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  1. Do you think this will end up changing the flavours of Davidoff cigars as we know them at the moment?
  2. I wish some of these lines were still with us. It'd be great to have a box of La Reina next to a box of El Rey. I wish Churchills and DCs would come back too. It's exasperating to read what used to be available.
  3. I never get excited about it myself and rarely watch much if any of it. State of Origin on the other hand...
  4. La Flor De Cano RE Spain UTL-ABR-2020 for OYMRW2. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/149796-la-flor-de-cano-magicos-utl-abr-19-oymrw2/
  5. Worked a 90 hour week and after finally getting home today figured I'd light up a cigar and relax with a book and some music. As I want to get to bed at some time tonight picked a short smoke - the La Flor De Cano Magicos RE Spain. Picked up a box last year and figured I'd give it a whirl after leaving them resting for year. 1/3 - Leather, earth, pepper and spice. It was a bit rough and I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this one. 2/3 - Smoothed right out! Custard cream biscuits and vanilla. Toward the end of the 2/3 cookie dough and cannoli custard came through. 3/3 - Streng
  6. For me it's something I enjoy very much and spend way too much time working out what to smoke next and how to afford it. Myself, brother and a couple of mates buy a few boxes each year, and singles of different things to supplement that so the boxes can age, and then we take turns to host dinners, relax after with a few bottles of something nice and catch up and unwind and talk about everything under the sun and sledge each other to high heaven as well as discuss the cigars we're smoking, the industry in general, and then wonder what it would be like if the government dropped the tax to say $4
  7. I've got one and it works great. Also got the colibri v and straight cut in one cutter and that works real well too. For scissors have a pair of the sisuman and eventually want to get the El Casco cutter for when at home. I find acquiring accessories almost as addictive as acquiring cigars!
  8. I'm curious as to what everyone holds out for in terms of purchasing? For instance I love Double Coronas and my dream is to have a few 50 cabs of Lusis, Hoyos and Punch DCs. However I don't know if Punch DCs are still in production in 50 cabs but I know the other two are. I've been tempted at times to splurge on something else but I kept saving and then an online purveyor I trust finally had Lusi's in 50 cabs so I jumped on it. I'm now saving up and waiting for the same for a 50 cab of Hoyo DCs. Is there anyone else in this category? The only other things that would tempt me to jump off the le
  9. I could last 10 - 20 years if needed as I only smoke once or twice a month. But I collect as if I smoked 12 a day 😅
  10. Great review thank you! I haven't tried these as I generally struggle to enjoy a Montecristo but perhaps I need to track one down.
  11. Was just checking to see if anyone owns one of the Corporate Cigar humidors that were sold a year or two ago from Corporate Cigar? I have an option on a second hand one from a bloke who's downsizing but wanted to see if anyone could give a review on how well they work prior to me diving off the deep end? Attached is a link to the original to assist: https://corporatecigar.com/product/corporate-humidor-2000-electronic-cigar-fridge/
  12. They are utterly fantastic. Wish they weren't so hard to find right now.
  13. Hoyo DC EGT NOV 20 Partagas Lusitania SOU NOV 19 Bolivar BF TUA SEP 20 Bolivar PC MSU JUN 19 PL Montercarlo RAT MAY 20

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