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  1. Indeed! I don’t make ‘em, I just saw this collection of them. Someone even published a whole photobook of them “Driftwood Shacks: Anonymous Architecture of the California Coast”!
  2. An embarrassment of riches arrived, courtesy of our host
  3. This is a RyJ Churchill I got courtesy of our host & had planned to put away for a while, but I couldn’t pass up the chance for a Cigar Review Weekend! I could taste the cherry right from the cold draw, that really stuck out the first third & I could “feel” on the back & sides of my mouth. Chocolate took over the 2nd third, and the burn was still perfect. The cherry returned in the final third before morphing into predominately leather, but with a nice buttery twang. I really enjoyed this cigar while relaxing in my yard on a Saturday afternoon. It had gorgeous smoke, and interesting flavors that made it hard not to chase them smoking straight through. But I resisted & took my time, thanks for the excuse to kick back with this one! Overall, I’d say an 8.5/10
  4. Best way to celebrate scoring a PSP/HQ Famosos box on 24:24? With one of the PSP/HQ Famosos that got you hooked the last go around
  5. Not usually a big ring gauge fan, but they sure do make you feel like a big shot sometimes
  6. Decided to grab a 1/4 box of these PSP Famosos during a 24:24 last month, with no real idea of what to expect. Really rich cocoa & cream, like a grown up hot chocolate, delicious!
  7. Had a Coloniales single that was so good today, I now know I need a box!
  8. Yep, I let it burn down close to the band without burning it, in the hopes that it’ll loosen the glue. Failing that, I just try to slide it off the cut end without unpeeling it at all, little by little as it burns down
  9. A small but mighty selection of some special occasion CCs courtesy of our host to put away for a while until the right moment
  10. Tried this out with my coffee this morning, I got it as a couple of singles, so not sure what year it’s from. Lots of edges, so going to let its sibling rest a good long time before I try it. But I still got glimpses of a delicious sweetness I’ve heard others talk about with the fuerza
  11. I just came across this review while looking for thoughts on different Upmanns, and I just have to say this spoke to me as a flyfisherwoman, a former Montana resident, and as yet another chasing the past in future cigars!
  12. The new way to wine taste at a distance, followed by fresh seafood right off the dock, and the NorCal coast
  13. Deliciously fruity RASS while watching the world go by from my porch

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