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  1. I have a bunch of club accesses so I'll show up to the airport 2 or 3 hours early just so I can hit them. Get food and several drinks(had 9 at SFO centurion lounge couple weeks ago) and then proceed to pass out on my flight to wherever I'm going. For the most part, I don't remember take off and usually am woken up by the plane landing. Works out well since I usually have a uncomfortable seat in economy.... If I knew the wheelchair was an option, I'd let them take me from my plane seat to the baggage carousel!
  2. If aged cigars aren't going to be released till the end - can we identify all of our aged cigar guesses when we submit #5 or is that just too confusing
  3. Love me some Corona Gorda sized cigars! Even if costs were the same, I'd prefer the Corona Gorda
  4. Mine was 9.26g and got mostly a faint unsweet chocolate in it. Some breadyness. Not my favorite, but I think I know what it is based on that haha. Not too sure on the aged or not aged. Wish we could at the end identify the 3 aged cigars! I'll be smoking #2 in a couple days and then hopefully I can solidify my guess on this one.
  5. Great trip! Kind of as I thought and didn't have too much time for cigars. Managed to go to Churchills and Corinthia hotel twice. I preferred Corinthia as they had a more covered smoking area - it rained most nights I was there and I did occasionally get a little wet in Churchills. Sightseeing wise I did: London eye Thames boat cruise borough market Buckingham palace and the surrounding parks Richmond park with the wild deer London bridge Prospect of Whibly Westminster abbey Sky Garden(didn't realize I would need to book the free viewing tickets
  6. Isn't the RyJ PC an option too? Don't think I've had one so no idea if it'somewhat boxed pressed, but think I saw it is still considered reg production in the PC size.
  7. Voted Corona Gorda and Robustos. If I had my way I still would've voted corona gordas but would replace robusto with churchill/double coronas! There's just more robustos out there so I'm kinda forced to smoke more of them if I want variety.
  8. BCJ at Corinthia again. Was overcharged for a drink the last time I was here so back to redeem as a predinner smoke and drink. Too bad I couldn't hit up Cavendish but honestly I don't need to pay UK cigar prices. Still have a party short so maybe back after dinner lol
  9. Lgc mdo4 at Corinthia garden bar. Raining a lot so nice to have a covered space to smoke! Looks like they did away with the minimum too!
  10. Oh ha that's just what i flipped to. Yea glass for 23 pounds and bottle for 120. Cool place and i still have cigars to smoke so maybe I'll be back!
  11. Whew not sure for 275 usd! Don't think i have the refined palate to appreciate it lol
  12. A Sir Winston at Churchill's. Thanks for the tip! Too bad scotch eggs are no longer served 😕
  13. In London now and seems normal outside of the airport. Going to go bar hopping later so we'll see! Fully vaxxed so only need to take a covid test within 2 days of being in London Went to Greece back in June and think it was all outdoor dinning and clubs were closed which I had to plan around. Fully vaxxed and think you had to get covid tests before you got on the ferry if you weren't
  14. Yea I took a look at what points I could use - 60k a night was a bit steep for me! I ended up going cheap averaging about $75 a night. Nice thanks for the tip, I'll have to see if I can go inside! Oh yea? Umbrellas pretty useless out there?
  15. Sounds cool, can check out when I'm in the area. Thanks! Great, thanks for the writeup! Yep I leave in a couple days so I figure I'll try to see if I can get more reservations for next week tomorrow - noticed sometimes a 1 person reservation isn't an option 😕 Figured I'd try to go to a place that has Michelin star(s). Also yep usually go early evening or much later since as I rarely do reservations. Eh we'll see, from my weather app, I can already see sunday and monday looks like rain all day - if I run out of indoor places then I may add museums as thing to do. Hopefully it
  16. Awesome, thanks for the info and tips! Good to see BYOC is still generally acceptable, I need to start planning what to bring. Is smoking generally acceptable at all outside patio's and whatnot? Was super surprised in Greece where ashtrays were always provided! Yep think Cavendish is something I'll def check out! Think earlier someone recommended that you find AJ and just tell him to pick you a cigar that's smoking well and just eat cup noodles for a month to pay for it 😂 Had to ask my British friend...guess Sunday roasts are only done on Sundays? Only there for 1 Sunday, so
  17. No worries, rechecked and a spot opened up in the shoreditch location. Sweet there's a monmouth within a 7 min walk from my hotel!
  18. Cool thanks, I've heard the name pop up I'll take a look. Not too concerned with them being cigar friendly, I don't plan on smoking while eating and having a post meal smoke on a park bench with a nice view sounds a lot better to me!
  19. Oh I heard it was fine? Maybe if they grew up with bad coffee, then the coffee is just fine lol. Plus I think my friend is a big tea drinker too.... Good to know, thanks! I'll have to add that into the food/drink categories to look into. Any tips on sunday roast? Just looked at reservations and Blacklock in SoHo is straight up booked or isn't taking reservations on the 17th. Haha yep will do! Did a lot of walking in Tokyo so hopefully it isn't too weird for me!
  20. Wow that's crazy, thought moped theft was more of a SE asia crime! That being said - I don't own a watch, expensive cameras, and my phone is like 3 iterations old. Hell with a lot of dress codes of "smart casual" I'm having a hard time finding fancy enough clothes 😂

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