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  1. Preferred my dry cigar as it had more flavor nuances vs the wet cigar which made 2 flavors overwhelm the others. It was a cool experiment, I didn't expect the cigar to dry and be smokeable after a dunk in water. In the future, if I have a disappointing cigar, maybe try to rub it with a wet paper towel or something in hopes that it changes for the better!
  2. Chose to do a JLP '17 Conservas that I've had resting since July for this water test review! Figured we should see how a short filler cigar deals with the water dunk...for science Chose 2 that weighted and looked around the same. Left for now and right for Monday or Tuesday. Had a couple of these already and they seem like decent smokes that have a strong flavor. Burn is usually average to below average and doesn't really have flavor transitions. These have been kept around 63-65 rh. To the review Jose L. Piedra Conservas APG OCT 17 Dry Review Cold aroma on these are by far the strongest I've smelled from any cigar. To the point where I considered separating from my other cigars like infused cigars - they have a strong barnyard earthy aroma. Did a punch cutter and draw was a tad loose, but nothing too concerning. Lots of smoke volume due to that. 1/3 and 2/3 Had a strong earthy, leathery and barnyardy flavor through most of the cigar. Quite a bit of pepper in the retrohale that eased up the more I smoked it. 3/3 Last third had a change in flavor profile - getting a lot of grass and hay taste to it. Pepper is all gone and the remaining flavors took a backseat to the grass and hay. The cigar burned a little quick at 45min, which worked for me as I am doing nightshift through the weekend and this was a pre-work smoke. Burn itself was fine, think I ended up touching it up twice, and it was a minor issue. Overall I give it a 5.5/10 - little above average. Flavor was good - not my favorite flavor profile, but still glad I got a box! Jose L. Piedra Conservas APG OCT 17 Wet Review Finished my round of night shifts and was able to do the wet portion of this review. So weird dunking the cigar in a glass of tap water, but here it goes! Did the same punch and the draw was perfect - this is different from the previous loose draw I had, so seeing a difference already. After dunking and punching, immediately went to lighting. Took about 5min for the wrapper to dry and I had to take off the band as that was holding water. Compared to my previous review, there was no pepper detected and predominantly a barnyard and earthy taste to it. Either the other flavors were muted or these flavors just took over after the dunk. After an inch or so, started getting hints of dark chocolate and a touch of sweetness which was cool to see. There really wasn't a change in flavor till I put it down. No grass or hay flavor I got with the dry review. Burn was a touch more wonky and towards the end I had a harder time keeping it lit. I'd give this a slightly lower rating at 5/10 - although the flavor was stronger, it didn't have as many secondary flavors to keep my interest. It was a fun experiment and I'm surprised that there was a noticeable difference with water.
  3. Yep that's what I figured, in this video he compared a fresh out of the humidor, 1 dry, and 1 dry +water. Not great technique there's not a fresh out of the humidor +water, but its all in good fun 😂
  4. Wow never heard of this method lol. When I read the thread, I was thinking maybe just like the last third of the cigar or maybe a light misting of the cigar. Watched the video and you went full on 😂. In the video I noticed you didn't try the straight out of the humidor + dunk method! Have you done it before? Results? I'll be participating, can probably smoke one today and then won't have time till Monday - wonder if I should keep the other cigar out on the counter or keep it in the wineador 🤔
  5. Looks like you have quite a wish list, I hope it's easy to find some of those cigars as singles! If there's another xmas sampler, should try for them too! Not going to be much help in the NC, as I really haven't been impressed enough to buy a box of any of them. For the cubans - which HdM, Ramon Allones, and last cohiba did you try? Your next order looks good - maybe add in dip no 2's and juan lopez 1 or 2s. I was blown away by a JL1 and it's the first box purchase I made after trying the cigar(PLMC's are cheap so got a box of that w/o trying it first)
  6. HOYO DE MONTERREY Epicure No.2 where I got a 1/4 box UBR ABR 19 on 24:24 back in Jun I've had an average one before this ROTT and it was fine but nothing spectacular, was hoping this one would be better since it's had about 60 days rest from their trip over. Plus I think I've gotten more into cigars and have more of a palette to identify flavors, although from my bad experience with a RyJ short churchill before...I'm not sure lol. Aroma off the bat was medium strength so I have high hopes! Went for the straight cut and the draw was pretty good - little but enough pull. Smoke volume was big. I've had a visually appealing HdM Epi2 before from the same batch, but it had a pretty bad burn and didn't have a ton of flavor. 1/3 Had a nice sweet floral taste and aroma. It was a good change from what I've smoked these days and was an enjoyable smoke so far! Weird thing was it left a waxy coat over my teeth which reminded me when I eat spinach, odd and a slight negative but it's not a big deal. Through the first third, taste went from the sweet floral taste to a creaminess to leather to grass/hay and then back to cream. Lighter flavor profiles as it progressed, but found the flavors. 2/3 As it progressed from the 2/3 got some dark cherry flavor/stone fruit that I've heard the Prez say. Got hints here and there, but otherwise a nice rich tobacco flavor that I enjoyed. 3/3 The latter part of the cigar, I got more of the rich tobacco flavor as well as a woody flavor. I got a little bitter harshness, but in general I think maybe another year it will be ready. Still delicious to the end and I had to break out the nub tool! Overall I'd give it a 7.5/10 and honestly I'm surprised it turned out so well after maybe an average 5/10 ROTT I had earlier. Burn was still a little wonky but not too bad! I think I've had bad luck with the previous review cigars, so if you've been following with my reviews you may think I'm a negative nelly lol. But this was a delight and I really enjoyed it! I still have 4 left and I think the next one...if it is similar to this I'll have to buy a box!
