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  1. I can tell you his production company Westbrook is definitely leaning on the tragic side of things. Will recover, but not easy on them.
  2. M&A pipeline has slowed down. Most M&A ongoing and financing (equity) rounds being announced now is backlog from last year. Bond market has slowed down too, both in secured and high yield debt. Demand driven inflation now with a supply shock on top…all indicates a reversal…but…until the party stops you gotta keep dancing and it’s unclear who’s going to unplug the music, lots of political capital relinquished on it. I’m bearish 2023 generally but as most…balls deep. Wall Street 2023 I anticipate lay offs. We have been in a 10 year mega bull market. Any bozo was a good investor. Any charlatan a billion dollar entrepreneur. Old $10mm investment is now a $100mm…series A financing rounds are $30mm rounds, pre-IPO mega rounds are at all time highs and literally no covenants. The level of liquidity on the market is still insane and that capital needs to be deployed. 800k jpegs, 30x Revenue multiples, there are at least 30 multibillion dollar unproven economics companies in IPO Que with plans to see H2 2022 as an option (big banks pushing for IPO window then), solidity coders commanding 7 figures with 6month experience in failed concerns. Mortgage issuance down but real estate prices all time high and not slowing down yet. It’s a very confusing time tbh.
  3. Awesome, I’ll try to be there for the weekend on the back of some business. Looking forward to it, will confirm.
  4. I remember the question of what would you take to a dessert island if you had $1,000 only posted middle of COVID by el Pres. My view was a 50cab of Lusis (back then ~$800) and cut them in halves or smaller smokes. Absolutely love it and I wished I could smoke them below 1 hour so I could fire them on every day. Elegant and delicious.
  5. I love a good Hoyo EPI 2. When they are good they are approachable and delicious. It’s a bit border mine pricey for it but is a great everyday smoke! For me stands behind CORO, and similarly to D4 and RASS but after CORO I tend to go from one name to the other a lot interchangeably. I love JL and other robustos too, though these ones more
  6. I had a great to glorious aged Monte #2 from my grandfather’s stash first week of the month. He unfortunately passed away fighting with some unexpected but normal health issues of his age. He introduced me to cigars with a Monte 2 and forever that cigar will be special. I left his stash there, untouched until I come back in the summer and feel like tapping into it again. So many memories and warmth even in a sad moment.
  7. I like many from both sides. Something I have to say in my 10 years in US is that the vast majority of people o have met, seen, smoke cigars with here that are away from FOH or some other exceptions are smoking Cubans that are definitely not from Cuba though. Insane the Level of fraud on this topic. Couple weeks ago in a non descript are of NJ I stopped to fill a couple hours and do a video meeting at a cigar lounge. Lady was Dominican, very nice. I was alone so convo was fluid and she ended up showing me a massive room filled with what I am 99.9% sure were fake Cuban boxes. She is selling these boxes to the members of her lounge at a ~1.5-2x mark up to cost in Spain for example. She told me they bring them to her from Switzerland. When I asked if she is certain she told me she prefers not to know. She had the obvious fakes, top notch fake reserva and gran reserva and BHK boxes. But also regular production fakes I had never seen before such boxes of La Trova. I am talking about many many many thousands of dollars worth of fake cigar boxes. The membership and consumption in the lounge does not pay the bills. She was nice.
  8. Gustavo from Braking Bad before Gustavo, such a good cast and also Burke. It’s a slow and profound movie, about the value of slowing down. I really like it, from another time when not all required sex and explosions and masked men in leggings to sell.
  9. I think the reference to Kevin Costner and Hanks is trying to flip a situation on the basis of what if in an allusion to race. The fact is he did something that is not right, jokes and roasting aside. I guess we will never know what would have been. I think people saying “thug” are not the norm but a few, mostly trolls in comment boards. From the inside of media and tech industry generally people not making much sense of it for what I have gathered. Agreed on Jada’s point. Though I think there is no better “desprecio than not doing aprecio” so why say anything. She stays above it by not saying anything. on another note, self deprecation correlates highly with IQ. Some studies on the subject. roasting is probably the only interesting thing in these events imho, should all take themselves less seriously. Smith could have protested the programming and not going up there to take his award for example. Brando did it.
