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  1. Ah wow thanks, good to know! Knowing me, I'd think it was me and would waste one smoking another sooner than later 🤦‍♂️
  2. Looked at my records and doesn't seem like I've had a siglo 2. Have had a siglo 1 and 6 though - siglo 1 had a faint lemongrass flavor and to me would be more comparable to a CoRo vs a 3. Siglo 6 had more of a pancake and citrus zest to it - which leads me to believe Siglos are not necessarily the same profile and just different sizes. I remember when the 3's were on 24:24, Prez described 3's as a cross between a CCE and...6? I remember def was one side of the comparison was CCE as I had CCE's in my email before I read that statement and changed my order to 3's. Maybe see if someone can p
  3. Finally finished with my hell week of 72hrs of 12hr shifts doing both day and night shifts! Usually I go right to bed and am dead to the world for 12hours, but I've been looking forward to trying out this siglo III that's been in my dry box for a here we go! Give it a straight cut and it's a perfect draw. Managed to crack the head a little, so put on a little cigar glue and let that dry. Pairing this with a watermelon monster energy as I'm fading haha. Give it a light and we're off - it's 05:39 1 - Starts off with a strong lemongrass with a smooth retro. The lemongra
  4. Yep I started to load up that tupperware with cigars! Need to run through some NCs I bought before I went to predominately CCs. That stem still would've killed the draw though! That sucker was thick!
  5. Woke up a bit earlier than usual for my night shift and had time to kill so I smoked a Epi2 this afternoon. I've tried the Epi1, Ep2, and EE and so far the Epi2 has been my favorite so was looking forward to this smoke as I haven't had time for a cigar since last Thursday. Had it in my dry box (55% humidity tupperware) for a week so this should be good! Gave it a cut and its tight. It also feels heavy in the hand so I give it a weigh and with a straight cut and some perfecdraw pokes, it's still almost 4g overweight - around 33% over official weight. Oh well I dig into it more with m
  6. How long were they in that sick period for? You think due to shipping acclimation or just needed age?
  7. Ehh I do what I can in order to sample first before going into a box, so grabbing singles or quarters when they come up. This gives me the illusion of saving money lol. Eventually I'd like to trim down and just stock up on winners. If I like it then I wouldn't have too much of an issue splurging on a box considering it'll probably last years and cigar prices are only going to go up and that's if they don't get discontinued first! Just think 1 month of eating only cup noodle vs 3+years of cigars...worth it. Think of it as an investment 😉 In your situation, I'd def buy right away if I
  8. Smoked a Mag50 tubos that I split a box with @Shrimpchips They haven't had much downtime so I was thinking burn maybe affected, but was dying to try one so screw it! Gave it a punch...tight. Gave it a reg cut...tight. Poked it a few times with the perfecdraw and then another cut...tight but doable. Squeezing it, I found a hard spot maybe an inch from the foot, so hopefully it'll pass and open up once I get past there. Looking at it, man its a beautiful cigar, med tan colorado wrapper with minimal veins. Paired with OJ and a grape monster energy drink. I work the night shift to
  9. Nice review, I plan on smoking one tonight! How was the draw? 1hr and 12min sounds quicker than I'd imagine
  10. Have about 600 sticks and smoke around 2 or 3 a week. So probably 3-5yrs
  11. 2, 3, 4. Is this a situation where if you don't use lose it?

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