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  1. More color variation on the PSD4 than I expect. Officially out of storage space now. Had to kick out a box of NC to make room!
  2. Oliva series V corona - first time with this vitola. Lovely slightly toothy wrapper, with a (quintuple?) cap? Haven’t seen that before! flavor wise, a lot more espresso or dark/bitter chocolate flavors vs other vitolas in the line I’ve had.
  3. Y’all don’t just cut your robustos in half? Huh.
  4. It was being floated as a condition to receiving Covid relief/stimulus checks, but I don’t think it received much of any traction. Great idea though, IMO, but the timing wouldn’t work out right.
  5. Highlighted the importance of support networks (not just one person) - everyone has struggled during this time, and it's valuable to have numerous people to talk to for support, because if it's only person, they might be full-up with their own dealings that day. Proud of my personal growth - supporting others emotionally has never been a strength of mine, but this crisis has really pushed me to expand my leadership capabilities as a husband, father, and all around paterfamilias.
  6. Really nice evening for a walk here, dry and clear with no wind - plus, the mountain was out. Cold for here (high 30s) but no wrapper issues.
  7. I forgot to post this from Thanksgiving. Powerful yet delicate. I was expecting a good deal of funkiness as is usual for Walla Walla Syrah. Instead all bright fruit and a little spice. Ripping acidity with an everlasting finish. A beautiful wine.
  8. Those look so oily they would easily stain whatever you set them on . . . yum!
  9. As it's all been inspected, I believe anything that would grade out below "clearance" would NOT be sold in the online store, and instead be sold wholesale or as seconds.

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