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  1. First piramides review for the week it looks like! Had some time tonight so smoked a HDM piramides that I got in one of those piramides sampler boxes. Rarely hear or see these for sale, are they a sampler box exclusive or something? Clipped the top with a decent, slightly tighter draw than I'd prefer. Been trying out the freezer method and it has been good to me. Today is no exception and draw was perfect after about a hour in the freezer. 1/3 - woody, leathery, and coffee notes with some hints of sweetness 2/3 - Tons of...pencil shavings? Was weird but alright, hav
  2. Congrats! Got lucky with my guess as I don't know who any of them are lol. Hugh Laurie sounds familar though?
  3. Been a busy week so haven't smoked a cigar since the 25th! Couldn't decide what to smoke but with the robusto competition, might as well smoke the oldest cigar I have! Very generous of @JZBdano to trade me this back in Xmas. I'm working through the rest of the trade, too many cigars too little time 😂 Cigar feels and smells good - give it a punch...great draw. Light it up and we're on our way. Starts off with a ton of flavor - I get leather, coffee, and dark chocolate. All wrapped up with a nice hint of sweetness to the cigar. Smoke is crazy smooth and I retrohaled as mu
  4. Mail day! All 24:24 winnings Diplomatico Number 2 RAT JUL 20 Cohiba Siglo III UPO OCT 20 Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Number 1 LGR ABR 19 QdO Corona Claro TUA OCT 20
  5. Congrats! My guess was terrible lol, don't think I've ever heard of that movie 🤷‍♂️
  6. Price being equal would you still choose a Padron higher end vs Opus? I'd take a AF Hemmingway Signature over any Padron I've had so far. I got both from a local store around me, kind of unfair to compare store prices to online prices haha. Had most of Oliva lines...not impressed. I have a bunch because they're highly recommended and I bought a bunch of random cigars when I got back into cigars, but yea to me theyre not worth having around. I'll take a much cheaper JLP over em any day of the week! Ahhh gotcha, I'm not quite sure on the different lines since I was out of the hobb
  7. Ahh I'm a big fan of Fuente cigars and they're my favorite NC brand, with the Hemmingway line leading the way in terms of value and flavor. Honestly I'm not a fan of Padron cigars and I'd put them on the top of my least favorite high end NC's. I think I paid 20ish for the Opus and was in the 30-50s for some Padron 1964 anniversary series or something? Oh yea any cigar under 20? Seems like there's quite a few cigars I'd rather smoke! I'll point out that I also haven't been impressed with Oliva cigars, which also seem to be pretty popular. Maybe there's something I don't like with th
  8. Woot! Just came back from a ski weekend to this, what a great way to start off another week of pto! Thanks and congrats to @Chucko8too!
  9. Flash Your Ash Review Week PLMC, Party Short, and Opus X
  10. Last entry into the FYARW contest - smoked a PLMC LGR Feb 19. With the small RG, I don't think I'll be able to hold any sort of impressive ash so I smoked this as normal and let the ash fall when it falls. My garage floor is already a mess so what's another cigar right lol. 1/3 - Is a sweet woody flavor with hints of spice. Really smell the cocoa coming off it, but can't really detect much cocoa flavor coming from the cigar. Hints of coffee that only lasts a few puffs. 2/3 - Big wood flavor on this cigar and a PL flavor that I can't really put my finger on that the MC and
  11. Smoked an Opus X I got at the B&M last year right when I got back into cigars due to quarantine. Never had one before and 10 years ago when I was into cigars...I couldn't imagine spending $20 bucks on a cigar! Oh how times have changed lol. Anyways my AF cigars have always been decently constructed so I figured I'd try to have a long ash with this one. 1/3 - Getting a marshmallow and sweet woody notes on this third and it's just awesome! 2/3 + 3/3 - Eventually the sweetness of the marshmallow dies down and I'm left with a nice woody spiced note with hints of black pepp
  12. Party short that I got back in January, so been resting for 2 months. Had one ROTT and I thought it had more flavor than this one. Ash for me more represents construction and how it'll burn. I know the saying that it should keep the cigar cool and help it from burning too hot, but I don't really buy into that as I smoke pretty slow anyways so things dont usually get hot for me. With a long ash, I think it'll just be a worry free even burning smoke that doesn't need any touchups and should have a decent draw to it. Starting off this seemed kind of muted in flavor especially compa
  13. I get this same error when I was trying to attach a picture in a new thread. Attempting to upload a jpg file which has been the usual format I've used in the past. Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200) OK

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