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  1. Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars....Look the highest I can go is $7.50 and I'm taking a big risk here.
  2. Beautiful piece. I have the upmost admiration for people like you who have the patience and expertise to accomplish something like this.
  3. Doesn't interest me....I was always a big fan of The Beverly Hillbillies.
  4. If the Bengals can win 7 or 8 that would be a huge step forward. They play in a very tough division, maybe the toughest..
  5. Do you think the bands are legit and are stolen from the printer?
  6. Come on, the Italians made the ref's an offer they couldn't refuse.
  7. Some things just never change. Today it's entitlements and student loan forgivness.
  8. No surprise that the all knowing politicans screwed this up. None of them have ever run a business and had to meet a payroll, pay suppliers, etc. etc. They make insane policies without any thought of how they impact various facets of the country they so ineptly govern. They've all feed at the public trough after graduating from their genius colleges.
  9. There is no end to the phony pandering to different races by these vile politicans. It's all a phony effort to appease certain groups so they'll continue voting for them. Thus our so called leaders can stay in office and continue taking their payoffs and enriching themselves. Do you actually think Biden, Harris, Pelosi, et al were ever concerned about having a holiday for the freeing of the slaves? The only thing that kept them up at night was how could they stay in power and keep the money supply coming in. Now they'll push reparations in the trillions and taxpayers will foot the eve
  10. They're great eaten'. Mix with some olive oil and garlic...nothen' better. I like mine with a nice Aussie Shiraz.

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