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  1. Thanks! Will post pics & prices once there in end of July.
  2. Thank you all will add Noli to the list. What is the best way to transport cigars in airplane? I’m thinking of buying day before departure and putting boxes in ziplock bags with 69rh boveda in hand luggage.
  3. Any recent experiences of cigar shops and selection in Milan and Milan airport duty free? Would you buy boxes in the city or from the airport? So far I've bookmarked following places LCDH Cigars and Co Davidoff Cigar Specialist
  4. Box was opened and inspected by vendor. If most sticks are rock hard not sure how it passed the inspection. You could blame shipping but it was delivered in 3 days vacuum sealed and boveda inside so not likely.
  5. Thank you all, great tips. I'll drop the humidity to 62rh and revisit in 2021.. most likely change vendors as well (box not from here).
  6. Heh! The surprise here was also most being rock hard.. is this just overfilling?
  7. I bought a box of Upmann Connie 1s but most cigars are rock hard and plugged. I’ve kept them at 65rh for a month but no improvement. Anything I can do to fix the situation?
  8. I would assume bovedas would keep the humidity in the correct range. Does the increased humidity mean I'm not using enough bovedas?
  9. I'm not a chemist. i guess so? Yes cigars were probably more moist than 65rH.
  10. Hi, I recently started my tupperdor experiment and noticed that compared to my wooden humidor (ST Dupont) the tupperdors are approx. 2-3 rH points higher with same bovedas. I.e. 65 Boveda in Dupont = 65rH, 65 Boveda in Tupperdor = ~67-68rH. Hygrometers are calibrated. I'm using Lock & Lock containers which should be pretty air tight. Ambient temp around 72F and ambient humidity <60rH. Is this typical for tupperdors or am I doing something wrong? The container is 12L ~ 12 quarts and I have 3 x 65 Bovedas there. I have 62 Bovedas so swapping them out for lower rH is not an
  11. @nino Cheers ? shame about your cigars though! @garbandz Gotcha Ended up going to the LCDH where I bought the cigars and they were happy to exchange them for new ones.
  12. @VKUTT Thank you for the tip, I will try the pectin. @El Presidente No tobacco dust and based on quick a look I didn't see similar damage in my other cigars. I did smoke one RyJ WC the other day and noticed some damage on the wrapper as well, smoke output was very poor. Perhaps just a poorly handled batch? I think i'll put these in a ziplock bag & dry box and smoke away in a couple of days - good excuse i think. If I start to encounter similar damage in my other cigars what's the protocol? I've read ziplock and 72h in freezer and after that 24h in fridge.
  13. Hi All, I noticed some damage on my RyJ Wide Churchill wrappers. Does this look like tobacco beetles or just "normal" wear and tear?
  14. Thank you all for the welcome and replies! @PigFish Appreciate the in-depth response, thank you. Wetter core and dryer wrapper makes sense, I've noticed a tendency for canoeing which I've attributed to smoking too quickly but then again I never get this at B&M if I smoke one from their humidor (albeit they're too wet and flavors are off). @captaincaveman already asked about the desiccant buffer system which was one of my questions. Second question would be what is an acceptable level of temp variation during 24h period? Let's say if I could drop the 80F peak to 75F therefore having 70

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