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  1. Sorry for being a necroposter as well, but do u know any other articles about best foods for health? I was recently diagnosed with the covid, so I need to eat only healthy food. I know that the rehabilitation period can last for too long, but I'm ready to have a severe diet. The problem is that our healthcare system works really slow and it's almost impossible to get proper consultations in our hospitals. The paperwork is also very exhausting, so this situation is very annoying. However, I've heard that some private clinics have implemented case management system that speeds up the process sig
  2. Everyone has their way to get relaxation. As I said, I've never tried vape, but I would like to. I prefer to eat chocolate with marijuana, it is delicious and does not harm the lungs. I tried marijuana lollipops a couple of times, it's also very cool, and it tastes very nice. I recently smoked a marijuana variety Sativa Strains for the first time, and I enjoyed it. Only here smoking marijuana may not please everyone, because it has a specific taste. That's why I eat chocolate with marijuana. Everyone has their tastes and preferences.
  3. Very funny picture and very clearly reflects the reality. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to learn. Right now, no employer will want to hire you without a college degree. I recently received a CCIE certification and now work in IT. Thanks to this certificate, I managed to get a well-paid job, and a high position. If someone is interested, you can check more and get acquainted. I also have a high school diploma, but that's not enough. I always thought that would be enough, but I was wrong. In order to rise to great heights, you need to constantly learn and develop.
  4. I didn't know that it was like this in Cuba. I still like cash more than electronic payments, idk it's probably stupid. My husband has been talking about how it's stupid to carry cash now, but I am just like that. He is someone has all the new stuff, and now he is selling some stuff online. He keeps talking about chargeback protection, and other stuff like I am interested in that. He has this new payment system that is, in his words, the best. If it were up to me, I would live in Cuba, and use only cash for the rest of my life. Sadly for me the world is changing, and I think that I will have t
  5. Well, a cigar with marijuana is cool, a challenge for the most experienced smokers. I think if you smoke cigars with marijuana, you can get really stoned. I was interested in this, and I also wanted to try smoking a cigar with weed, maybe one day. In general, I am very pleased with the fact that marijuana is now legalized in Canada, and it is not difficult for me to order weed or other various attributes from marijuana. Even though marijuana is now legal and the store I buy from is the most reliable, I still have this feeling that it's illegal. I am sure that we will get used to this, you can
  6. It's very stupid that only Cubans can buy real estate in Cuba. This hinders their economic growth. If the Cubans will not be able to buy the property, the developer loses money. This law has its own pros and cons. I couldn't buy real estate in Cuba at the time, and now, with a cigar in my hand, I look at the sunset and realize that here it is no worse than in Cuba. Stunning sea views, very warm climate, friendly people, low taxes. This is my paradise for me, where I like to come in the summer with my family and spend a wonderful vacation. I plan to buy another house here in the coastal area.
  7. What did I just read? It felt both funny and scary, I don't know how we will cope with this. Millennials of course like to argue about food, and I'm glad that their brain works at least in some way, but why do you need to spoil the food? I now hardly understand the new words of young people, so even this was not enough. I hope that they will not be able to spoil our formed ideas about food, and we can safely continue to enjoy them, as I do with street food from food trucks. If they manage to change the meaning of the words we are used to, it will be chaos, yes, I could call it that.
  8. Mosquitoes always go for my ankles, I hate it and I everyone in my family hates them a lot. It is really important that you do not let them bite you if you can because there are a lot of diseases those things cause. I used a lot of sprays and those work partially, but the best things for them are organic repellents. I ordered one from amazon and my husband did what needed to be done. After that there were almost no mosquitoes around the house.
  9. Just wipe it off and smoke it, I think that everyone does that. It is easy with cigars, but when you have mold in your house it is really bad. I wanted to go live in some other place, but the finances were just not right for that in the moment. There was too much mold and I could not let my children live there like that. I tried cleaning it off, but it just came back. The solution is ozone generator, it got rid of the mold and it is not coming back. It was maybe not the ideal solution, but it worked.
  10. I love Texas Holdem poker, my father is a professional player and he has taught me how to play. I have been playing online and my first experience was playing on Facebook. It was some version of poker and it was fun to play, but I wanted to experience the excitement of playing for real money. I have found a really good casino where I play now. I have won a lot of money while playing there. Playing poker is my only source of income and I live a great life. Playing in a good casino can be really good for you.
  11. Most of the people are using Paypal and I guess it is normal because it's the most popular option. I liked using it before, but I got annoyed when I had to wait 15 days for my money because I had to get some special verification. It was ok to spend money, but when I got some I had to wait for it. Since that has happened I use Skrill and It is much better for me. It is ideal for online trading and all online transactions. It has the best security available and over 36 million usersI registered for Skrill account by using their link and there were many benefits. You can use Baxity to register fo

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