). Cuba seems to be able to sell, somewhere in the world, almost all (all?) that it produces. Food and medicine are not embargoed by the US. Cuba can buy as much as they like from the US or any other country. Since “the revolution” Cuba has never been self-sufficient. They required “gifts” from other communist allies. Gifts on the scale necessary to make Cuba whole are never free in the long term.
  7. Freedom I get that as an “ultimate” goal. But that is vague to a degree. How do the protesters intend to accomplish that? Are they wanting the party to replace Diaz-Canel with a different party member? Are they wanting free elections with parties that can challenge The Communist Party of Cuba? A new constitution focusing on individual rights? Do they have a leader/government that they believe to be more benevolent that they wish to install? Do they want the top 100k “revolutionaries” to swim off to Mexico and Guatemala? Do they want the UN or some foreigners to rule by mandate until a more permanent solution is decided? The point is, expressing dissatisfaction is just part of a plan. History is replete with ineffective uprisings and failed coups.
  8. What is the goal of the protesters? They’re getting shot and likely worse, arrested for it.
  9. Medicine and food are not embargoed. Cuba can purchase them at will from the US.
  10. RASS - MSU OCT 18. Fabulous box. Only a couple left that I’m kind of saving for a friend to verify they are special. A have a few other boxes (different codes) that are also very nice, but just one notch below. This box has made me a huge fan and I’ll be chasing them for a while. My buddy better get here soon… Monte 4 - I’m always down for one. Mine are all ‘18-‘19. Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda - I have old and new releases. Awesome cigar Rocky Patel Decade Robusto - One of the few Rockys I like all that much. Padron Family Reserve 50 Natural - Get some
  11. Our friends from Halfwheel have been previewing new release announcements on their blog. For those who are interested in what’s new and upcoming, it’s worth a follow. It would be cool to see some of the pomp, booths, artwork, fashion, and cigar paraphernalia (cigarbage) if someone is there.
  12. EP Carillos age as well as any CC. As they are priced like PDS4, nothing wrong with stashing away some boxes.
  13. I would be careful of any woven fabrics that will absorb the smoke. Just like in a car. Also, a major source of stink are the ashes and cigar nubs. They should be collected somewhere well sealed until they can be tossed in the garden or outside trash or whatever. And nothing wrong with a smoking jacket or robe to wear while in the room. Maybe install a door from the basement into the main house if not one there already.

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