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  1. The spread. Never mind my brother We’re a small group, but spirited. On to the reserve wines!
  2. The lineup for today. Had to get into a bottle last night during prep, obviously.
  3. We host these days. Probably no cigar smoking, but plenty of wine. Traditional fare. Should be 7-8 adults, two toddlers and an infant. Excited to put up the Christmas tree and decorate over the weekend!
  4. In what capacity do you work in the public school system?
  5. We can’t all be Will Hunting. You’ve been watching too many movies. Sure, for the exceptional they can can learn at a high level independently. For most of us lesser beings, learning is a social behavior that requires mentoring, modeling, and guided practice. Much in the same way trade apprenticeship works.
  6. So it’s yacht or bust eh? Vocational and professional are not the same thing, FYI. Also important to point out that earning an academic degree doesn’t make you an “academic” as a professional. Your anecdotes don’t dispute the data, the most reliable way to a comfortable life is through education. For many that education includes college.
  7. I think "total scam" is a bit hyperbolic, no? Though I agree that, at least in the US, we need to do a better job presenting the trades as a valued and respectable career path. I think it's painful for a lot of kids who aren't academically inclined to have higher education offered as a the only correct choice.
  8. I actually bought a 2007 Cristal Mag with my first stimulus check! Saving it for a special occasion.
  9. I've not been keeping up with the criteria for boosters here in the states - I thought it was pfizer, age 65+, or immunocompromised, 8months after 2nd injection? I remember reading something about others "at risk" but haven't bothered to dig deeper as everyone I know got Moderna.
  10. Probably our last gasp of summer here in the PNW, so enjoying what could be my last big smoke of the year! HU2 - a prize courtesy of our hosts 😀
  11. We’re renovating/restoring our bathrooms and I got the first one back up and running just in time - the other one on the main floor gets demolished Monday. This one isn’t quite done, needs paint, vanity hardware, and a few other odds and ends. Purple is my wife’s favorite color 😇

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