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  1. I got lucky with this aged box as I purchased it late last year, and found threads on this forum that generally had positive things to say about Famosos from SLE:
  2. I've got a box of OER NOV 19 Gigantes that I'm excited about but haven't dipped into yet for that exact reason!
  3. Vegas Robaina Famoso - SLE FEB 16 (VVRW#1)
  4. I bought this box early on in my CC journey, as part of my mission to try out every marca, but somehow forgot to actually smoke it. The box has been resting for just over 6 months now, so definitely ready to smoke. First third: Opens with a rich, toasty tobacco flavor. Really well balanced flavor profile, as it's easy to sit back and enjoy the generally rich flavors, but I'm able to pick out notes of shortbread, coffee, cream, and cinnamon with some focus. Middle third: The flavor profile continues to be driven by a core of rich tobacco. Creamy coffee is the otherwise most noticeable
  5. I received my box a couple days ago as well. Check back in when you give yours a try! I'm going to try my best to forget I have them for now, haha.
  6. I've purchased quite a few boxes of Cohiba at this point, all of which are untouched and set aside to rest. I've actually only smoked a couple Cohibas so far, the Robusto and Siglo VI from the 2020 Christmas sampler, which were okay experiences but probably needed more rest than they had to be as good as they could be with the amount of age they had, which was also relatively little compared to what people often recommend for Cohiba. This was my first 24:24 purchase, and I managed to let it rest for over 6 months before finally giving in and deciding to light one up. Just over 6 months of
  7. Ramon Allones Allones Specially Selected - ASR JUN 17 (VVRW#1)
  8. Rested at 62RH for about 5.5 months, 3 years 8 months box age. This box was a 24:24 aged HQ purchase from last year as I was eager for any opportunities to get a jump start on aging. First third: Opens with a mix of cream and cedar with some light sweetness on the finish. I was hoping some of that cedar had would've faded with age, as so far this is smoking quite similarly to a TUA FEB 20 box I have. Some of that characteristic plum and pear tartness joins the mix, and the creaminess takes on more of a creamy almond note. Middle third: The cedar fades back a bit into more of a hay, a
  9. I recently splurged and treated myself to a box of the famous RACF from a well-regarded vendor. Everything about it seems to check out, although I'm not sure if/how you can verify the serial number on the sticker. One thing sticks out though: the ER sticker is for Libano and not Asia Pacifico on the box, though the rest of the box and the actual cigar labels check out. I'm inclined to write this off to Just Cuba Things because of the vendor's reputation and the vitola being one I don't think I've seen faked. Any cause for concern? According to CCW, none of the Libano ERs were release
  10. I've got TUA MAY 20 boxes of both the Corona Junior and the Tubo No. 3.
  11. I have a Fonseca No. 1 box with code MTS JUL 20, to throw another uncommon one in there.
  12. Found a reasonably well packed shorter smoke to try going for relative ash size, if not absolute. Just under 4 months of rest at 62RH, almost 3 years of age on this cigar which came from a tin of 5. I usually don't pay any attention to the ash, as long as the burn and construction aren't problematic. Flavor is first and foremost above all, and as long as nothing about the cigar is distracting from it I'm happy. For the same reason, I don't pay particular attention to the length of the ash and typically proactively ash whenever it feels like it would fall with a light tap, which depends la

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