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  1. I can respect that and agree that Cuba poses no threat to the US and really never did. The issue is their proximity and history of willingness to aid US adversaries. Had Cuba changed to a “more legitimate democracy” (whatever that means), similar to Japan post WW2, I believe Cuban-US relations would be drastically different.
  2. Imagine if New Zealand allowed Mother Russia to set up shop with the intent of strong arming Australia. I’m sure the Australian government would also hold a grudge. The embargo is not due to the difference in government ideologies. It’s a harsh lesson for threatening US national security. Unfortunately, the Cuban people are the helpless victims caught in the middle.
  3. Since Bubba, K-Dub, Villapoto, Dungey and now Reed retired I haven’t been able to stay interested. I still quasi root for Tomac, but don’t find myself watching like I use to.
  4. I usually enjoy a nice anejo or extra anejo tequila with my evening Cuban. But lately I’ve been mixing up a Beggar's Banquet and it has been pairing very nicely.

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