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  1. I’ve only smoked one SLR Regios but that had a ton of berries for me.
  2. Punch Punch on the Gulf of Mexico outside of Tampa watching Eta roll through
  3. Beautiful car but the view isn’t quite as good as the one from your summer smoking lounge lol
  4. RA Superiores. Getting a lot of that RA stewed apple profile. Lovely smoke.
  5. Coloniales. Third one out of my box and this is the first good example. Hopefully the rest are more like this.
  6. I smoked one today as well from a 24:24 3-pack and it was damn impressive. It was my first Vigia, now I'm looking for more lol.
  7. My first CoRo courtesy of our Lord and savior. It certainly lived up to its reputation.
  8. Nice to hear to some good news in this day and age. Much love to you and your family.

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