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  1. Thanks Richard! There were always a bunch of west side cigar fans near the lake it seems. I imagine you have a good deal more comfortable days to get outside with a cigar these days. When work travel was a thing I would visit our Naples office a good bit in Florida. Got a bunch of former Ohio friends living down your way as well. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for having me! I’ve been smoking cigars on and off for about 20 years. My brother got hooked on the acquisition of Cuban cigars a few years before he moved to a place where he couldn’t take his collection, so now it resides in my cellar. Like it seems for many members, work from home has increased my smoking quite a bit. Trying to decide when a Cuban is too old is a summer ‘chore’. Other hobbies and interests include trying to learn chess, craft beer, Japanese whiskey and the occasional comic book. IT security professional by trade. Quite excited to join such a reserved and eclectic bunch of folks. Warm regards,
  3. Your username makes me think perhaps I should secure my humidors... IT professional perhaps? Welcome! I just joined this week.

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