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  1. Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos ER Asia Pacifico - OMA AGO 09 (JBWP3RW)
  2. Bought this box for fun, after hearing how well it seemed to be smoking now and my intense FOMO. I've given it 5.5 months of rest now, so finally dipping in. I also bought a box of the Por Larranaga Robustos de Larranaga ER Asia Pacifico at the same time and smoked the first one a couple weeks ago, and it turned out great, so hoping this one does too. There was a bit of a crack in the wrapper near the head but some cigar glue and wrapping paper secured it nicely. First third: opens with intense stewed fruit and plum tartness, over a sweet rich nuttiness. Notes of chocolate and a touch of
  3. Yikes, that's rough. I have two boxes of LMB AGO 19 and they've both been great so far with the handful I've had out of them. They've varied from perfect to slightly tight but nothing horrendous yet.
  4. Rafael Gonzalez Panatela Extra - LMB AGO 19 (JBWP3RW)
  5. Picked up a couple of boxes of these as a nice fill in for those shorter smoking windows that randomly open up sometimes. I've really enjoyed these and have been eyeing some Perlas or PCs to see how they compare to these. If they smoke like longer lasting Panatela Extras I'd be very happy. Rested for about 6.5 months at 62RH now, just over 2 years of box age. First third: Shortbread, coffee, cream, cinnamon. The shortbread comes and goes in waves, and when it recedes leather, baking spices, coffee, and chocolate come forward instead. Middle third: Creamy milk chocolate, shortbre
  6. First time trying the vitola. I had both the No. 50 and No. 54 before and wasn't impressed with either, but I think it was Kaptain Karl who encouraged me to give these a try. Box has been resting for about 5 months now at 62RH, just over a year of box age. Haven't smoked too many cigars recently as I was busy off getting married (peep the new bling), so something nice and light sounded good. First third: opens with a nice creamy shortbread with citrus, but also a surprisingly strong white pepper particularly on the retrohale. Not anything out of the norm for many non-Cuban ciga
  7. Had to take a few days off smoking. My dentist offered me a free teeth whitening but I didn't realize until afterwards that I had to refrain from things that are likely to stain teeth for a couple days, including smoking. I reviewed the first stick I pulled from this box recently and wasn't particularly impressed, but have since had a couple more and have been very pleased. First third: opens with a nice rich creamy shortbread, and over the course of the first third that cream flavor really comes through and separates itself into a sweet heavy cream note distinct from the shortbread.
  8. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute - OMU JUN 20 (JBWRW)
  9. PSP stock, rested just a bit under 6 months at this point. Don't have too many boxes of vitolas this small but I've been very impressed by the ones I've tried (ERdM Demi Tasse, HdM du Maire) and I needed a quicker smoke this evening. First third: opens with classic HdM cream, nuttiness, and cloves. As the cigar gets going, the nuttiness and some baking spices pick up. Middle third: cream and almond nuttiness, with a touch of coffee cream and more baking spices. Last third: cream, oatmeal, cedar, baking spices. Overall: nice strong cream throughout, but I was surprised at ho
  10. Interesting. Any theories as to why? Combustion differences caused by placement?
  11. Neither do I, but I find the HUHC flavor a bit boring (though supposedly that'll improve with age), so having a bigger version of it was not exciting. I would say the Magnum 50 is complex, and I'm a big fan of it too. Early on, I had asked in a thread about Upmann about the differences between the Connie and the Magnum lines, and someone mentioned that the Magnums have nothing in common with each other. That was an understatement.
  12. Picked up a 10 box at a good price when I first started exploring Cubans but never got around to trying one, so this box has been resting for over 8 months now untouched. This particular one feels lighter than the others on the top row so it may be a bit underfilled, and I'll have to try a few more before really deciding how I feel about the vitola. First third: opens with a nice creamy shortbread and milky coffee. Caramelized sugar cookie appears halfway through as well. Middle third: not much change, surprisingly, just continues on chugging with the same flavors. Last third: m

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