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  1. Hi All, Some will recall the postings from last year's inaugural PP event. It was a great, great time. That was the first time I'd ever tried a variety of cigars purposely paired with different courses of a meal -- and Carlito was good fun. I just learned that tickets will go on sale on this Friday, the 13th... Many thanks to fellow FOH friend, RJake, who first brought this to my attention!
  2. =/<2018 unknown box code, carried back from Hotel Nacional that year. Perfect Sunday afternoon cigar. best to all,
  3. Thanks for that note. I've always been a bit underwhelmed by HdM's (except for the Elegantes, which have always been spot on to me). ...Even the HdM piramide (and I really like almost every other piramide). I had one of those just last night, aged from 2018, but it was still "meh." I'll try them again after keeping them at 62% for a while. Thanks! Proper humidity does play such a big role, and I'm aware of how certain cigars taste better at 62% and others taste better @ 65% (and NC's much higher), ...but for some reason I was willing to blame HdM since I'd had so many "ho hum" experiences. Thanks for sharing that!
  4. Enjoying the "cousin" to your Laguito No. 1 at the same time. Especial (MOL Mar 2018)
  5. ...but I do like the RASS. To each it's time and place when we're talking about such good cigars.
  6. The Highwater Festival is happening here this weekend, and a standout performer (for me) was seeing Mavis Staples earlier today. ...Just back from it, and enjoying a reprise along with a change of pace... Unusual Partagás for me, but it does "take you there" IMG_2307.MOV
  7. 2018 Piramide. wow. Congrats to whomever got them earlier this week on the 24:24. (It surely wasn't me. I'm not fast enough these days, though "all good" here thanks to past opportunities. ...And, as I usually reply to Di, there's always another day. ...Decided to make this evening one of the better ones.
  8. Punch ManTua and a Blanton's (to start). This packs a punch(!) switched to sparkling shortly after starting.
  9. Sig IV (LAU May 2017) Calm day, so went with the 3 match approach
  10. A stormy yesterday evening called for something special, Vigia (APU Jul 2015).
  11. Yes. ...It seems just "okay" to me. The flame varies greatly depending on how full the tank is; it often needs multiple clicks to fire up; and it is useless in any wind situation. (Yes, I purge it between fills.) Of course, it could also be some other kind of "user error" Funny you should ask as I was just looking at some flat-flame, single jets yesterday to have another lighter as a comparison or perhaps trade up. How is your experience so far?
  12. A La Ley, followed by an Exquisito celebration of receiving The Cigar ... from Soil to Soul by Didier Houvenaghel. Celebrating a pleasant arrival... and looking forward to AG's book too! All the best,
  13. Just received my copy of The Cigar ...from Soil to Soul Wow! I took the late afternoon off to enjoy a good start on it (along with one of Didier's cigars, and then a little extra). Really enjoying the history in the beginning of Vol. 1, and can't wait to finish (though it will -- thankfully -- take a while (Also can't wait to receive AG's book soon!) Looking forward -c
  14. Davidoff Special 53 -- with the price of CC's escalating, these seem "reasonably" priced all of the sudden Really wonderful construction and flavor, ...but missing the "twang"
  15. Again remiss, but have been enjoying a few, and enjoying all y'all's posts on FOH. Tonight in the Low Country, a Trini Vigia (APU Jul 2015). Darn near perfect in every way, except it could have been thinner and longer ... paired with a Glenfarclas PR (really a very pleasant pairing; high compliments from a person who generally prefers rum) All the best,
  16. Again, remiss in posting. I enjoy learning from others' posts, so here are the past 3 evenings, in backwards order (of time, not enjoyment)... RA Superiores (ETP Mar 2016; from our hosts) Espy (<2018 (no box code to share); from Habana Libre) LGC Revolution Asia Pacific ER (SGA Nov 2015; from our hosts) -- While I'm not so much a fan of the Montesco, I have never had a bad LGC.
  17. After an unintentional hiatus, a BBF brings it all back...
  18. Beautiful early evening here in the Lowcountry. A rare NC for me on an unseasonably warm and pleasant evening. An "AF Rare Pink Hemingway 1600 Series Signature." Perhaps one of my favorite Fuentes (even with just a year on it) As always, perfect construction, plus some wonderful, progressive flavors, ...but it does lack that CC twang I enjoy so much. A good one nonetheless, especially with an iced "Jamaican" coffee
  19. Enjoying my first Cohiba Lancero -- thanks to an FOH trade with oneizzzz -- thanks Alex! Wow! Like harveyboulevard, I found the draw of this (MTS Oct 2020) a bit tight, but the flavors are so good I felt compelled to pour a wee Havana Club 15 to go with it. (Going forward, I'll store these @ 62% -- problem solved.) A chilly Sunday went from gray to great.
  20. Enjoying this VR Famoso (ARS Jun 2018). I recall being a bit underwhelmed when these were young but a few years seem to make a big difference (to me, at least). (Years on the cigar that is though who knows?) Got these for just over US$5 each at Conde Villanueva. Miss that place. ps: A bit of bitterness took hold at the end of the Famoso (more age needed?) ...So, what the heck? Added a Siglo I (MEL Dic 2016; from our hosts), which brings subtle but very pleasant strength to finish the sunset.
  21. RASS ...a touch up or two, but on point in every other way. Congrats to whoever got the Cab of 'em in tonight's 24:24!
  22. La Trova (ARS Jul 2018) Begins as many have said: layers of delicious "burnt butter biscotti" but follows with a pleasant uptick in strength in the finish. A few touch ups but a beautiful draw throughout.
  23. The “always carry an umbrella so it won’t rain” adage seemed true! …at least today. I’ve had a troublesome box of HU Connie A’s that I return to from time to time (BRE Ago 2018). (Got them at a Carocol in Cuba, so pretty sure they’re legit, …just more problematic than most.) So, this afternoon, I thought why not bring out something else out just in case, …which explains the Cohiba Magico (RUM May 2019). I light ‘em both (after using a perfect draw to open the originally crazy tight draw on the Connie), and don’t ya know?!? They’re both good. The milder notes of the A made a nice contrast to the fuller but sometimes slightly bitter qualities of the Magico (which turns out to be a bit young for my taste). Today they were better together, like a strong coffee with cream Maybe a way to stop the rain ps: By the 2nd third, the Magico shifted gears, softening yet becoming pleasantly rich and complex in flavors; and granted it’s not a fair comparison. That said, the Connie A (this one at least) stood up well! By the 3rd/3rd the Magico showed youth again (IMO), and the contrast was again entirely welcome. ...pps: It just started raining (seriously) – crazy. (Should have brought a real umbrella

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