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  1. I've noticed in the last week or two that the forum will sometimes load a logged out view of the forum even though I'm logged in. This mostly happens under times of heavy load around 24:24, though I've had this happen intermittently at other times as well. I've tried clearing cookies but that didn't make any difference. Clicking the sign in link on the page just leads to an error page (presumably because I already have the authentication cookies).
  2. If you love Warped it’s worth trying out. I like Warped, bought a few things, and wasn’t disappointed but also wasn’t amazed.
  3. I’ve heard the same said about Villiger and find those claims really hard to believe. The marketing around the blend is definitely designed to imply it. If it is true, I didn’t taste it at all. I found the Atabey to be overwhelmingly bland and the Byron not much different from a Davidoff.
  4. Decided to pull out one of the Club Kings after trying the Partagas Capitol the other day. Bought this one also just because I wanted one of the tins for no particular reason. First third: opens with a basic light nuttiness with a touch of leather. Some mediterranean spices, cardamom and rose water emerge shortly after the first few puffs. As the third progresses, a rich tobacco note not unlike that of the Cazadores comes forward and becomes the main base of the flavor profile. Middle third: some dark woodiness comes forward as well and joins the tobacco note to form the new primary notes on the palate. Rose water, nutmeg, and the faintest touch of red berry sweetness. Last third: some peppery spice creeps in, as the cedar and tobacco continue chugging along with some perfume-like floral notes on the retrohale. Overall: this one was just okay. I wasn't as impressed with this as I was the Partagas Capitol. The flavor profile was really driven by that dark woodiness and tobacco note and lacked the creamy twang that seems to differentiate the higher end cigars in the marca. 85/100
  5. It's been about half a year since I tried the first out of the box, so decided to pull another one and see how the box is developing. First third: shortbread, chocolate, and a touch of that powerful black coffee note I associate most strongly with the Magnum 46. There's much more cocoa here than I remember from before or in any other Upmann I've smoked. The black coffee attenuates to a nice milky coffee over the course of the third. Middle third: a nice, balanced blend of shortbread, cocoa, and milky coffee. The wrapper split which I hadn't noticed (but in hindsight is visible in the pre-light shot), starts to expand aggressive as the burn line reaches it, so I quickly applied a patch of rolling paper and cigar glue to stop the spread and give some structural integrity. Last third: the shortbread continues to get richer and fuller through to the nub, ending on a high note. Overall: my first Upmann No. 2 had much more of a tobacco edge to it and was much more similar to the Magnum 46 I've smoked. With only another 6 months of rest, this box seems to have mellowed out much more to those core Upmann flavors. The No. 2 and the Magnum 50 are up there as my two favorites from the Upmann line so far. 90/100
  6. Bought one of these tins along with one of the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings just because I thought the tins were fun about a year ago, and finally getting around to trying one out. I'll have to grab one of the H. Upmann Regalia's soon just to complete the set. First third: opens with cedar, paprika, savory spices with a reasonable kick of pepper, and a touch of cream. The creaminess slowly picks up but with the cedar note retains a darker character than I get with Partagas Shorts. A bit of graham cracker appears at the end. Middle third: cream, cedar, savory spices, honey sweetness. The sweetness here is brighter and stronger than I get out of Shorts, which are the closest comparison I've had in the Partagas line. Last third: flavors basically continue on in the same fashion, but in the last inch a bit of hay comes in as the cigar hits an underfilled patch, which I had noticed when cutting the cigar. Overall: quite enjoyable, felt like a more rustic Partagas Short with more cedar, more peppery spice, but also more sweetness. 89/100
  7. It's totally up to your personal palate! I should say that I have previously observed that the creaminess of Aladino is slightly sour and a touch dirty when compared to the clean creaminess of Cubans, so you might still think it tastes like dirt depending on how sensitive you are to that note. The bigger vitolas can also get a bit of a strong mineral note to them, which I think is common to Honduran tobacco in general, but this lancero didn't have any of that.
  8. Revisiting a box that I've been letting rest for a while. Previous smokes from this box were alright but a bit too muted. At this point the box has been resting a year. First third: cocoa over lightly earthy and creamy twang, cedar. It's a bit lighter bodied than the other vitolas I smoke more often, like the Petit Corona, but it's definitely picked up some more flavor now. The cocoa fades out towards the end, leaving earth, coffee, and cedar. Middle third: not much change here, just the classic Bolivar notes of earth, coffee, and cedar straight through. Last third: the dusting of cocoa returns to join the mix of earth and coffee. Overall: not particularly complex but straightforward Bolivar flavors that are coming through more now than they have before. I also have a tendency of saving the best for last and picking out the underfilled weaklings first from each box to smoke, so that may also account for some improvement in the box. 88/100
  9. Tasting notes are so subjective and seemingly easily influenced. It’s interesting seeing the tasting notes from other sources, like other vendors or reviewers, and how different they can be from the FOH groupthink. The ones commonly cited on FOH seem to be the most accurate to me, though.
  10. I haven't had a RyJ Churchill since my first one over a year ago, where I was wowed by one from the Christmas sampler of 2020. Finally cracked the box open today to give one a try. First third: draw starts off a bit tight but loosens up just enough to a nice firm draw. Flavors start out with nice creamy cedar, spices, and almond and peanut nuttiness. None of that RyJ cherry is coming through at all yet and the flavor profile is almost Punch-like, though the spice profile is a bit different. Punch reminds me of some southeast Asian cooking whereas RyJ has a more floral, perfume-like spice bouquet. Middle third: more of that creamy almond and peanut nuttiness, spices on the retrohale. Halfway through, a touch of that spiced cherry comes through on the retrohale, but it's intermittent. Last third: the spiced cherry continues fading in and out, as rosewater, spices, and cream keep chugging along. The creaminess at this point is almost eggnog-like. The last inch really amps up the rosewater and perfume through to the finish. Overall: construction was great and the flavor profile was good, but that exciting spiced cherry note wasn't prominent enough throughout the smoke to make this one excellent. 90/100

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