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  1. FTT, very impressed. Quite full bodied for a Cuban IMO.
  2. Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona. First time smoking this marca. I’m still fairly new to the hobby but this is one of the most complex (yet balanced) cigars I’ve smoked. For the first time I could definitively identify the “floral” note I keep hearing about. There was also some coffee & cocoa powder, and a flavor I couldn’t quite put my finger on.. So I took a look at @CaptainQuintero’s beginner’s corner and, lo and behold, roast beef is exactly what I was trying to identify! It sounds mad but these flavors really balance out & complement each other. I’m definitely a fan of these little g
  3. Will do.. not sure I can wait a full ninety haha.
  4. First time Choix Suprême. I’m in love. It’s like a Jaffa Cake.
  5. New kids on the block, can’t wait to try after a rest. PL Galanes RAT NOV 20.
  6. I knew my wife and I getting into philosophy during the beginning of lockdown last year would pay off somehow.
  7. This is a relatively young stick, very young in fact; I only received it a couple weeks ago, so it hasn’t had too much resting time.. But I couldn’t resist, so here goes. I’d smoked the original Desert Rose a while back, and was impressed, so I figured I’d try this one. The wrapper is soft, buttery, and light, with a faint graham cracker smell. The pigtail doesn’t pull away well, so I had to use a cutter. At the light there is an initial spice and biscuit. This soon opens up to a nougat and shortbread. There’s also a black tea on the draw. The finish is very short, but harsh; I think so
  8. Cheap & cheerful here. Not a long review as there isn’t really much in a way of transition, but I’ll tell you, the flavours here are really something special. In my honest opinion, you really can’t beat JLP Cazzies for the price and size. These guys look the way they smell, rustic and barnyard. There’s also a hint of bitter baking chocolate or powdered chocolate. Upon lighting, flavors are similar, there’s also a meaty leather in the finish. The burn is pretty quick, which is expected since this is short filler. Either way, aside from the rough look, the construction is pretty good, especi

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