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  1. it is a great cigar, when it is smoked to the nub
  2. H. Uppmann Regalia A simple sunday relaxing cigar
  3. I have two jobs, a transportation driver and a real estate agent. I have about 250 cigars in my collection and growing. I have no wife or girlfriend to beg, plea or answer to
  4. Welcome, it takes time to accqire a collection
  5. Bolivar Royal Corona on a warm early autumn evening
  6. I don't dislike any marca. I only one I am indifferent about is Cuaba. It is one I can take or leave it.
  7. Montecristo 4 From the first box of Cuban cigars I bought in Dec 19. I still have 5 left. These age well
  8. A good thing about a cigar while fishing, it get rid of the mosquitos
  9. RJ sports largo, Punch coranation, Montecristo 4, Partagas D5, Bolivar royal corona

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