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  1. Well, this was not the plan for New Year’s. Of course, this can be a tricky ‘holiday," and there are much worse outcomes, …so no complaints here! Enjoying a panatela (AUM Aug 2014) with an espresso and water @ 4 in the afternoon on the 1st. (That may be a tip off …though it wasn’t due to a fun, late night, unfortunately.) ...Tested positive yesterday so have been being good and isolating since. (Wife still testing on the good side, so hopefully the isolating is serving its purpose.) Fortunately, as of this morning, I’ve experienced almost no symptoms (though always seem to be searching for them). It’s been so uneventful that — after further “isolating” (by cleaning the shed, and doing other long-put-off projects) — I finally allowed a cigar to “toast” the New Year. …though only a petite one: a “Smallie” but a goodie Looking forward,-Cliff Glass Half Full ps: Threw in that last pic for Heels82 and Lord Verulam. (I know, I know: Got no crocs man. ...but maybe just enough to join the brochambeau club ...pps: After that delicious but wee thing, I thought: “What the heck? What good is isolating if you can’t even enjoy a cigar?” …So, filled my tiny espresso cup with some Ron de Santiago and lit a second little one (Secreto Maduro ABR Apr 2008 from our hosts). ...Loving it.
  2. Congrats @Chas.Alpha! ...As you once said, the best cigars in the world.. the ones that come for free Expecting a review though, so not exactly free ...And can't wait to see you modeling the shirt
  3. First of these for me. I have a box resting, and (thanks to an FOH trade) ended up with plus two to try in the meantime. (Love a figurado.) Crazy great weather starting this afternoon. It was so warm I decided to have an iced coffee with the Gran Quixote. That is ...until everything changed: like a light switch, the day turned dark, and then came the rain. Luckily, there's the covered deck, so all still went well (though switched to a malt-forward beer I think I'll wait a bit longer on the rest. There are some great flavors and transitions in this cigar, especially at the end, though the start was a bit off-kilter (much like the day as it turned out). All the best for the New Year!
  4. R&J Churchill Añejado (no box code; the tubos 2019 release). As for actual age, well, all I can say is < or = 2019 …the year I bought a few of them. I know the Añejados line raises all kinds of questions. That said, I have enjoyed these R&J Churchills. Sadly it’s my last one. In hindsight, I should have bought more. Who knew that the price, then made fun of, would seem inexpensive now. ...Generally good construction, subtle transitions (though 2nd 3rd a bit less inspiring). If anything perhaps a bit “light” in overall flavors to my taste, …but, oh, so easy. In fairness, this was just what I need after a week of care-giving and entertaining. (Helping up at my dad’s house for the Holiday, cooking for 15, helping adjust care for him as he’s 96. Tested twice before visiting; four times afterward after one in our group tested positive. Luckily, luckily, it seems to have missed the other 14, including dad and his wife, who suffers from dementia, but denies it.) Home now, out on the deck. First cigar in what seems like weeks. What a pleasure. Here’s to a better 2022!
  5. Montecristo No. 1 from the Christmas Sampler. My first Monte No. 1(?!) (I’d bought a set from FOH but was letting them rest. Maybe will change that plan after this afternoon’s experience!) It all starts sweet, sweet. Clear in the cold draw, remaining through much of the 1st 3rd, a constant refrain. Enjoying this while listening to the “New Music Friday” play list on Apple Music (put out by NPR). While I have never, ever liked all that’s on these lists (not even most of ‘em), there are always a few “keepers.” And the selection is so eclectic, it’s kind of fun. Back to the Monte No. 1: Sweet flavors are foremost, touches of cream, very little chocolate. (Totally different from No. 2’s IMO.) …And the beats go on. An early song, “Black Rhythm Happening,” by Makaya McCraven, sounds like Weather Report crossed with James Brown funk. …Then, a new one from Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. Then, (as you’ll see in the pic) former Beachboy Brian Wilson(?!?) (new acoustic piano versions of his old songs; oddly nice as a change of pace.) Meanwhile, the Monte No. 1 evolves. It’s lost sweetness and finds a soft dough quality. Retrohales break that up, in a wonderful way. (And a sip of El Dorado 21 breaks the retro.) Sweetness returns a bit. Bringing to mind what an unsugared doughnut might taste like. ...The playlist turns vaguely “Afro-French-Cuban” (according to Wikipedia The song is “Made of Gold” by the sister duo Ibeyi (born in Havana, apparently). It also features English rapper, Pa Salieu. …I’d never heard of ‘em. Nice sound though. Nice construction. Only one touch up required on this Monte No. 1. As the last 1/3rd begins, it turns bittersweet, which I like. Loving the retros though spacing them out. (They’ve become more complex but with a bit of “soft burn” to them, not in a bad way.) Baking spices take hold in this third (to me). Then creaminess returns, with a touch of tea. (Could be because I’d savored the one rum, and now switched to a low abv Kolsch The end, to me, is all entirely unsweet, all spiciness and tea. Really amazed at how good this young cigar is. Wish I had an aged one to contrast. …Guess I’ll find out in a few years All the best,
  6. The sheen on that looks just wonderful. Do you mind sharing what temperature and RH% you maintain to store that older cigar so perfectly? I am still in search of the perfect balance. Just today finished installing a dedicated a/c unit for the cigar room (closet really). I found that the "wineadors" just weren't cutting it -- they needed constant tinkering -- so I bit the bullet and decided to follow one of PigFish's many suggestions: Cool the room and contain humidity for separated storage. It seems to be a process -- but that cigar seems like proof that you've got it figured out!