  10. Cohiba is phenomenal…are we really going to be denying Cohiba’s quality here? Please… When it is on (and Cohiba is on most of the time, consistently with some exceptions for me on the last 15 years) there’s very little to nothing that approaches it across vitolas. It is what it is. Does that mean only Cohiba every day? Not really, as “en la variedad está el gusto”. Does that mean that any other brand and vitola cannot deliver a phenomenal experience? for sure not…I had an orgasmic experience recently with a little vegueros mañanitas…and of corse there will be plugged Cohibas once in a while or bland cigars or whatever, but that’s just the same as expecting every single porter house in your top notch steakhouse or any seafood you buy in your local market to taste like the previous one, not possible with a natural product subject to so many factors throughout its path to you, human interactions too including how you keep them. But saying things like people like Cohiba because it’s expensive it’s plain ridiculous, sorry and a “little” thought if you are thinking similarly of other things in life in same terms. Also, I’m sure in the factories they do what they have to do and they have their gimmicks, but again give me a break…this is the flagship product of the flagship export of the country. And pretty sure a consumer product in the international markets does not pass the test of time and consumer sentiment for more than 50 years if it’s not delivering. Just buy a proper box or two, or buy a few cigars, whatever you can afford without impacting your enjoyment of the experience itself, then with calm and in the right set up you go for it and let’s discuss again. Or don’t buy any, but not liking it or not finding “value” for yourself does not mean they are just banding Jose Piedras with the Cohiba band or that people we do enjoy them do because we can show off the band in the lounge…pretty annoying. sorry for the rant. ♥️
  11. Ready to get the heat, but this guys has always been a deep f’ing asshole. Low class within and without the court. Definitely a great tennis player, but always an entitled brat and a smart ass like when he pretends to be injured to slow down his opponents. Same here, he thinks he is above the law and above everyone else who has navigated this troubled period of time and put up with hell. Goodby Djoko, go home and relax. Federer and Nadal big time ahead and will continue to be, not only in tennis but in the overall game including class and behavior.
  12. Wedding today and my wife bailed, so 3 hour drive out in Long Island to a wedding I don’t know anyone else attending. Tough. I’m bringing heavy Cuban artillery to entertain myself. Let’s see, it’s too cold here.
  13. I tested positive with my youngest son on the 25th after a long trip back home to Spain. So if we are clear on the 31st, which I am optimist we will, I will smoke the house down starting with a Lusitania and coming for the Sir Winni and Espléndidos right after. On the brighter side of things, half the family has it and no one including the elders are struggling too much.
  14. I’m at Lisbon airport right now and they have some boxes here of the Suadade, looks pretty. Anyone has tried yet? I’m not a frequent regional purchaser, but caught my eye. Views?
  15. That blondo Santi is a delight, I was fortunate to have a few bottles at a friend’s bday party here in NY. Truly delightful.
  16. gen 8 Lenovo Thinkpad X1 14” ultra book…Great machine worth the dollars.
  17. I understand your point, that said when you compare such a range of vitolas it gets blurry. Libertadores packs a lot of tobacco, and smokes very different than a lancero or a Churchill. While most of us are not Sublimes die hards, this is a fantastic cigar hands down. Again, in spite of value (however you ascribe value, even if only based on price point) considerations. I think smoking experience: smoothness and flavor are worth the coin. It’s a great cigar, and again extraordinarily approachable (much more than a Salomones or a double Corona for most, and smoother than a Monte DE) regardless of it size. I think within 1-2 years of rest already makes it a stunner. Buy a couple of boxes!
  18. Libertadores have been such a home run for me so far. Echo most of said above, not an everyday cigar due to size and all else. That said, incredibly balanced and flavorful and smooth. I’m a buyer in spite of value considerations. I concur Lusi for the price point does more for me. That said, this cigar I think is easier than a Lusi and more approachable for most.
  19. I am partial to Spanish Brandy because I am a pity localist at the end of the day..🤓 i don’t enjoy as often as I would like but some such cardenal Mendoza has travelled quite a bit, but there are other great names out there like 1866 Gran Reserva, Peinado Solera 100 años, Suau 50 Reserva del Capitán Suau, Lepanto, Peinado, Mascaró or Punto Azul to name a few.

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