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  1. Thanks for this review. Also picked up a box on last 2424. They will rest until next summer min before I give one a try.
  2. The LCDH is in N.Erithrea which is actually a bit further than Kifisia. Yes out of the way but worth it in my opinion. This is their website Casa del Habanos. Other stores carry Cubans as other posters have noted, but this is the only authorized Habanos store in all of Greece. I have not been there in 3 years or so but since then they have also opened a lounge on premise. There selection is usually good although not sure how it is now given the supply chain issues. Prices, much higher than what you can get here at FoH but in line with other places in Europe primarily because of the taxe
  3. Noticed the plugging issue. I guess that is what the perfect draw is for.
  4. in some of the online reviews I see people commenting about hints of caramel or some fruitiness. What time of day would you smoke this? Is it more of a morning smoke to go with coffee or something to have after a meal?
  5. So, just as I was waiting for yesterday's 24:24 to come up, I happened to be at some local brewery in northern Virginia and was trying out an imperial stout that basically tasted like peanut butter When the list of cigars were posted and I saw the peanut butter reference on the Cuabas I said to myself it was meant to be and sent the email off. I never have had any of the Cuaba cigars before and looking up some reviews online, I am getting some mixed feelings about it. I am however a sucker for perfectos and these looked like about the same size as an AF short story or best seller. So what
  6. I was able to pick up one of the last 300-CC models they made and I have been very happy with it so far. So far it has paid itself back if I compare the amount of Boveda packs I had to purchase with my old humidor. I live in a climate where I need both heating and cooling and it does both very well. I have looked at the new ones and they look to have some nice improvements to them but I think they are a bit on the pricey side right now.
  7. Yes here as well. I typically don't think larger than a robusto in winter. It is time for larger vitolas going into late spring and summer. There is no preference towards a specific brand, but I do find I consume more of the Partagas shorts during the cold months
  8. I have been appreciating both Lanceros and Perfectos in the past year or so. I will go out of my way to get that vitola if available. Beside the AF Hemingway line, I think the Foundation David and the Foundation Goliath are the best perfectos I have had recently.
  9. From other forums, facebook etc I have read that this isn't really a defect and actually rather desirable. It means more of the oils are in that texture that leads to better flavor. At least that is how it was explained

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