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  1. Well you are a queenslander so we can't expect much less... 🙄
  2. #1 - its why I love 50 cabs, the cigars are still perfectly round. Brings a tear to the eye every time.
  3. Dinner at a mates joint otherwise taking it pretty easy this one.
  4. RG Perlas. Had tried one a month after getting it in the mail and thought yeah nice for a cigar that price. Tried another three months later and was wondering where that cocoa cream coffee explosion in my mouth had come from. Can't wait for the next.
  5. No6 Cavendish in London had a vid up on their IG page today showing they've got a hefty amount of boxes in stock the lucky bastards.
  6. Out of curiosity would/ have you guys considered stocking non cubans (apart from the desnudos)? I certainly do smoke them... there's a lot of NC's I'd rather smoke than say a Quintero Favorito and a few others in the CC line. My main issue is I generally prefer the milder cigars and most NC's kick like a mule.
  7. Agreed. Flavour is all for me. The rest can be managed one way or another. To be honest though I prob only have one or two a box that need fixing. Don't know whether I'm lucky or its just storing at a good temp and humidity curbing the problem...
  8. Rough for a country that was no 1 in consumption until recently...
  9. They look delish. I'll definitely grab some of the lanceros. Glad they tossed the ligero I really don't like a peppery cigar. I enjoy a few NC's but the last AJ Fernandez I had was a pepper bomb.
  10. Thanks all, that's a great amount of info. I agree I'm finding the genre quite confusing but will be fun to dabble the toe into. Say Bill Hayes one of my discoveries in Rutherglen was Durif. I'm not a huge fan of Vic Shirazs prefer what SA comes up with by a huge percent but the Durif had my tastebuds dancing a tango. I agree muscat is just too sweet. I shop from Nicks a fair bit but over the last couple of months the sherries have dropped to a minimum but I presume that's just shipping issues.
  11. Yeah my preference would be to swap the Behikes for the other two but either side wins.
  12. Thanks Ken, much appreciated. Have enjoyed many a q & p article from you so will have a squiz. Ah good to know the Oloroso is less sweet.
  13. One day. When they tear down the Queensland Curtain and North and South Kor... I mean Australia, will be one again...
  14. Thanks I'll have a start there, much appreciated!

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