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  1. The BBF the other day were listed as PSP/HQ. How will we know if we recieved PSP or HQ?
  2. Looks like one of the lighter ones (at least from this angle). How does it compare to the darker version?
  3. Lusi - PSP BEL MAY 20 Rio Seco - RAT MAY 20 Never had a Rio Seco before and the smell upon opening is unlike any aroma I’ve experienced. Really unique gingerbread. *Btw - anyone see BEL code before?
  4. Fundy with Dalmore Cigar Malt. Happy New Years all!
  5. Happy to say the BRE NOV 18 Connie 1 is smoking wonderfully👍 @JohnS @Kaptain Karl
  6. Whenever “The Eagle Grip” comes out.. @Lrabold89 is sure to follow😂

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