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  1. Hartwell & Heisenberg Great show… Watching Ozark now, gives me similar vibes.
  2. I too am in the grass/ground category when it comes to being outside. Rain washes away. Butts cool on the deck railing, then eventually go to the trash.
  3. Hey all, Let's see those sticks throughout the weekend for those celebrating in the states. And for those outside the states, celebrate with us (as if you need an excuse to smoke anyway 😀).
  4. Having not had the N1, what’s the difference in profile?
  5. One of my favorite standup routines, will have you in stitches, about the many ways the word sh*t can be used in the english language.
  6. Spring here in the US, taking its time getting to summer, and I'm not complaining. Temps in the evening are right around 60 F (15-16 C) - so my buddy Jeff and I met up for a fire pit and couple of cigars. After sitting on it for awhile, finally smoked one of the Nudies from our host. I had the Nudies (in the N3/Carlota vitola, 6x38) from 2019. Aroma is mild barnyard. Cold draw is light fermented tobacco, with a hint of something light, maybe mint leaf? Everything so far says delicate. Light up brings the usual brash Partagas spice (the marca this was blended to imitate). After s
  7. My buddy Jeff and I met up for a nice evening smoke. We enjoyed the May LCA BBQ Pig and one of the beautiful Nudies N3 from FOH (description for the newer guys)!
  8. This is fun! And I’m jealous of all the awesome stuff people have on hand. 1) Party Shorts 2) HDM Epi 2 3) PLPC 4) BBF 5) (Bonus, for our fearless leader) Nudie N3
  9. Mine surprisingly with a few others was a non Cuban. The February LCA release Cigabon had a very Trinidad profile. Very enjoyable.

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