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  1. I like the 4 pocket. You can carry everything, cutters, torches and a couple of 3 finger cases. I like to wear the guayabera at cigar events. The 4 pocket makes it possible to go prepared
  2. La Flor de Cano Elegidos SOR DIC 20, with this, I can now say I tried at least one cigar from all the marcas currently in Habanos production in addition to the Edmundo Dantes Exclusivo Mexico
  3. I definitely rather hang out in a cigar store/lounge than a bar or a nightclub any day of the week
  4. A wonderful find and free cigars a good day
  5. This looks like a meal a runway model would eat
  6. My worse car was a 75 AMC pacer, bought it for 75 dollars as a winter beater. It lasted a month
  7. Other ways I relax is, reading, music and playing poker.

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