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  1. Call me a romantic but there is some intangible value in keeping them assuming neither storage nor financial constraints...then if you don’t love them, you get to gift quality to your people when hosting or sharing a good moment. You do love them, you get to enjoy them and still get to gift... so obviously I am a bit of a hoarder, but truth be told if you like other stuff for your daily or future enjoyment selling a box or two of the special ones and rolling the $ onto it is financially sound! Cigar private equity!
  2. Have not seen Genios show up much. Any views on then surfacing triumphally any time soon? Smoking through a 2018 box like everyday is a holiday.
  3. In the current open rotation 1) Cohiba Maduro Genios 2018 box simply delightful 2) Allones superiores from 2016 I am just finding not so delightful at all
  4. I find their videos hilarious and quit funny. I laugh which I think is part of what they are after, aren’t they?
  5. Net of of the present value of the future sale of your premium over stock in BR in a couple years
  6. Fairly random, but I have been thinking about this the whole year+ we have been through COVID and I figured it is a good bench marking opportunity. Work from home / home is work / work is home, endless ZOOM video days with back to back meetings, etc. How has it impacted your cigar routine? Number of cigars, vitolas you pick, times of the day? On my end, I used to be more consistent in my cigar time choices as well as marcas and vitolas. With COVID it has gravitated towards more cigars (as it has happened to many others), more frequent, and definitely more focused in variety in the c
  7. 50 Cab of Lusis, and with the change a couple of espléndidos or pirámides extra tubos for day 50 and 100. then with the cutter I can always cut the lusis in 1/3 - 2/3 pieces and do morning coffee / after lunch smoke and then have a full cigar for dinner? would not mind either just buying 2 cabs of 50 RASS. Smoke through the first 50 while the others “rest”, there should be some room there for one esplendido I’m day 50 too? 😄
  8. Probably El Pres / others can speak to this, but I see some level of consistency and minimum quality in cigars I buy in Spain different to some other countries where I have purchased. I am not sure if the tier them per market or how the process exactly works. also remember that Altadis was the merger of former government owned businesses in Spain and France and they fully controlled tobacco in Spain, and obviously owned the partner stake in HABANOS SA, which imperial tobacco got via the infamous 22bn merger announced in 07. Some of that Spanish influence is till very present in Habanos le
  9. Would suggest looking into Tag Carrera and Omega Speedmaster. Not the most original choices but both should be in your price range, are automatic which in my view whenever you start spending ‘000s + is a must, have timeless design, flawless look for casual or formal, can go for leather or metal belt, and regardless is fantastic, and your kids will inherit them and still love them too. just need some digging to find the right design below 3 grand but can be done.
  10. Not a full perspective, but I can tell you my personal experience being born and raised in Spain, Asturias; land that give birth to García y Menéndez, Allones, to name a few cigar entrepreneurs due to important migration to Cuba in the 1800s / early 1900s and agricultural tradition among others (see Centro Asturiano de La Habana) - I know I am like a broken record with Asturias, but I have taken on the mission to compete Jose Andres the unofficial ambassador of Asturias title so please allow me the license 🤪 To the experience point: A story I have been told many times is how my grandf
  11. I cracked opened this box yesterday. I purchased it from our host around October 2020. Code TUA FEB 2020. I have kept them in my cooler at ~67% RH and around 18-20•C It was my first ever libertador. Usually don’t go for this thick gauge. I have to admit I was impressed by the cigar. It was absolutely hands down fantastic across all dimensions. I’m looking forward to smoking another in a couple of months.
  12. Look outstanding. I need to practice my scroll/skim/input box name/hit enter skills. Need to lower it all down to +/- 15 secs to get a couple of these bad boys! 😆

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