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  1. I am partial to Spanish Brandy because I am a pity localist at the end of the day..🤓 i don’t enjoy as often as I would like but some such cardenal Mendoza has travelled quite a bit, but there are other great names out there like 1866 Gran Reserva, Peinado Solera 100 años, Suau 50 Reserva del Capitán Suau, Lepanto, Peinado, Mascaró or Punto Azul to name a few.
  2. Going to see Dylan’s show at Beacon Theater tonight. First live show since COVID kicked off. Took today semi-off, spent good time with the little ones, had been a while with no cell for a few hours and lack of stress. Weekend more of the same, quality time. And I am getting a booster shot that hopefully will not knock me out.
  3. NFT soon for the series? Mutant Orson Wells?
  4. Gin and tonic i some times do, but really not a good cigar pairing across the board.
  5. Not to initiate a long debate here, as I am a 99.9% CC person. But, if NC cigar entrepreneurs are essentially Cuban exiles and their descendants, where in that is there an “appropriation”? in wine, Boudreaux type blends have traveled everywhere in the wine “new world” regions. Cru, Grand Cru, and similar appellations have also traveled across. in fashion and other consumer verticals, we things like “capsule collections” or “limited releases” or “designer collaborations” have traveled. in finance, things like “crowd funding” basically resemble illiquid private placements for the masse
  6. I had a morning meeting with a client today and ended up at the Davidoff in Madison Ave around 11:30am with him. He picked up a couple My Father Flor de las Antillas. I thought it was prettygood, earthy with cocoa hints and generally nice tobacco flavor and good strength for a mid morning smoke. I purchased a few more after we finished to continue to like it.
  7. Fully agree here. I romantically feel attached to the Hoyo DC though it is a cigar I don’t myself often in the mood for bc it leaves me in need of a chaser essentially. But it is such a beautiful cigar to light and hold and puff from… With the Lusis though, I have a love story. Format liking aside…I just find it delicious, and mild, but delicious and ever dynamic and fun. Probably all in my head anyway.
  8. I know for a fact all gets officially into Spain has been frozen. I am also in the camp of having not seen a beetle, but that’s not statistically significant and before 2005 (to reference Prez’s point in time) I was just stealing off my grandad’s and my father’s humis…
  9. Vegueros mañanitas does the job quite well and not truly talked about and it’s a fun vitola. HdM Epicure no1 is overlooked quite often in Corona gorda territory and truth be told not always up there. I think it is a fantastic cigar that deserves some additional credit.
  10. Liquidation value, not market value hence substantial discount. That, unless she has gold and then you should be a gent and help her sell it appropriately. If she acts equivalently to your generosity and help value, she should compensate somehow ($ take rate or take something that you like or whatever). If she does not, karma +1 and feel good. Even if she has gold, she might want you to take it off her hands and move on. send pictures!
  11. I was about to post, same cigar, same code and same year. Cheers!
  12. Update your handicap, continue playing, disregard that member. Have fun as always.
  13. Thank you for sharing Nino, made my day reminiscing on the summer nights in Asturias smoking with my cousins by my grandparents apple trees...

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