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  1. Is the 898 Regional you said was your cigar of the year the same Punch RE offered in tonight’s 24:24?

  2. Hello FoH community, I recently discovered FoH and am loving it. I was a casual cigar smoker since the 90’s, my formative cigar moment was attending a Big Smoke event in Chicago back then. Smoking at weddings, etc and sneaking Cubans back from abroad was the extent of things until I really got into the “hobby” a short while ago after moving up to the Milwaukee area. I learned that I truly loved relaxing with a cigar (and more often than not, a bourbon with it). I started trying lots of different non-Cubans that were highly-rated or seemed to be popular and brought back Cubans occasionally when I traveled abroad or, after the rules were relaxed, when friends did. I‘ve found myself moving from 80% NC / 20% CC to 80/20 the other way as I’ve tried and got my hands on more Cubans. With the CV crisis, I’ve turned to getting my CCs online for the first time and just purchased boxes from three places, including a box of QD50s from FoH. I’m currently intrigued with aging — I enjoy wine and see what a difference laying a bottle down for a few years can make - but, haven’t really found a consensus on aging times for cigars. Seems like opinions really vary! Certainly the auction prices on Bond Roberts speak to the fact many see aged sticks as vastly superior. Thanks to all for hosting & posting all of the interesting content, I look forward to checking in often.

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