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  1. Coffee and Coke classic are the best for me. I enjoy an occasional scotch, but it goes better with smoking than with tasting - just like I don't always want to "taste" wine, sometimes I want to drink it, sometimes I just want to smoke a cigar and not try to tease out all the flavors.
  2. Huh, didn't know it was supposed to make you better looking and immune to covid.
  3. Got my 2nd Moderna shot 1 week ago. 1st shot was no problem at all, just a sore arm like bad flu shot. #2 was a different ballgame. It took maybe 16-20 hours for the symptoms to fully develop but I experienced mild/moderate fatigue, mild chills, and moderate+ body ache. No headache thankfully. The body ache was substantial though - it actually reminded me a lot of having swine flu back in 2009, though not quite as intense. Luckily all was short-lived though. I got the shot at 4pm on a Friday, felt crappy Saturday, and normal Sunday morning.
  4. I can’t remember the name of the vitola, but it’s 4.6 x 60. I know it will come as a shock, but this had some significant burn issues...
  5. All ready to pour tomorrow! Big planter with seating around the edge on the right. Covered BBQ and rainy day cigar lounge will be back towards the fence.
  6. Lack of any character from "The Wire" is concerning!
  7. I'm a teacher and I have spring break next week! Of course that means that I am heavily scheduled with honey-dos and household administrative tasks, but I'm sure I'll sneak a cigar in here and there, if the weather is nice
  8. The ash on mine was powdery like that as well, and it did not hold on as well as his, FWIW.
  9. A new project starting at the casa this week - a new patio. Original 1960 vintage being torn out today to be expanded and beautified. Smoked a nice BRC a few weeks ago while I tore up the deck that was covering it. After the patio is poured my summer project is to build a post and beam covered area over by the fence between the rhododendron and the fig tree - will be a good spot for rainy day smokes!
  10. This is another stick i got via trade with @La_Tigre - thanks! At almost 10 years old this is by far the oldest cigar I have smoked. Cigar was very box pressed. Draw was cuban perfect after the straight cut. This cigar toasted up extremely easily when lighting - I'm not sure if this is a result of the aging or maybe the light was just better than it normally is for me, so I could see where my flame was going better. Burn started off a little uneven, but corrected itself any only required 1 brief touch up. I noticed this cigar had a very smooth smoke, and the main flavor that I detected
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