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  1. Sunday smokes, Romeo y Julieta#2 and Por Larranaga Montecarlo
  2. The Choix Supreme is a 5 in 48 ring gauge, the vitola is known as Hermosa #4, one of my favorite vitola. The wrap looks solid,with a fantastic construction. The draw is flawless and the smoke is pleasant, easy and flavorful. A sweet flavor with subtle hints of vanilla and honey. The twang lingers a bit after each draw. This cigar is a wonderful, relaxing after meal cigar. The classic Cuban that is hard to find,but when obtained is a total assess to the humidor collection. I rate this a 91. A pleasure to smoke.
  3. Hoyofan, mentioned Caldwell cigars. Good ones from them are The Last Tsar and Anastasia if you can find them
  4. My favorite NC would be J. Newman The American, a cigar that all the tobacco is US grown and rolled.
  5. Cigars for me are a relaxation, a peace, a break from the stress and chaos of every day life.

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