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  1. John, I find myself with a similiar box. In your opinion, is there any Hope of them getting any better with age? Thank you for the outstanding reviews.
  2. Ps. FRIPP ISLAND GOLF, DATAW and SECESSION are within 15 miles off that Beach. GOLF at its ABSOLUTE FINEST !!!!!
  3. I LOVE Hunting Island!!!!! I lived in Beaufort SC for 20 + years and that Beach/Park was a weekend getaway for my wife and kids. I can remember when at Low Tide you had a 500 yard walk to the water.....sadly that is gone. Still, a Beautiful place to enjoy a cigar and Tranquility. AWESOME PICS!!!!!!
  4. Anybody know what factory LTO is and any reviews on smokes from them this year (2020) ? Just bought some Cohiba Especiales with LTO May 2020.
  5. Is there a 2020 Hot Box code list. I've found 18 and 19 list, but no joy with 2020 list. Thanks for all the info on this site, by the way.
  6. Dude that is Gorgeous! Are you selling any? Very nice work of Art!
  7. On the up, Monte 4 GOS AGO 19. I just received these less than a month ago [ must be abbreviation for 😥 ALL GONE]. Awesome cocoa flavor and rich tobacco to the nub. J.Lopez #1 MOL MAY 19. Twinge of sweet on an all a round good tobacco flavor. Turned my neat Bourbon into a Butterscotch beverage. Human Connie 1 BRE NOV 18. DISAPPOINTING. Good construction, maybe still too young? Overall, 2018 and 2019 EXCELLENT....IMO.
  8. Going to give the 43% a try. I live in N. Ga and can't find the cask strength. Imagine that. Thanks for the suggestion. BPRICE
  9. Pares well with? SWEET TEA ?? They look Great!!!! Description was Awesome too.

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