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  1. I had a Cedros #2 a few weeks back and it was awful. I figured I'd give them a shot and buy a few singles as a I love coronas and RyJ but if the rest of them are any way like that first one I will be staying far away.
  2. I feel like they were a pain in the neck to find even before the current shortage but what do I know
  3. How does the Mille Fleur stack up with the PC? I'm interested in trying them.
  4. I bought a box of 2017 Petit Coronas and they have been outstanding; a lot of cherry sweetness, with cedar and leather drifting in and out. I bought another box (2021) which I'm giving some rest before I dive in.
  5. Maybe they learned something and could apply it to SLR 🙄
  6. This is one of the dumbest laws I think I’ve ever heard and that’s saying something
  7. I’ll go RASS because that’s a flavor I get on most of them and Regios only because I’ve heard others say this (although I taste mostly berries).
  8. Happy Easter to my fellow Orthodox brethren.
  9. Bought a box blind that is currently en route. We'll see. Thanks for the review!
  10. These are definitely on my list to try...although it is a rather long list
  11. As a big fan of cigars with fruit notes (cherry, citrus, stone fruit, whatever) I wanted to know if you guys could point me in the direction of a corona-ish sized smoke that delivers? It can be a CC or NC, it doesn't really matter. I know RyJ has about 10 of them but I haven't really heard a good thing about any of them. Thanks gents!
  12. Have a box of Mag 46 BRE OCT 18...fingers crossed

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