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  1. On vacation this week visiting the wife’s family in Rhode Island. Morning Reyes while “supervising” the kid. Father of the year prize can be sent to my normal address.
  2. A few months back I posted a progress photo of a patio we were about to pour. Finally got the patio sealed today and looking decent! Going to fill in with some potted plants and hopefully if I get enough of my honey-do list done this summer I can build a covered lounge/cigar area back by the fence.
  3. Checking on the progress of my fig crop and enjoying a coloniales
  4. You could make the exact same statement about theocracy.
  5. Getting ready to plant this full moon maple in our new patio planter. Grill isn’t staying there long term…
  6. Punch punch from @Lrabold89, thanks brother!
  7. Yeah, I never understood why people like vintage Esplendido so much ....😁
  8. An hour and 30 into this Lusi and went for a walk in the garden. Found this huge peony had finally bloomed!
  9. First ever Lusi, HQ, courtesy of our host! BUP MAR 19 Ignition: cedar spill cut: deep v drink: coke-classic Smoking time: 2h20 We’re in for a warm evening here and usually I don’t have time for a long smoke after bedtime before it gets chilly!
  10. @Corylax18You’re reducing “works” to “stops COVID flat” or “doesn’t stop Covid flat” and you’re using what you view as negative results with no control group to justify your position that , as implemented, masks are not effective.

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