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  1. Second on Hamilton 151. Here’s a little document about it by the creator:
  2. Sounds like a typical NYC experience 😉. I have had pretty good experiences with the staff at the Davidoff store on 57th street. Never smoked in there but seemed like a comfortable lounge.
  3. Interesting to see all these experiences! I'd say Colorado. Pretty dark but definitely not Maduro.
  4. Was curious to get some thoughts on the HDM Epicure No.2 from people here. I purchased a box in the fall of 2020 (ABO ABR 19) and starting smoking them spring 2021. Initially I really loved them. They were a light bodied smoke with a light floral aroma that I really enjoyed. I've noticed in the past few months though that they've developed into something different -- they're now richer and have more of a woody aroma. I still enjoy them, but not as much as I did before. From the descriptions I've been reading lately (e.g. Prez's from tonight's 24:24 -- "cream, spiced cloves, cocoa and a touch of cinnamon") it seems like the new flavors are more in line with other people's experiences. So I'm wondering -- what are you experiences with the HDM Epicure No. 2 -- what sort of flavors do you typically experience from them? Have you noticed major changes as they've aged? I was also curious to see if anyone has a recommendation for a cigar with a light floral profile like I was originally experiencing.
  5. It's interesting to see people say this. I've actually found that Cubans can be just as strong nicotine wise as non-Cubans. In fact, the strongest cigar I've ever smoked was a Bolivar Petit Corona. I've smoked some real nicotine bombs on the NC side (e.g. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero) too. Do you only smoke well-aged stock?
  6. I'm curious to hear some thoughts on the Libertador in comparison to other Bolivars, especially the BBF. This cigar seems to be very well liked, but with cigars like the BBF being considered to be so good lately, I'm wondering if it really makes sense to pick up a 10 count when you can have 25 Belicosos for nearly the same price. (Other than for additional variety of course!) Cheers.
  7. Those look fantastic. From what I'm hearing, it sounds like perhaps the 2 is closer to the 1 than the A. I'll look forward to reading Digi's comparison.
  8. Anyone smoke enough of both of these guys to compare them? Curious to see thoughts on how the profiles compare given how similar they are in size. I've searched around a good bit and haven't found many opinions at all on the 2. Cheers.
  9. Is INT store stuff guaranteed to be at least PE like "Clearance" is during 24:24, or can it be lower?

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