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  1. First time trying. 50 day rest and very nice. Salty, sweet umami.
  2. Great 😕. I have a PSP box with the same code. Were yours PSP?
  3. Sweet!! Been wanting to try one. You just gave me the green light 👍
  4. Glad to hear. Is that the PSP offering? I think I have the same box. Havent tried one yet.
  5. First few minutes were a little rough, but man, it hit its stride shortly after
  6. BSM ABR 20 Famosos. Havent smoked much up here in the northeast but hands down my fav for the year so far
  7. Nice review! Was wondering how the lighter ones compared. I have a PSP darker version.
  8. Im with you both. Always glad to see good experiences on the BRE NOV 18. I’ve had a couple that were very good
  9. On a side note, what are the thoughts about keeing cigars in tubes (particularly Cohiba)? Take them out? Keep them in but cap off? Cap on?
  10. Both from recent 24:24 HU#2 - PSP GEM OCT 20 SdP - RAT MAR 20
  11. Chilly night in the northeast called for dip in the hot tub before the next snow storm. Decided to give a PSP Famosos a whirl and was happy I did. Draw was perfect for me...easy and smooth. 1/3 - initial lighting is toasted tobacco, earth and dark cocoa. Then quickly turns into a flavor bomb. Reminded me of a nuttiness from toasted multigrain toast from a local bakery topped with butter and fruity jam. 2/3 - much of the same, but wth an addition of a medium, fruity profile, black coffee. Flavor is in your face. Some floral is there as well. 3/3 - fruit jam and floral is fading, now back to earth, cocoa and black coffee. Finiished to the nub. Burn was great, had to touch up a few times as I normally have to when in the hot tub (steam). This stick is great young. Hopefully it gets better but if doesnt thats ok. Glad I ordered more PSP/HQ from a couple weeks ago. TB 33 - KC 31
  12. Excellent, thorough review as always. Just got a PSP box in recently. Hopefully they smoke like that one does?
  13. The BBF the other day were listed as PSP/HQ. How will we know if we recieved PSP or HQ?
  14. Looks like one of the lighter ones (at least from this angle). How does it compare to the darker version?

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