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  1. Nubbing a HdM Epi Especial as the sun sets on the homestead
  2. Love it, I suspect there’s more than a few of us out there in the US that enjoy getting to see “the process” of it all front and center every 4 years. I’ve got my cigar line up for the day at the ready!
  3. A stunning arrival of deliveries, and a whole array with which to have one of each ROTT while watching the election results, the others will have a rest first
  4. Excellent delivery of winter-sized smokes, some of the gloriously darkest siglo I’s I’ve ever gotten
  5. After using the My Precious Review Weekend as an excuse, I fired up my Leyenda
  6. Seriously, can’t wait to see what the few I have will evolve into over time!
  7. Always looking for an excuse to sample my small collection of “special occasion” cigars! Cold draw: effortless, but not too loose either, I could smell the cocoa & a floral note on the foot pre-light. I paired this with coffee & heavy whipping cream, and a glass of Ron Zacapa 23. After carefully toasting, I get an immediate creamy, rich mocha flavor coating my palate. After a few more moments, that perfect Cuban buttery twang joins in. This is a much larger ring gauge than I typically prefer, but it can still be so satisfying to enjoy a big cigar. Not a huge f
  8. One of those days where you aren’t even sure if you can find the time to smoke, but you make the time & randomly select the best damn HdM Epi Especial you’ve ever had
  9. First time Partagas Maduro try: not bad so far, I do love the grassy, buttery, game-meaty taste of Cuban maduros
  10. Here’s my own gorgeous box of Famosos to add to the mix!
  11. A Good Life Wasted: Or Twenty Years As A Fishing Guide set me off on the path when I was very young by showing me I didn’t have to follow the rat race, we won’t understand everything in life (& thank god) and that every billionaire that goes fly fishing wishes he could swap lives with the guide living for tips. I also absolutely love The River Why & A River Runs Through It. For easy reading, the Sean Stranahan mystery series (start with The Royal Wulff Murders) set in Montana centers around an avid fly fisherman & P.I. And is just decadently fun. I know I’m responding super late
  12. Indeed, the one and only! I ended my day by making up for my lack of catch with some fine, fresh oysters on my way home. Love that area
  13. Took this very nice Rafael Gonzalez PC with me to flyfish a NorCal bay

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