  7. Saw the Siglo IV's on the 24:24 was prompted to have one tonight! (I have some of the same box code and date -- OMS May 2017 -- from an earlier FOH purchase.) Just a wonderful, truly delicious start. Great cold draw, and the first 1/3rd was creamy, balanced, really enjoyable. That said, to my taste, it seems that just a little more rest would make the 2nd third reach its full potential. This was still a good cigar, and this is just my opinion. The promise seems great with a little more patience
  8. My first Partagás Maduro No. 1 I'd been waiting for more age but was encouraged by my experience from the Xmas Sampler RASS last night. Delicious blend, smoking wonderfully after just a year. A tiny bit of the Partagás "bite" (if you will) in the 2nd 1/3rd, but finishing as a great smoke now...
  9. THAT is an incredibly beautiful looking cigar. I'm guessing Hamlet is a roller in Cuba. Please provide a bit more background about it (and thanks in advance for sharing).
  10. Began with a Monte No 2 (OLM May 2015) before the 24:24. Then, after a happy outcome, decided to add to the mix of flavors by also smoking the RASS that came with the Xmas Sampler. (Guessing the RA was from this year, and I don't remember smoking a younger RASS before, as I'd convinced myself that age was essential. Now, I realize it's just different if the quality is paramount.) ...Turned into a great contast of flavors and more. All the best,
  11. Enjoyed the RASS from the Christmas Sampler this evening. Wow! I was amazed at the flavors. I'm a big RA fan, and my MO is to age everything before enjoying. I hate when a seemingly great one is just too green, ...but that was not the case with this cigar (at least in my experience tonight). Subtly different from a set of 2014's I've been using as my benchmark for this cigar -- but this 2021 (assuming as I'm not aware of getting dates & box codes for this year's sampler) -- this is just great ROTT. (I'm smoking it after just over a month's rest from it's flight here, and I usually allow 2-3 months). Great stuff! (I might start smoking more things earlier!)
  12. Almost as if this was how Fate would have it... Some may recall that I've had an ill-fated box of Connie A's from which I periodically keep "giving a go" (EPM Jun 2018). Well, tonight I finally had one of those that was comparable to what all y'all say about that cigar. The "cold draw" was a tip off: this one was great, and darned if it didn't taste and smoke just as well. Then comes tonight's 24:24 with Connie 2's plus the HU Mag 54's (with which I'd always had good experiences). So, tried them against each other (after I was 60 seconds late on my other request to Diana; ...and half way through my first very good Connie A). Different, but complimentary in wonderful ways. Then, did a bit of looking, and came across a post by NSXCIGAR on an earlier thread about the Connie 2's. His point about always seeking 51 rg or below stuck a chord (plus I have the Mag 54's). ...Net net: Thank goodness for the insights and discourse made possible by FOH, ...let alone the opportunities Best to all...
  13. Enjoyed a BBF 2014, ...but (wife was still @ book club so) followed with a little Cohiba Sig I (MEL Dic 2016). What a pleasant evening...
  14. Tesoro 5ta Avenida (ETP Dic 2016) A rare (for me) example of when bigger really can be better, though that does seem more common with a salamón. Surprisingly subtle start progressed to the very full finish I always like about a great Bolivar.

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