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  1. You talking the song or the album? Although I do prefer the white album and Rumors to Tusk, I've come to appreciate the album. The song Tusk is great live as it has this kind of shamanistic chant vibe that's easy to caught up in. The second track on Tusk has the same effect, IMO.
  2. What's the official definition of a tour guide? I'd be worried this would affect drivers . . .
  3. BRC (2020) broke a streak of "Meh" cigars for me, and really made me look forward to better weather and getting my patio redone this spring so that I can sit out and really enjoy some sticks in the relatively near future!
  4. Got this shorty as a toss in from a trade with @La_Tigre thanks! Format is 4”x33 I believe. Prefect size for a quick winter stroll in the PNW. Conditions ideal at 45 and partly sunny with no wind. Days like these are breaths of fresh air during the rainy season. Cigar required just a tiny cut to reveal an excellent draw. Flavors are straightforward - light, sweet, toasted tobacco. Construction was good with a clean burn and ash holding on about an inch at a time with no flaking. Smoking time 30 minutes! Great shorty.
  5. Jan 2020 BRC - a true delight. Surprised it was so good so young - not a bit of harshness to be found. Had a run of plugged or otherwise not smoking great cigars. Only takes one good one to make you remember why you bother! Good way to pace myself during the work too!
  6. There's a specific term for the phenomenon wherein we recognize this in our areas of expertise, but still have a high degree of trust in articles in which we are laypeople. FWIW, I'm not a "the media cannot be trusted!!11" type, I just think it's an interesting if inevitable byproduct of having to distill complex topics for the masses to understand quickly and easily.
  7. I'd like to see a list of movie "guilty pleasures" with movies that reached some threshold of popularity despite being terrible.
  8. A lot of people who make this argument seem unconcerned about the potential long-term effects of COVID-19 (of which we know nothing), which is, of course, ironic.
  9. More color variation on the PSD4 than I expect. Officially out of storage space now. Had to kick out a box of NC to make room!
  10. Oliva series V corona - first time with this vitola. Lovely slightly toothy wrapper, with a (quintuple?) cap? Haven’t seen that before! flavor wise, a lot more espresso or dark/bitter chocolate flavors vs other vitolas in the line I’ve had.
  11. Y’all don’t just cut your robustos in half? Huh.

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