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  1. Didn’t see this until it was posted on the contest. My Wow has definitely been the HUHC and Monte PE. As with many, I started with already relatively small cigars - petit Coronas. So when those two popped up in an FOH sampler, I figured they would be no good, maybe just saved for a winter smoke. But size aside, they’re both really flavorful - leading me to buy a box of HUHC from FOH recently.
  2. Oh man… Lemon and chocolate is my ideal. But I’m a bit of a citrus chaser, in both cigars and coffee, so I know it’s a personal love.
  3. Related to the cigar bars - Case Fuente cigars (typically only available in Las Vegas) just became available in B&Ms this week.
  4. They think you’ll be too distracted by the arrangement to check bands, etc. #TheTerroristsWin
  5. This feels like the key advice. I’ve set some aside for a month when feeling paranoid, but it’s typical the warmth and humidity during travel.
  6. Late answer. Not Oz, Florida if I remember correctly? One of the other guys will verify.
  7. @El Presidente - Are there any vague stats of how people have done in years past? This is my first time, but based on some of the other comments, you might assume 80% of people go 0/5.

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