  7. Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill that I bought as a single add-on to a 24:24 cart purchase back in July. Have heard mixed things about the short churchills so not to sure what to expect but had a nice cold aroma and good draw with a punch cut. Lighting it up, got a woody and cedar taste from the cigar. As it progresses, hints of toasted tobacco and more of the same wood and cedar taste. I really couldn't get much out of it unfortunately, by half way I was getting mostly harshness and the taste of ash in the cigar. Purged a couple times to see if it would help with the ashy taste, but not really. I did expect more, so I smoked it to the band hoping for either a change in flavor or if hints of anything else came through. By this time I think I was puffing a little quick seeing if I could find any redeeming factor so that may have contributed to a harsh or bitterness I got. Overall I'd rate it a 2/10 and has been the worst CC I've had since I started back up with cigars. Pretty disappointing and hopefully an outlier! I only had that 1 single so it'll stay nearly at the bottom of my CC and NC ratings for a while till I decide to give it another chance. I'll be smoking a cigar later today, so if it's the same, I'll know that the problem is with me lol
  8. Great review, smoked and have a couple el principe's(ok but nothing I'd really seek out again) left so I haven't really considered any of the other vitolas in their lineup. But this sounds delicious! I'll have to grab a few when I can!
  9. Yep had trips to S.Korea, New Zealand, and Italy planned that all got cancelled. Start with those and then snowboarding in Japan and summer hiking in Norway are some ideas I have! Did this before iah->nrt, was so nice! Was pretty empty in first class, so I got my seat and then the attendant made the seat across the aisle a bed so I could pop over to that seat whenever I wanted to sleep. I still use those pj's to lounge around the house lol.
  10. Last entry into the S46RW for the week and I capped it off with PLPC LGR SEP 19 (thanks for the info Prez!). Not a very pretty cigar with the head being pretty messy. Used a punch and finally had a cigar with a good draw - took it out about 12hrs with an ambient humidity of high 30s% before I smoked it. I'll have to experiment to see if this is the reason it had a good draw. I did not have to use my draw tool in the past for this cigar though. Cigar started off pretty nice, was getting a nice floral note with a touch of pepper. Some leather and earthiness came into the mix 1/3 of the way down. Not sure why but about half way, it all eased into a tobacco flavor that was light and I couldn't really detect any additional flavor. Towards the end got a bit harsh with some leathery notes appearing till I finished. Burn line was good all the way through not needing any correction. All in all I thought it was a good cigar and has potential to be better. Didn't detect the caramel that I've read comes out after 7 or so years. Still have 11 2019s left but I wish I could smoke a properly aged one before deciding on whether or not to buy a cab and age it myself. I give it a 3.3/5 - my rating system is terrible and I'll have to open it up next time lol
  11. Welcome! -from your neighbor in Westminster
  12. Thanks good to know! Think I got 2016's coming, so after an acclimation period, won't feel bad about reaching for them often haha.
  13. Another cigar I got from the PC sampler from the host back in July. Haven't heard much from this cigar so went in with no expectations. Draw was tight but with a couple pokes with the perfecdraw and the draw became adequate with decent smoke output. Burn wasn't great and needed a touchup or two, wrapper split towards the top. Maybe little damage taking it out of the sleeve? Not sure. Started off really nice with notes of cherry, nuts, and a smooth creamyness. If it maintained that, I would've been happy considering its a smaller cigar. It did take a pretty big turn for the worse about half way through, with most of the flavor dropping off and being replaced with a little harshness and woody flavor. ge I'd rank this a 2.8/5. Prefer the monte4 I had yesterday, but they're pretty close for me. The start of this had better flavor but died out too fast. Maybe I'll get another one to age for a while, but maybe there's a reason I don't see many reviews on this cigar...
  14. Monte no.4 that I got in the PC sampler offered by the host in July. Never had one before, but did get in the aged monte 4's that was on 24:24 a little bit ago and should be fun to compare. Stored at 65/65 for about 2 months. Pretty tight draw and did use the perfecdraw tool a couple times to get a still-tight draw but better. Burn was spot on and required no touchups while smoking. Started off with a toasty bready-ness flavor which transitioned to a nice espresso taste through the first half of the cigar. Right around half way through, got some real nice chocolatey notes that unfortunately didn't stick around for too long. Finished with a touch of bitterness and more of that toasted flavor in the end. Overall I'd rate it 3/5 stars. If the draw was better and the end continued to be really flavorful, I would've rated it higher. Now need to compare with an aged one!

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