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  1. From my perspective: For inventory - we're missing an option below spreadsheet but above "...find cigars I didn't know I had." I don't maintain a spreadsheet, but I have a listing of all the boxes/box codes I have, and a separate list for loose singles/etc. For inspection - the option that would most align for me is "buy from reputable retailers" - I would never feel the need to check a box from FOH for instance, so I don't do any of those things, but it's not like I'm aloof. I'd do all of them if a buddy randomly gave me a box.
  2. Some of my best flavor profiles come ROTT. Not saying cigars that smell like ammonia should be smoked - but one of my favorite Monte 4's came from FOH, was smoked the day it arrived, and had a ton of chocolate + citrus that still hasn't been matched since. Now, they're definitely changing and improving with age (I'm not making a case that aging doesn't matter), but sometimes there's flavors that seem to only show in that initial window. So I always do ROTT, even just to set the benchmark of mongrel.
  3. So far, both have been enjoyable. Chocolate biscuit from the maduro, buttered bread transitioning into powered doughnut spine from the rosado. Maybe not as smooth as the 2019 Nudies, but I didn't acquire my fiver until late 2020 (so my experience with 2019 always had at least a year of age). I didn't realize you were tweaking the blend. I thought you were just rolling out more N1/N3s (while working new blends formats in the future).
  4. Finally got a chance to smoke one of my N3 rosados. Wrapper is not as smooth as in past years (veins). But a pleasing aroma - light barnyard and a hint of baking spices. Chocolate and peanut on the foot. Cold draw brings a spicy, raisin with a hint of something savory. Light up is a little harsh, an ashy bread, but after it settles in it becomes a mellow buttered bread. Very mild smoke with a creamy texture. In the middle third it morphed into a beautiful vanilla, powered sugar on top of the previous bread - making it a kind of powdered doughnut. This is the sweetest cigar I’ve ever had - practically a creamy, vanilla cake by the middle of the stick. As if it couldn’t have gotten any better, a few puffs later a honey appeared. This intense sweetness continued until the back third - where the vanilla bread remained, sweetness left, and the butter returned. The only negative, my draw tightened up, limiting the smoke output, and preventing me from finishing it. Good draw/output otherwise, wavy but even burn.
  5. Met with a buddy on Thursday to enjoy the start of NCAA March Madness. Neither of us knew Mike - but it did lead us to spend some time talking about how brief life is, friends we know that have passed at or near our current ages, etc. We ended up selected a Cuban to celebrate/honor the time together. Chose an H Upmann Magnum 46 that I received in a box pass last year. It's a Grand Corona - 5 5/8 x 46; SOU May 20. Lots of strong barnyard and tobacco aroma with more must, dried nuts, and fruit on the foot. Cold draw is a very sweet and fruity tobacco. Surprisingly smooth opening - peppery bread/cracker. After settling, this cigar has some of the most Cuban twang I’ve had in awhile - tart, almost citrus, sourdough with just enough black pepper to round things out. Middle third ups the strength significantly - lots more leather and a dark wood. Still black pepper on the retro - but sourdough is gone. Halfway through the pepper is back and the flavors have mellowed to a coffee with just a hint of cream. Back third continued to lighten, light coffee, little cream/caramel (burnt brown sugar), and light pepper. Great draw, even burn, but had to relight 3-4 times in the back third. This cigar was solid - not mind blowing, but really good with plenty of smoke, complex flavors, and a variety of transitions. 4/5.
  6. Didn't know Mike - but am blown away by his legacy as it shows through you all and your words/memories. As many others have said, reflecting made me realize there's no reason to be stockpiling for another day; instead choosing to live in the present. While my war chest isn't as deep as your alls, I did elevate above my majority PCs and dipped into a Mag 46. It delighted me with sourdough, brown sugar, and stronger leather and black pepper. Very enjoyable. To Mike.
  7. I was once told by a fine group of folks that I’d be better off picking my nose!
  8. Received my N3 Carlotas - ebony and ivory pack. FOH Nudies N3 Maduro (Carlotta 6 x 38, 2021, ~60 minutes, ROTT 2/16/22) - Light aroma, little musty barnyard. Sweet cherry fermented tobacco on the cold draw. Young and brash on lite up (little ashy) but a core of bread and chocolate. After settling, it’s a substantial and chewy smoke - best described as a dark chocolate biscuit. No sweetness for me, and no cream at this point. But rich like a hefty cracker (like those breakfast biscuits). The middle third has a little less bread/biscuit, a hint of cream and sweetness - but a little of that fake sweetener taste that shows in cigars sometimes that I don’t love. The back third had a vague savory note mixed in, and a touch of black pepper as it warmed up. Had a small knot that plugged the draw a bit. Perfect draw, great smoke output, even burn, strong ash for its thin ring gauge. Very smooth smoke.
  9. I know I sound crazy, and I’ve not had all that many (but certainly three from different sources) - but Trinidad. Everyone loves them, but to me, they’re like a bad Connecticut. Maybe they weren’t old enough, or maybe it was just unlucky sticks, but I don’t see it.
  10. I think I was coming at it from a slightly different angle with the PMI/link instead of a meeting. But if setting a recurring meeting, your suggestions were spot on!
  11. If we have to choose between an “ebony” or “ivory” ROTT - does one seem better suited to no rest? Or am I going to have to smoke two ROTT??? 😉
  12. Or, you can use the “personal meeting code” like an open room if you’re looking for another way.
  13. Company’s annual meeting is in Vegas this fall. I’ll have to add some of these places to my list.
  14. Thanks for the update Prez. Looking forward to it.
  15. Re: Storage When I bought some of the last batch, I did (and still am) store them with my Cubans at 65%. However, I know they’re technically NC, even though they’re blended to recreate some classic Cuban flavors. @El Presidente is there a storage reco? Do you keep yours with Cuban stock too?
  16. The ring gauge on these is so perfect. Went the ebony and ivory route. Can’t wait until they arrive!
  17. Congrats to all! This was a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!
  18. It’s the same part of the human brain that is pulled to the lottery. A chance…
  19. So excited. My notes from the last run made this a top 10 smoke of the year: Nudies N3 (Carlota 6x38, 2019, ~60 min, 5/12/21) - Aroma is mild barnyard. Cold draw is light fermented tobacco, with a hint of something light, maybe mint leaf? Everything so far says delicate. Light up brings the usual brash Partagas spice (the marca this was blended to imitate). After settling it’s creamy with spices (not pepper). Not a light, milky, sweet smoke that you can imagine from a Connecticut, but instead a medium body, heavier cream with spice on the retro. In the middle third, the retro darkened to white pepper - lovely. The back third evolved to a cedar and cream, all variations on the same theme - changes to keep it interesting but a cohesive experience. It closed the last inch with a warm leather. Right at the end, two big blasts of the cream from the opening - bringing us full circle. This was a fantastic cigar. Perfect draw, great smoke output, no double puffs, always smooth, razor burn line.
  20. For that giant??? Sometimes I get 75 out of a petit corona. You’re a man among boys Bijan, for many reasons.

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