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  1. Crazy day. I've only once ever had a morning cigar, but today (Friday in the U.S.) we began with two: a Cohiba Panatela (AUM Aug 2014) followed by a Cohiba Maduro 5 "Secreto" (ABR Apr 2008; obtained thanks to FOH). I shared those pairs of cigars with friends met at the Arturo Fuente event about which I'd posted some months ago (along with a delicious, long espresso and an egg sandwich). What a great start to the day. (I wouldn't want such a start too often, but once in a great while,'s well worth the fun ) (To clarify, followed that with a bit of work plus a long bike ride, wh
  2. Thank you Leif! Very much appreciated! (& Yes! A truffle “hunt” is in the itinerary (Will post a follow-up after returning late next month) Thanks again! -Cliff (GlassHalfFull) (sorry to have not seen your post till this a.m. though luckily still ahead of the trip so can act on your suggestions!)
  3. I've been remiss in posting. Wife's away, so have had cigars every day. Tonight enjoying a LGC Revolution Asia Pacific ER, thanks to our host, FOH. It's my first La Gloria (damn, they're tough to get a hold of). While I prefer something a bit thinner (and always love a figurado over a parejo), I must say that the flavors of this montesco are wonderful. ...My only challenge seems to be the rain. It's as if it's hurricane season over here or something (though "knock on wood" we've been lucky so far). All the best, -c
  4. Big fan of J Wakefield beer. Can be very experimental in a good way as I recall. ...Haven't seen their product up in SC for a while unfortunately. (That stout looks like a "big" one, unusually so. How was it?)
  5. A few posts, as I just lit up an Edmundo 461 Ocean Blvd was one of my favorites, from many, many years ago. Still holds up (to me) Then there's John Prine. This is one of the last songs he recorded before he died of Covid last year. Give it a chance. You might like it... A little bit more current... My next-door neighbor as a kid... I used to hear him practice every day. (I didn't know how lucky I was He never made it to the "big recording contract" but had gigs most nights. Great guy. Very unassuming, as you might ex
  6. Enjoying my first Libertador as I came on to your post. Agree with all sentiments expressed here. I had always enjoyed the occasional cigar from before I married my wife 30 years ago until we had our children, which caused me to stop. Then, in 2018, we had the good fortune to go to Cuba with my now young adult sons (who are both fluent in Spanish thankfully), so rekindled my interest (so to speak …Then COVID kicked that interest into a completely different, higher gear, and (thankfully) I discovered FOH. This is a wonderful resource and a respite during the craziness. As many no
  7. Pig, I have great appreciation for what can be learned from your many helpful posts. ...But this one, I have to respectfully disagree with. The question was asking subjective opinions (mine surely are). IMO, different brands, blends and sizes can influence each of our enjoyment of a given cigar at a given RH levels (no doubt you'll highlight temperature too -- as temperature and RH go hand in hand, as I've learned from your presentations Nothing scientific to back up this subjective opinion. It just seems that some cigars taste better at one RH than another. No big deal. Ju
  8. I try to take notes on my "cigar list" (age, box code, etc.) of possible "Best RH." ...That is, the RH that I'd shoot for next time (assuming I planned ahead, which is a big assumption ...after experiencing a cigar that somehow was less than expected (too tight, too loose, and/or the flavors off), suggesting a pre-light RH adjustment for next time. Experimenting is the word, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to do so (and learn from it and others) thanks to FOH VR Unicos (which can be incredibly good IMO) always seemed to me to benefit from a little more RH. To me, they seem
  9. Sounds like good fun, love the itinerary, ...but I'd like to be in the 1940's convertible "chase" car, smoking cigars and drinking rum
  10. I'm not an investor, just a believer: Consistency = Boveda + SensorPush + Low Temp (68 degrees F or less) = no stress; perfect cigars. Second the appreciation for PigFish's many helpful posts (along with Captain Quintero and many, many others on FoH -- too many to name. Hugely helpful; so very much appreciated.)
  11. I am amazed by the incredible array of flavors that come from slender cigars. My all time favorite, the one I now judge all others by, was the La Escepcione Selectos Finos. Granted, I had no idea what I was in for (and oftentimes, for me, expectations play a role, bit it was a revelation about what a cigar can be. I understand and appreciate that fatter cigars can be very satisfying, but they have the advantage of so much filler that it can (it seems to me) make up for deficiencies. But when a skinny cigar is perfect, it is just "Wow!" There is no room for error. It is an accomplish
  12. Alright, now that begs the question: All time great saxophone players?? New thread possibility
  13. Perhaps we need classifications based on numbers of posts or some other basis of experience?? (No doubt, I'm in the amateur group :) Would be a challenge to go up against some of the experts on this forum, ...good fun no matter what.
  14. What do you think of the Monte Open? I had only had two of them, and I believe they were too young for my taste (in hindsight), so never went back to them. How are they with some age? Thanks for your thoughts.

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