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  1. I noticed that this week too (although I would have said he puffed smoke is more white). More data for this mystery - as it has gotten darker for the winter, I’m on the back deck under LED flood lights. Wonder if that has something to do with it, never noticed it under natural sunlight.
  2. “Whatever your metro thing is...” - Ken 😂
  3. I add my name to the list of people that fell victim to the quick thumb before reading the question...
  4. In a system of cigar producers, is the largest selling twice the volume of the second largest... 😉
  5. Not a meme, but found this video funny awhile back. Looks like she’s ,are two more I haven’t seen yet.
  6. Are you puffing more with the overweight cigars (perhaps double puffing, etc. to get over a plug)?
  7. Vacation weekend smoke, encouraged by our FTRW fun!
  8. Continuing to explore Cuban cigars. Smoked the Partagas Shorts down in Pigeon Forge (Petit Corona 4 3/8 x 42, unknown ‘17/18 from a sampler trade). Aroma is chocolate earth with a hint of cherry from the foot. Cold draw gives a lovely, fruity and floral fermented tobacco, hints of pineapple. Upon light up, a nice smooth earth, hint of pepper, and just the faintest cream notes. Into the first third proper, it is cream forward, with earth in the background, and that citrusy pineapple on the finish and in the retro. Halfway through the first third, a slight shift becoming more creamy cedar. Very light, subtle, and balanced. None of the flavors (particularly the cedar) are dominant, all blending nicely. At the end of the first third, it’s a very mellow creamy pineapple acidity. This cigar is surprisingly subtle, in a good way. Very refined. Middle third started more cream dominant, but otherwise the same profile. As it progressed, flavors floated in and out of primary and secondary positions (sometimes more cedar, less pineapple, back to cream, etc.). Nearing the end of the middle third, a salty note is coming into the smoke. The final third brought about the earth and some light black pepper from the light up (pineapple acidity is gone). Some of the cream came back in the middle of the final third, for a creamy earthiness. All in all, a great, balanced, smooth little smoke. You might take points for the lack of major transitions, but the core notes cycling between the fore and background were enough for me. Draw is perfect (light resistance), smoke output is great. Wrapper at the head is giving me a salty flavor on the lips. It’s burning evenly wavy, with a good ash. 4/5 - Extremely smooth and balanced smoke, with citrus notes I love.
  9. To take that a different way, 80% of an individual stick’s enjoyment comes from 20% of the experience. Whether wonderful rare bursts of flavor, a void you encounter that causes it to go out, canoe, unraveling, or a really great third (which takes us closer to 33% if it’s the entire third) - a short portion of our experience may inform how we feel about that session.
  10. Thank you! Didn’t realize the burn put out any odor.
  11. Anyone use kerosene? I’ve been looking at a couple of the simpler burners that’ll go hours on a gallon to keep me out of getting another propane cylinder. But I’ve never used one...
  12. I had the exact same experience (with the same cigar). Lighter flavors rose to the surface more, but general flavors were more melded together, not necessarily bad, but less individual flavors, more a bouquet. Unsure, but the moisture may have messed up the draw in the final third. More testing (smoking) needed... 🤔

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