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  1. Aurora makes great Pulpo. Important the number of times you pull it out and back in, no joke intended.
  2. Thanks for review. Sorry to see it did not perform as expected. I love RASS. I, for the most part, have found however that i like them with 2 years plus on them. That's where i find the most consistent performance in my boxes - but overall, i barely can remember the last time i smoke a bad RASS, even if young.
  3. Aged: H. Upmann no.2 2014 Young: Lusitania June 2020 from a 50 cab
  4. I generally find RASS both in the 25s and 50s option quite consistent on my end. One of the most reliable cigars consistency wise in my personal experience. Where they young or had they traveled for too long or so?
  5. Totally. Many French wines to this day (not the pedigreed ones) where simply tier 2 wine Spanish regions production bought in bulk and bottled as French. Similarly with olive oil. We never had to endure WWII and similarly never benefited from Plan Marshall global access. Plus we were fairly behind to be honest industrially from our neighbors. now those regions like Toro, Tierras de Leon, Somontano...among many others produce nice wine in their own right under their own origin denomination. many great wines and generally very cheap. on other fun note, a friend of m
  6. Tried it from a friend that gifteD me a bottle too. Was generally fine. You can currently buy in NYC market Viña Ardanza 2010 and 2012 Reservas for ~$30-36/bottle, PSI 2018 (not a Reserva but fantastic blend from Pingus) for $25/bottle, Macan Clásico 2010 for $55ish, Viña Tondonia 2008 ~35-40ish...and if you want to live it up options remain vast and strong with Dalmau for $95/bottle, Malleolus 2005 for $150, Aalto for $100ish, Sierra Cantabria, San Vicente, Murua, more and more every week. These are NY prices also...other geos even better. I would have this as a collector item more than
  7. Missed some responses before mine. We can do this properly and listen to an album a week for the next few weeks and take a multi decade genre trip. Happy to curate if folks up for it.
  8. Happy to talk HipHop and a few other genres anytime! A big nerd here music wise. Perhaps you have already, but I suggest you play The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest (1991). And then for a take in Southern sound Rodin’ Dirty by UGK (1996). Lots more, but you will enjoy the approach to sampling and compositions and have a good trip with the lyrics. ????
  9. Best box of RASS I have ever had. Smoking them down and just few left. MSU ABR 2018 will try to hold a few back for the rest of year and pick into the next cab. Truly delicious.
  10. When at the right level is such a fantastic cigar. Very elegant. Corona Gorda is a lovely vitola.
  11. This is one of my all time favorite small cigars. Simply love them. A petit robusto that smokes fantastically in recent times is Vigia too.
  12. Vegueros mañanitas are a great value bet. Have enjoyed them quite a lot especially at the price point.
  13. Unfortunately, but fortunately for future generations I guess (habitability of the planet at stake) the rise of synthetic meat is inevitable. The frontier now is in companies getting these substitutes to be nutritious as for the most part is pretty unhealthy. Real beef likely will gradually become a real lux item (which is already in most none-western world), especially as production costs of the substitutes and general acceptance grows. Water reservoirs, use of land, kg of cereal/kg of beef produced...economically will make sense, and climate and supporting population growth, will require cer

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