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  1. This is fun! And I’m jealous of all the awesome stuff people have on hand. 1) Party Shorts 2) HDM Epi 2 3) PLPC 4) BBF 5) (Bonus, for our fearless leader) Nudie N3
  2. Mine surprisingly with a few others was a non Cuban. The February LCA release Cigabon had a very Trinidad profile. Very enjoyable.
  3. I know one of the basic profile posts we always reference gave it a very unfavorable profile.
  4. Yeah, I would agree. I think I prefer both the HUHC and the Monte PEs over the Cuaba, but I got it in a trade from a buddy, it fit this review week, and it was a fun little shape. Seems like I got lucky on the taste and draw based on others’ experiences. Glad you’re enjoying the tea!
  5. I'm sure it can be a tough shape to roll. I got lucky here, this one was pretty good.
  6. Smoked this fun little shape in the middle of winter - Cuaba Divinos. It's a Petit Perfecto 4 x 43, had the box code RAT May 20. Aroma smells like sweet sweat or cinnamon earth. Cold draw is a little tight, but a vague fermented tobacco. Spicy cedar dominated the light up, with a little odd canoe or void right at the foot. As it settles in, it reminds me of an earthy non Cuban taste, kinda Dominican leaf with a little Honduran on the finish. Compared to other cubans, light Bolivar cedar, Partagas spice, and the hints of Trinidad bread. Very
  7. Funny so many of these has been pepper, one of my favorite notes in moderation. A nice spice. When good, retros bring so much nuance from spicy red pepper to more of a green bell paper or a straight black/white peppercorn. For me - unbalanced cedar. Cedar and cream in great cigars is nice, but when young or bad cigars bring it in overwhelming amounts, it’s just a mouthful of wood to me. Another bad one is ash, from a bad burn or draw.

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